Date: 5/28/2002


.............Abolish the Nuisance of Pakistan - 2

Ministry of Defense of Bharat has reported Pakistan is epicenter of Islamic fundamentalism in its report, which was released in New Delhi, on Monday, 13th May, 2002.

In its annual report for 2001-2002, the Ministry of Defense says Pakistan had ''all along been the primary source of arms and ammunition to Kashmiri militants and Taliban, sustained by smuggling and drug trafficking to a large extent''.

Delving at length on Pakistan, the report says Islamabad has kept up its call for resuming dialogue with New Delhi while simultaneously continuing with its policy of sponsoring terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and other parts of Bharat.

It says there was no change in Pakistanís policy of sponsoring terrorism in Bharat and cited the October 1, 2001 terrorist strike on Jammu and Kashmir assembly and the ''most audacious'' December 13, 2001 assault on Parliament, aimed at wiping out the entire political leadership in Bharat. The US has also proscribed under its domestic law a number of Pak-based organizations including Jash-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Toiba and asked Pakistan to curb terrorism and take action against terrorist outfits operating from its soil.

Describing Pakistan as an epicenter of Islamic fundamentalism, Bharat has regretted Islamabad's unwillingness to give up the strategy of confrontation, violence and deception towards New Delhi and expressed grave concern over reported transfer of missile parts and components technology to Pakistan by China and America.

Militants attacked on army camp in Jammu on May 14, 2002. At least thirty-three persons, including women and children, were killed when heavily armed militants opened indiscriminate fire in a Himachal Roadways bus and later stormed an army camp at Kalu Chak on the Jammu-Pathankote highway early on Tuesday morning, May 14, 2002. While seven people were killed in the bus, rest of victims were residents of the army camp. All three militants also died in the attack. Police said the three fidayeens, dressed in army fatigues, boarded a Jammu-bound bus near Vijaypur on the Jammu-Pathankote highway early on Tuesday morning.

As the bus reached the Kalu Chak camp, one of them asked the driver to stop and then all three of them, without any warning, opened indiscriminate fire killing six passengers and the driver. In the panic that followed, the militants managed get off the bus and sneak into the army camp after killing a guard at the gate. Once inside, they lobbed hand-grenades and sprayed bullets from their automatic weapons killing mostly children and women.

The Kalu Chak camp houses army officers' families. Al-Mansoorian, an unknown militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack on the army camp at Kalochak on the Jammu-Pathankote highway. The defense ministry claimed Pakistanís hand in the Kaluchak carnage had been confirmed beyond doubt

There is no safety in Kashmir for Hindus or throughout Bharat because of the terrorist Muslims. Muslim terrorists had so far killed around 60,000 persons in Bharat and forced out some 3,50,000 Hindus from their homes in Kashmir. These Hindus from Kashmir have become refugees in Hindu majority Bharat and the nation is totally indifferent to their plight. The latest attack on Hindus by Muslim terrorists, was to celebrate the arrival of the US asst. secretary Christina Rocca in the same manner they celebrated the arrival of Clinton in Bharat earlier. Terrorism by Muslims will not stop till their Mullahs stop the brain washing of their young that if they kill non-Muslims, they can go to heaven. It is better we allow all Bharatiya Muslims who are harbouring Pakistani agents and supports this terrorism, to migrate to Kashmir or some separate area, so that in this 21st century we can have peace in Bharat. Also we should also discourage these American hypocrites visiting us for pleading for Pakistanis as their visits are in no way helpful and is triggering Muslims violence in Kashmir.

The Bharatiya stand on cross-border terrorism is self-evident: It opposes it tooth and nail and believes that the government of Pakistan, specifically its Army, plays a key role in organizing the terrorist process. On the other hand, the US accepts that there is movement of terrorists from Pakistan into Bharat, especially in Kashmir, but it does not specifically blame the Pakistani Army for it. The US compulsions are obvious. US forces are stationed in some six airbases in Pakistan. At the same time, US Special Forces are conducting joint operations with the Pakistani Army to eliminate the al-Qaeda. Since September 11, 2001 the US has not been able to lay its hand on Osama Bin Laden. In these circumstances, the US wants Bharat to be patient. Washington says that after it has dealt with Bin Laden and al-Qaeda, it will focus on other terrorist threats, including those to Bharat. Bharat has been patient, especially after the attack on the Bharatiya Parliament on December 13, 2001. But the patience is wearing thin following the Kaluchak massacre.

BJP member Madan Lal Khurana said terrorist killings on May 14, 2002 was the major attack after the December 13, 2001 strike on Parliament and suggested for the adoption of a resolution by the House condemning the massacre. "Pakistan should be told that enough is enough," Khurana said. Reports say some soldiers suffered serious injuries in the Muslim terrorists attack. How long should our soldiers endure this attack from Muslim terrorists? It is time to put an end to this menace from across the borders.

Outraged by the terrorist attack on the Kaluchak army camp near Jammu, Chief of Army Staff General S Padmanabhan warned that the time for action has come. However he made it clear that the Army "would not be the body to take a decision in this regard. The decision will be taken by the entire nation". The Army Chief said, "The country has to sit down and decide what it wants to do." As far as I am concerned I am ready for anything." When asked if tough action should be taken against terrorists he remarked, "The more words we spend on this question the less likely are we to do anything. I think that the time for words is over. I think that it is time for action as far as I am concerned that is what you will get." It is time we call a spade a spade.

Without a doubt, Bharat faces grave dangers from Islamic terrorism. Our soldiers and civilians are dying everyday. It is time we realize these dangers, the collaborators, and take proper action to destroy the terrorists. Muslims must realize they have more freedom in Bharat than in Pakistan or Bangladesh and expose the 2 neighbors to the world.

Why are so many nations affected with Islamic terrorism today? And this is also not solely because of US policies. It has existed long before USA was discovered! In all nations, Muslims refuse to integrate with the society. And this adamant refusal to integrate again gets its inspiration from Quran.

The *roots* of all these acts of Islamic terrorism lies in Quran. It is what Quran preaches is the source of this hatred against all non-Muslims for 1400+ years. To deny this would be foolish. There is one hell of a difference between how Muslims follow Koran and how Hindus who follow Manusmrithi. While most Hindus do not follow Manusmrithi literally, almost all Muslims continue to follow Koran literally and this goes to devastatingly new levels when Muslims are in a majority Ė they impose the Shariat law. One must know what the exceptions like Taslima Nasrin, Ibn Warraq, Salman Rushdie face! The media cannot simply ignore this.

The Syrian Christians, Jews and Parses have never converted the native Bharatiyas to their faiths. In fact, they are honest, loyal and law abiding citizens of Bharat. Only the Muslims and some Catholics have willfully taken the advantage of our Hindu secular Constitution. Thanks to the political aulad of Nehru and perverted truth seekers. The Muslims and many Christians were originally native Hindus, who can and should be re-converted back to the broader Dharmic spectrum of Bharat's Dharmic values.

This is NOT unaccomplishable if the Hindus (that includes Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs) have the political and social will.

Please do not comment without reading Quran and Islamic history. That would be blaming the effect, not the cause. 1400+ years of history has more to say than what the present day media preaches. In fairness to all, it is suffice to say most Indians want peace, democracy, stability, secure borders and a good economy. There is much to do to uplift the lives of millions of our own fellow Bharatiya people.