Date: 5/28/2002


............Abolish the Nuisance of Pakistan - 4

All the political leaders of Bharat keep repeating like parrot the word. "Ahinsa" (Non-violence). How much Hindu religion talks about Ahinsa?

Many people are confronted with the question of whether or not Mahabharat deals with Ahinsa. As we all know, Ahinsa is the practice of non-violence. Now, when Krishna told Arjun to fight his brother, was this going against the principles of Ahinsa? Yes it is true that Krishna told Arjun that he was fighting evil, not his brothers. But, Ahinsa is completely staying away from violence. What is true Ahinsa? Ahinsa does not mean keeping quiet on injustice. Mahabharat – does not coincide with the principles of Ahinsa?

Mahabharat deals with a lot more issues than just Ahinsa. Ahinsa does not mean keeping quiet against injustice right in front of your eyes. Ahinsa can become worse than Hinsa (Violence) in such cases. Life is grey, and so are its principals. Love thy enemy, fight against evil etc. these are not absolute principals but apply together under different circumstances. Every soldier protecting his or her motherland would become against Mahabharat/Ahinsa in that case.

The PANDAVS reached the battlefield, after exhausting all the possible avenues to settle the matters – one has to note that PANDAVS showed extraordinary patience in terms of time and conduct. Only when everything else failed they moved to the battlefield as a last resort.

A serial murderer or rapist will be free to commit more such things, unless caught and punished for the crimes. If he is not caught - he will take it as his right or people are cowards and afraid of him - with the result that he will be encouraged to continue on that evil path. So, here you have to solve violence with equal violence. Ahinsa is not the answer for this. Ahinsa will work only between civilised, enlightened and highly evolved minds and philosophies. -

This is the message of Bhagwan Shree Krishna to Arjun when he (Arjun) did not want to harm Karna. When Karna lost the wheel of his chariot. Krishna clearly told him not to be a fool, for Karna never thought of his religion when Draupadi was stripped naked. Clearly Krishna meant that when people like Karna who were on the wrong side must be killed, for the sake of Dharma of peace and prosperity.

Ram too did not hesitate in killing Ravana. It is for this reason, that the Indians should get rid of these Ravanas of ISI from the Matribhumi (Motherland) otherwise, like today's attack wherein 30+ people are killed by the terrorist attack on the army campus, many more attacks will follows. Treat the enemy as an enemy.

We cannot let such attacks upon Bharat continue. Otherwise there won't be any Hindus left in Bharat to sing Ishwar Allah tero Naam OR Raghupati Raghava Rajaram - both very dear to Gandhi and many Hindus.

As reported in the media, full-scale war' not an option

In responding to the terrorist attack near Jammu on Tuesday, Bharat (India) may not have the option of engaging Pakistan in a full-scale war.

Analysts here point to four key reasons that are likely to discourage a full-scale military retaliation against Pakistan. First, the United States, as of now, is likely to strongly discourage India from taking military action against Pakistan. This is because an Indo-Pak. war is likely to undermine some of the core U.S. objectives.

For instance, the beginning of unbridled hostilities between India and Pakistan at the present juncture is likely to derail the U.S. campaign against terrorism in Afghanistan whose "center of gravity'' is shifting to the Afghan-Pakistan border areas. Any conflict with India will naturally mean diversion of Pakistani troops from the Afghan-Pakistan border where they are required to nab the remnants of the Al-Qaeda or for launching joint operations with the U.S. in Pakistan's tribal areas.

Second, an all-out war with Pakistan will mean jeopardizing the safety of the American troops and members of its security establishment who are present there in large numbers. Some of the Pakistani air bases such as Karachi, Pasni, Jacobabad and Dalbadin, where U.S. forces may be present in considerable numbers, will be legitimate targets for the IAF in case of a war. The U.S. will obviously find the targeting of these areas unacceptable, observers say.

Third, the Bharatiya security establishment has to factor in Pakistani nuclear weapons and their delivery systems such as missiles in case of a conflict. Hostilities with Pakistan may prove unaffordable unless India acquires some means, direct or indirect, of exercising control or immobilizing the Pakistani nuclear forces.

Fourth, the Bharatiya military machine may still require additional preparation to acquire a decisive edge over Pakistan to fight a short-duration war. For instance, the Army is still in the process of inducting the T-90 tanks from Russia that will give its armored fleet a clear advantage.

Bharat also may need a few more months to acquire and induct additional state-of-the-art SU-30 fighter jets into the IAF in order to launch a swift military campaign.

In the near-absence of a full-scale war option now, the armed forces may consider some action without crossing the Line of Control. In the past, India's long-range artillery has been used against Pakistani border posts.

Limited air strikes, especially on some of the training camps may be an option. But without the assurance of an effective diplomatic intervention, such a step can risk the escalation of hostilities that New Delhi, at this moment, may wish to avoid.

For the safety of Hindus and Bharat, there must be full war against Pakistan under all circumstances. All the Hindu Gods and Goddesses have some type of arms in their hands. These arms not show pieces, but are for killing the enemies and tyrant people.

It is clear that all avenues of peaceful resolution have been exhausted. USA will neither help us nor go against us, in case a War really starts. They will definitely put all sorts of pressure for both parties to declare a Ceasefire and to come to a negotiating table.

Since a WAR is a very real possibility, we should be clear in our mind that Pakistan can not win in a conventional War. But we can be rest assured that Mushy will not hesitate to use Nuclear Weapons when he starts loosing. It is therefore necessary that Bharat’s Nuclear readiness for several quick strikes on key targets in Pakistan should be in perfect condition and its control mechanism in totally reliable hands.

Bharat should soft talk and buy time (if necessary) till it is fully ready. THE BEST ADVANTAGE WILL BE GAINED WITH A SWIFT AND DEADLY ATTACK TO PARALYSE THE ENEMY. Everybody is aware that a Nuclear War may mean the loss of life of upto and something like Ten Million persons on both sides. It will indeed be Tragic. But there comes a time in a Nation's History when even this sacrifice has to be given. We may have to bear about 33% of the casualties (IT IS A GUESS and no body can be too sure how many will die). But to solve a 1000 year old CANCER in the body of our Nation, an "operation" of this kind is necessary. BJP Government will be well advised not to succumb to the pressure of a Cease-fire till Bharat has dealt a near fatal blow to Pakistan.

All of you may recall that Lal Bahadur Shastri agreed for a ceasefire under pressure, despite his inner conviction to continue the attack and take over Lahore City. It was an agonising decision he had to take under foreign pressure, which resulted in a Massive Heart attack and his death in Tashkent.

Bhartiya leaders must take the right decisions about war and not succumb under any pressures till our objectives are achieved and Pakistan is reduced to a battered Beggar with a begging Bowl.