Date: 5/30/2002


............... Islamic Sultanate Of India

The BBC is reporting on its site about militants in Kashmir having an ideology of establishing Islamic Rule in India. The organisation Lashkar -E- Toiba which is a militant outfit fighting India for Kashmir has now started to distribute pamphalets in which it states that it has now enlarged its ideology of Islamic Rule over all of India by force.

This should not come as a surprise as I have said earlier the real goal of Pakistan is to re-establish the old sultanate in India.

Mahmud of Ghazni had led relentless attacks on India which the Hindu rulers at that time could not stop. Although Ghazni attacked with a handful of men riding down from Afghanistan he was able to eventually subdue a larger Hindu population into submission by force. He was brutal and he is reported to have put to death several thousands of Hindu men in a single day and carried off thousands of Hindu women to be sold as bandis (slaves) and forced prostitution across Central Asia.

Pakistan named its missile Ghazni after this ruler. It should be apparent to all as to what is the purpose of this name. It is capable of hitting targets inside India. Unfortunately for India while Mahmud of Ghazni had to ride down from Afghanistan to launch attacks on Hindus, the Partition of India has ensured that it can be done from a secure base, a stone's throw from India.

The distance for any-one to pursue a similar attack is now considerably less. The foolishness of Indian Hindu leaders, Gandhi, Nehru and Patel in 1947 agreeing to a Partition of the country along religious lines has given to Pakistan not only a separate country but also a safe place from where to begin the process of re-establishing the Sultanate in India.

They have an access to the ports from where they can bring in all the weapons, supplies and arms they need to attack India just as Ghazni did although he had no access to a port and faced greater odds as he came from North.

But his policy, which is now Pakistan's, that is gradually grinding the Hindus down with terroism will yield similar results once again as India is unable to take any military action against Pakistan owing to fears of nuclear attack.

The Hindus are once again at the same crossroads they were 1000 years ago.

The muslims ruled India for 1000 years, a feat which even the Third Reich of Hitler with his modern technology could not achieve in Europe. His Reich lasted only 13 years.

This brings the point that Islam has immense strength by fusion of religious beliefs of compassion and warfare. It is likely to establish the Islamic Sultanate in Hindustan.

The only people who had succeeded in overturning that rule were the Sikhs in the late 18th century for a 50 year period. The British overturned them later, thanks to the Dogra traitors in their army. But after the 1984 anti Sikh riots, wherby outside Punjab, the Hindu mobs attacked the Sikh civilians in a murderous orgy, it is unlikely that the Sikhs will want or be capable of stopping the emergence of Islamic Rule in India within the next forseable future.

As Islam means peaceful surrender it may be in the better interests of 800 million Hindus in India to submit to it and convert to it peacefully.

That way there will be a large muslim population of over a Billion in the subcontinent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) along with a few million minorities, Christians and Sikhs.

A lot of bloodshed can be avoided along with resolving the problems of Kashmir caused by Partition.

The borders can then be merged and the Sultanate established to last for another 1000 years.

Are the Pundits willing?

....................H. Kalsi, USA