Date: 5/28/2002


A news item in today's TOI says that the CM of Rajasthan, at a meeting at Ajmer, has announced that all investigations, against the minority community members who where involved in riots in 1996, have been dropped.

The police have been asked to follow these orders. There were around 100 muslims against whom cases were pending. Now this is one of the strangest kinds of news we have read. How can a CM announce in a meeting that riot cases against a particular community have been droppped?

Does this mean automatically that if there are any cases against the Hindus they too would be dropped? We all know this is nothing but Muslim appeasement. But can the state BJP take up this issue? Can the Congress be flogged for playing the communal card here? Unfortunately, we do not have any members from Rajasthan to enlighten us more on this issue, but WE find this absolute nonsense, criminal and dangerous.