Date: 5/27/2002


The first man discovered that if he put the fingers together and made a fist out of his hand, he could hit the opponent who ran off with his chicken, or had entered the cave to lie beside his wife.

The next problem was, "What to do with a robber who was 5 yards away and could not be hit with a fist?" Well, someone picked up a stone and hurled at the intruder.

The next stage was the discovery of a sharp object. It could really cut the flesh and get the blood out of the enemy.

The next stage was to hurl sharp objects long distance and that was the birth of archery and the catapult. There was great terror since one could be hit even a hundred yards away and great fort gates could be battered down.

The next stage was the mounted warrior on horseback with a lance in his hand. To augment his lethal power, crude guns using gun powder and solid iron balls were on hand.

The guns were improved further when mounted on chassis and this was the tank.

At about the same time development brought us the flying planes which were extensively used along with the tanks, submarines and the battle ships. World War 2 ended with the invention of the atom bomb.

So mankind is now about to see the latest and the most lethal weapon used on earth. It is inevitable that the warriors will use this weapon and then progress on to something else. Laws of Nature are superior to all other laws.

The place to use will be an area where

a. a dispute is long simmering.

b. the positions are FIXED and RIGID,

c. the rulers are either imbecile or driven by a strong national Will.

All these conditions are met in South Asia where an INFERIOR race under inflexible and insecure war mongers on one side and the devious, immoral and the treacherous crooks stand on the other.

One can ask Gen Musharraf of Pakistan to LAY OFF KASHMIR and one can also ask the ELUSIVE "man" in INDIA, "How can you surrender LAHORE so easily and unconditionally but seem determined to hold on to Srinagar at all costs? Have you any idea of the cost?"