Date: 6/14/2002



The question is often asked but never answered. After all, if you go through history books, for every year the Jews suffered at the hands of NAZIS, the HINDUS SUFFERED FOR A CENTURY AT THE HANDS OF MOHAMMEDANS.

Please start off with the first showing of the treacherous "bastards" in Sindh (where a car bomb has exploded today, Friday, Islam's HOLY day (see first report below). ****

Could the Jews build a Holocaust Museum in THIRD REICH?

Unfortunately the HINDUS in PARTITIONED India and worldwide still perceive themselves to be living in MOHAMMED'S REICH. Only after the FREE and SECULAR world eliminated ISLAM from the face of earth like NAZISM, will the Hindu stalwarts and grandfathers muster guts to establish countless HINDU Holocaust Museums across the TWENTY-FIVE states in India, five in Pakistan and in HINDUKUSH ("Kush" means SLAUGHTER in Persian) Mountains in Afghanistan.

Right now in MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH in HINDUSTAN, the next President (Abdul Kalam, literally "Slave of MOHAMMEDAN Scriptures or KORAN"), is a DEVIOUS MUSLIM who is posing to be more secular than even the imported queen from Italy. But the SIKH who commended his own native religion to this KALAAM, received SPIT in his face. Since then NO Hindu has dared to put his secularism to test.

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN, NO Hindu actor can touch a Musalmani actress for FEAR of being assassinated.

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH of Hindustan, the Lord Sri Ram Temple is DOOMED to remain a ruined site for ever.

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN, the Hindu in South Kashmir is a DOG while the Mohammedan in Kerala and Tamil Nada, even New Delhi, is a TIGER.

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH of HINDUSTAN, the grand house belonging to the Founder of PAKISTAN is maintained at tax payer's cost.

IN MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN, Muslim pilgrims to MECCA are provided huge state subsidies while the Hindu and Sikh pilgrims to PAKISTAN are shown the "dundaa" (Boot up theirs!)

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN, the State of the only Hindu University at Varanasi is most pathetic. Please go to see the quality of staff and the books in their library. "HINDU" in its title means "BANDIT NEHRU" and "MUD ALI JINN" the two friends who were delighted at the PARTITION OF INDIA so they could get the highest seats of power.

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN, Arabic equals Sanskrit and Hindu is SUBSERVIENT to Urdu with regard to State resources on staffing and funding.

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN the manly "BULLS" of movie screen playing about with all the female Hindu/Sikh "COWS" are the KHAN brothers while Hindu actors have to play their minor roles in the wings.

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN, NONE should mention EAST Bengal, West Punjab or North Kashmir and South Kashmir ought to remain a MUSLIM MAJORITY STATE till eternity. It should also get the privileges under Article 370 of Constitution while the ONLY man in native turban, the chief minister of EAST Punjab must rule his truncated territory from UNION Territory (Chandigarh) despite BOFORS CHOR/LONGOWAL ACCORD OF 1986.

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN the Imam of Mecca is an honoured guest in New Delhi but God help a Shankaracharya who is dreaming of visiting Mecca to give a sermon there.

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN the Hindu will be a fiddle player while the Master of Tunes will be the worthless White Elephant from Italy and her Friends in the Fifth Column.

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN umpteen BOGUS Foundations set up after one or the other GANDHI are meant to benefit every NON HINDU and SIKH-BASHING cause but not help a Hindu refugee from Srinagar or a Sikh widow of 1984.

In MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN the whole nation, ONE BILLION WEAK, of "vermin and rats", holds its breath when a top post becomes vacant.

"Will they, stupidly, appoint a committed HINDU, married to a Hindu spouse- "Born in India", and thus invite the anger of the World of ISLAM and the wrath of the whole WORLD?"

But there is a big sigh of RELIEF when it is announced that the man or woman selected or nominated for the TOP POST will be a Mohammedan, Catholic, BHANGI or Buddhist, or a limp Hindu married to a strong female imported from BURMA or ITALY.

Now rejoicings and State festivities can begin. Then there will be the ceremonial "shardhanjali" to the "samadh" of BOFORS CHOR on May 21st., and soon thereafter another big festival approaching when PARTITION will be celebrated as "INDEPENDENCE". The world of HINDU COOLIE, SERF & SLAVE IS IN ORDER while he tells his children, "OUR AKHAND BHARAT WAS NOT MEANT TO HAVE KARACHI, LAHORE, NORTH KASHMIR AND EAST BENGAL IN IT."

Thus as we have seen above, in MOHAMMED'S THIRD REICH OF HINDUSTAN, the Hindu is still a SLAVE and the MUSLIM his MASTER as in the past centuries.

In this climate of slavery and total submission, who will dare to squeak, "Let us set up a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM somewhere in Hindustan where it is safe from the Sword of MOHAMMED?"



.........................(The Associated Press

................Friday, June 14, 2002 at 2:02 a.m. ET

Karachi, Pakistan (AP) - A car bomb exploded Friday outside the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, killing two people (s few hours later the death toll was EIGHT) and injuring several others, police said.

The blast occurred around 11:15 a.m. (1:15 a.m. EDT) in the sprawling southern port city.

Police said the bomb was concealed in a white car. The blast caused substantial damage to the consulate, destroying the guard post. Windows were shattered in both the consulate and the nearby Marriott Hotel, and a number of cars were damaged.

Witnesses reported seeing body parts scattered about the scene. At least one of the dead was a Pakistani embassy guard in plainclothes.

Rescue teams rushed to the scene, and ambulances were shuttling the injured to nearby hospitals. Police sealed off streets in the area.

Violence against foreigners by Islamic militants has increased since Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf threw his support behind the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan.

Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was abducted and murdered in Karachi in January while working on a story about Islamic militants.

Suicide bombings once unheard of here have occurred twice. Both attacks were believed to have been carried out by al-Qaida.

On March 17, a grenade attack at a church in Islamabad's diplomatic enclave killed five people, including two Americans.

Last month, 11 French engineers and three others were killed in a suicide attack in front of a Karachi hotel.)


Once the Ideology of MOHAMMED in KORAN ('Kafir vs. Infidel', 'Four Obedient Wives', etc.) is smashed across the globe like the Ideology of Hitler in "MEIN KAMPF" (Aryan vs. 'The Rest'), there will be HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS mushrooming all over the world, not just in the HINDU RASHTRA OF LORD RAMA and GURU GOBIND SINGH JI.