Date: 6/11/2002


............WHY PARTITION OF INDIA (Bharat) MUST GO - 1

Many people wonder what is it that Bharat must do so that Pakistan allows us to live in peace. When faced with a similar situation in the 1940's how did Mahatma Gandhi deal with Jinnah and the Muslim League. Excerpts from the essay Why was Gandhi Killed? Quoted from Veer Savarkar by D Keer, said Gandhi sometime in 1942 "Vivisect me before you vivisect India. Needless to say, the Congress can never seek the assistance of the British forces to resist the vivisection of Bharat. It is the Muslims who will impose their will by force, singly or with British assistance, on an unresisting Bharat. If I can carry the Congress with me, I would not put the Muslims to the trouble of using force. I would be ruled by them for it would still be Bharatiya Rule". Gandhi has interestingly made three points. One that Muslims want partition. Two that they will use force to get what they want. Three the way to prevent partition is to let Muslims rule Bharat.

Gandhi's last bid to prevent partition - Returning from Bihar on March 31, 1947 Gandhi called on the Viceroy and suggested to Mountbatten that the Interim government be dissolved and Jinnah be invited to form a Cabinet of his choice. As long as the Congress thought that Jinnah was pursuing Bharat's interest, Congress would cooperate with Jinnah and not use its majority in the Central Assembly to block his ministry. If he wishes Jinnah could continue to advocate Pakistan, provided he eschewed force. Maulana Azad agreed with Gandhi's plan and thought it would be the quickest way to stop bloodshed. Gandhi was smart enough to realize that one of the ways to have Peace in Bharat was to allow Jinnah / Muslim League to rule united India. Pakistan and the Islamic World supporting them are saying the same thing today. If you want peace in the Bharatiya Sub-continent then there are some choices: either allow Pakistan to make you bleed, dominate you, take Jammu and Kashmir, Assam or else VIOLENCE will continue but nobody talks the other alternative that is merge Pakistan with Bharat and make United India or Bharat.

If we Hindus had thought along these lines 1200 years ago, and had gotten our Hindu Act together, things would have been totally different. 1200 years ago, there were millions of Hindus for each Moslem that landed in Bharat. We could have shattered the Invading Moslem Armadas with the least amount of effort, eliminating the risk of any more disastrous Moslem Raids on the land of the Hindus.

Instead of that, what we Hindus did, looks like the work of an amateur. The Hindus of that time failed to recognise the inescapable danger, into which they were putting the entire Hindu Civilisation. For the last 1200 years, Muslim invaders have slaughtered hundreds of millions of our Hindu Brethren and destroyed 63000 plus of Hindu temples and our other sacred shrines, along with the conversion of millions of Hindus into Islam that followed the Muslim attacks.

Pakistan was created to be the homeland of the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent. But not even one third of the Muslims of the Bhartiya sub-continent live in Pakistan.

After partition Bharat has lost many holy places in Pakistan, the most of them being the Sindhu River. Some secular people say that Bharat should forget the river Sindhu, otherwise Muslims of Pakistan will get angry with us and we would never have cordial and friendly relation with Pakistan.

To such people Veer Savarkar has given a befitting and an appropriate reply in one of his speeches. He has said, "No, Never. Even if the whole world hates us or we have to hate the whole world, we shall not break our relation with Sindhu. Forget the Sindhu? Hindus or Bharat without Sindhu? It would be a word without meaning, a body without soul. Impossible, simply impossible. As long as there is one Hindu alive, he will not forget the Sindhu.

Oh river of rivers! Oh Sindhu, on whose banks our most ancient Vedic Rishis sang the first stanza of the Sam Veda, with whose holy water they made their ablutions and gave her the place of pride among Vedic deities to compose the most beautiful paeans of praise, we shall never forget you."

The whole of Pakistan is associated with Hindu culture since time immemorial. How Pakistan can separate from Bharat forever or for a long time? Time has come that Bharat and Pakistan should become one country again.

There are more Muslims in Bharat than in Pakistan. If such a large number of Muslims like to live in Bharat, then where is the necessity of separate homeland for Muslims?

