Date: 6/11/2002


both Pakistan and Afganistan MUST be re-hinduised and returned back to india!! This is not just a wish but it is a right of all indians and hindus to have their land back!! screew the muslims and christians! they are the true infidels!! their god is a demon!

Vedic Origins of Afghanistan

Pakthoons (Pathans) are the descendents of a Hindu rishi named "Paktha" who is mentioned in the Rig-Veda. Today, many of these same Pakthoons came to form the Taliban. These Afghans or Pathans that every one calls a warrior race are actually descended from Luv, son of Lord Rama. They were once called Lohana. Present day Lahore was once called Lohan. It is because of this that the children of Luv (modern day Afghans) are good fighters. They were important b/c they were of the Kshtariyas (the warrior caste in Hinduism), but unfortunately, thousands of years later they were forced to accept Islam. Maharaja Bhimapal was the last Hindu king of Afghanistan. He was murdered in the 12th century by Muslim invaders.

Rig Veda: Book 10, Chapter 61, Verse 1: The speaker in the storm of the battle uttered with might this prayer to win the Asvins, when the most liberal God rescued Paktha's parents and assailed the seven Hotras.