Date: 6/11/2002


..........WHY PARTITION OF INDIA (Bharat) MUST GO - 2

Most of Muslims in the world are converted from Hindus. According to one report more than sixty five percent of all the Muslims in the world were once Hindus, who have been either by force or allurement were converted into Islam. All the population of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Lakshadeep were all Hindus one time. Even after conversion, most of the converted Muslims from Hinduism are still retaining Hindu names, Hindu customs and Hindu traditions. These converted Hindus to Islam religion have even taken Hindu caste system into Islam religion as well.

The forefathers of more than 99 percent Asian Muslims were Hindus who could not withstand the onslaught and ferocity of Muslim invaders and to save their lives got themselves converted to Islam religion. That is why even converted Muslims are still retaining some Hindu customs and traditions. Now there is no justification in staying in a religion where your forefathers were forced to convert by the choice of death or conversion. Now the times have changed and the present Hindu community is ready to accept you with open arms.

The partition of Bharat did not help any country, any society, and any person. Pakistan and Bangladesh are now bankrupt countries and are becoming liabilities to civilized societies around the world, including Bharat. Illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Bharat are ruining Bharat economically and demographically.

The point to note is that Bharat has not done anything bad to Pakistan. Not Even Pakistan claims that Bharat is doing anything to hurt it. But Bharat does - correctly- claim regularly that Pakistan is causing terrorism and destruction in Bharat. Thus Pakistan is the aggressor; we Hindus are merely defenders. Truth, justice and righteousness are squarely on our side. Since this enmity is actively, perpetuated by Pakistan, logic dictates that it will end when Pakistan stops or is forced to stop hurting Bharat. Being on the defensive side, Bharat has no positive incentives to offer Pakistan to change its enmity. All our hopes, pleadings and appeals for peace are not strong enough to stop Pakistan from its terrorism. Yes, peace is highly desirable outcome. But one side merely hoping for peace while the aggressor continues its terrorism does not result in peace - it results in the demise of the defender.

For the glory of Bharat, Bharat and Pakistan must become one country. Persons like Musharraf don't count for a powerful country like ours. But Bharatiya leaders have no strategy. Bharat made him popular by inviting him to Agra, giving him red carpet treatment. Instead of showing teeth we renovated his haveli (House). We thrusted on him that he is very important person. And who did all this, those are the people who chant slogans of patriotic and worthy leaders like Shivaji and Rana Partap. Let them wake up from sound sleep and come to see the reality of the situation, before it is too late.

There was no validity for the formation of Pakistan. Our Hindu religious texts like Mahabharat tell stories of wars fought with in a family to secure justice. The Hindu gods and goddesses carry and use weapons to fight evil. The Arthshastra, Panchantantra and other parts of our cultural heritage give common sense advice about how to deal with conflicts and provocateurs. Most of the Bollywood movies show struggle between good and evil, with closure coming from the destruction or repentance of the evil. Division of Bharat was just a division of joint Hindu family, where some people adopted different way of worship, but still having same culture, traditions and customs. It is a time to bring the separated family members together again by sensible advice or by using force.

According to Times of India report, RSS spokesman Madhav Govind Vaidya has said we believe the whole of Kashmir is an integral part of Bharat. If it is to be integrated, war is the last resort. But why rule out war? What is military for? We are for friendly relations with our neighbors. We are also for Akhand (United) Bharat. The RSS military strategists clearly think this is an achievable objective. A serial murderer or rapist if set free, then he will be free to commit more such things, unless caught and punished for the crimes. If he is not caught - he will take it as his right or people are cowards and afraid of him - with the result that he will be encouraged to continue on that evil path. So, here you have to solve violence with equal violence. To eradicate the terrorism of Pakistan, it is best that all efforts be made to make Pakistan and Bharat one country again.

After the unification of Germany, there is great expectation of the unification of the divided countries like Bharat, Korea, and Vietnam. In the changing world order after the collapse of communism, unification of Bharat and Pakistan could take place; many astrologers have already predicted such unification between Bharat and Pakistan.

The great sage and seer of Bharat Shri Arubindo Ghosh has already seen the possibility of Bharat and Pakistan coming together. At the time of independence of India in 1947, he has said in his message: "The old communal division between Hindus and Muslims seems to have hardened into a permanent political division of the country. It is to be hoped that this settled fact will not be accepted as settled forever or as anything more than a temporary expedient. For if the division lasts, Bharat may be seriously weakened, even crippled, civil strife may remain always possible, possible evens a new invasion and foreign conquest.

According to a survey majority of the population of Jammu and Kashmir want to remain Bhartiya citizens because they feel they would be thus politically and economically more secure, while only six percent want to be Pakistani citizens.

The survey conducted by MORI International said: "Overall, two thirds of people in Jammu and Kashmir take the view that Pakistan's involvement in the region for the last ten years has been bad. Only 15 per cent believe it has been good for the region, while 18 per cent say it has made no real difference."

On the issue of citizenship, overall, 61 per cent said they felt they would be better off politically and economically as a Bharatiya citizen and only 6 per cent as a Pakistani citizen, but 33 per cent said they did not know.

Eighty per cent of the people interviewed said that allowing displaced Kashmiri Pandits to return to their homes in safety would help to bring about peace.

An overwhelming 92 per cent oppose the state of Kashmir being divided on the basis of religion or ethnicity. "There is also overwhelming support - 91 per cent for a forum in which Kashmiris from both sides of the Line of Control can discuss common interests," the survey said.

........................................Mohan Gupta, Canada.