As Bharat does not have Indus valley and Sindhu River, so Pakistan could not take away Delhi, Agra or Aligarh, the centers of Moughal tradition and Muslim culture in Bharat. Pakistan could not even take away the Lucknawi tehzeib, the high point of the highly evolved Muslim culture in Bharat or even Urdu, which is projected as the language of the Muslims of the Bharatiya sub-continent.

Everything of Muslim culture and religion is still Bharatiya and in Bharat. Fifty-five years after partition, the Muslims who fled Bharat are still mohajirs (refugees). Punjabi masses and even the elite calls these Biharee mohajirs and local Sindhis call them as the Mukkurs (spiders). So what is Pakistan and why Pakistan?

Quad-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah was born in Gujarat and ironically so was Mahatma Gandhi, the "Father of the Nation" as the secular Bharatiyas call him. So even the founder of Pakistan was not from what is now Pakistan. Even the former president of Pakistan, Zia-ul-Haq was born in present Bharat and did some of schooling in Simla and his college studies at the "Burra-Sahib St. Stephen College" in Delhi. The Bharatiyas have roots in Pakistan and Pakistanis have their roots in Bharat. The present military ruler Parvez Musharraf is also from Bharat. He was born in Delhi and did his elementary schooling as well in Bharat.

The call for Pooran Swaraj or complete Independence was given in Lahore. The call for Pakistan was given at a Muslim League session also in Lahore in 1940. This fact indicates that Muslims and Bharatiyas have the similar fate for their lives.

Poet Mohammed Iqbal, who was third generation Kashmiri Pundit converted to Islam from Sapru subcaste of Hindus, was the one who wrote the famous song, Sare jahan se achcha Hindustan hamara (Our India is better than whole world). This song is known by each and every child of Bharat and is undoubtedly the most popular patriotic song in Bharat. But same poet Mohammed Iqbal was the one who is regarded to have first proposed the formation of Pakistan.

It seems all the Muslims are of double mind. They want to have the Muslim homeland, but at the same time they want to retain and enjoy everything of Hindus. They want to have the fruits of Bharatiya democratic and secular system and at the same time want to cling to their Islamic system. They know that the tolerant and humanist nature of Hindus is no threat to them, therefore such a large number of Muslims live in Bharat as compared, very few Hindus live in Pakistan or Bangladesh and even in these countries Hindus are being constantly harassed by Muslims and have been eliminated to a very great extent.

Looking at how Hindus and Muslims of Asian sub-continent inter mingle, inter-mix together, both Muslims and Hindus should become citizens of one country. In Bharat already there is complete freedom about religion. Democratic roots are deep in Bharat as Hindus listen and even appreciate the diagonally opposite views.

Muslims have got lots of facilities and privileges in Bharat, which they cannot even get in Pakistan or other Muslim countries. The Union Cabinet of Bharat donates or subsidises a very substantial amount of money every year to Muslims for making Haj pilgrimage to Mecca. In year 2000, a US $32 million were donated or subsidised to Muslims to enable 72,000 Bharatiya Muslim pilgrims to undertake the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca that year. Pilgrims are expected to pay for $260 out of the total airfare of $717. They can depart from Delhi Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, with flights to Saudi Arabia all departing and arriving from Shrinagar and Jammu. Devout Muslims are expected to make the pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime. Christians in Bharat have approached the government for subsidies for pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Bhartiya Government imposes Pilgrimage tax on Hindus' at their religious festivals.

The Haj subsidy is increased every year. Politically they cannot scrap it as Muslims are treated better than Hindus are in Bharat by all political parties. There are a lot more important things like fencing Bangla Desh border, Crushing ISI cells within Bharat and so on, therefore Haj subsidy should be very low on priority. It comes to at least $30 million per year which some people actually view the Haj subsidy as very bad from hindutva point of view. By this kind of Muslim appeasement, it is one more stick to beat Hindu sentiments and increase Hindu ire. Not bad advertisement for pseudo-seculars to promote themselves at the cost of Hindu sentiments by just about $30 million every year. Even illiterate Hindus get the message that it is useless to raise regularly as an issue of Muslim appeasement as Muslims are vote banks of all secular and communist parties.

....................=============.......... Mohan Gupta, Canada.