Date: 6/14/2002


BBC World Service broadcast a news item today (Friday, June 14, 2002) that Augn San Suu kyi is undertaking her first tour outside Rangoon by visiting a holy Buddhist monk.

This plain and simple Burmese girl would normally go around addresing her party folk on POLITICS but this is a cunnign move.

It has nothing to do with her Faith in Buddhism. It has everything to do with POLITICS and SYMPATHY VOTE, trickery and deceipt- Nehru, India and Rajiv style.

Obviously she has a crooked adviser and mentor somwehere. Let us be detectives and FIND OUT.

Next door, across the IMPENETRABLE FORMIDABLE MOHAMMEDAN BARRIER OF EAST BENGAL or BOGUSdesh (created by Indira Khanum in 1972), there lies a PARTITONED bleeding land called INDIA or HINDUSTAN minus North Kashmir.

In India ONE dynasty has held power or sway since 1947 and that makes it a very long time for them to specialise in the art of winning hearts, minds and votes of the native damn fools. So how do they do it?

Mrs. Indira KHAN, afraid of the secret of her marriage to a MUSLIM coming out, visibly cultivated several HINDU holy men. Was one of these crooks a certain Mani Shankar Ayer, who now has a palatial residence in New Delhi and millions stashed away in banks in the West? In today's India his fortunes can only be investigated when a court has declared its verdict over the BOFORS CHOR.

Saffron clad Musalmani, Mrs. Indira KHAN, used to invite this despicable "sarkari" Shankaracharya to her residence and ask the media to turn up to do the reporting thus raising her profile as a Hindu lover.

It was nothing of the sort. She was in fact a great HINDU BASHER and SIKH KILLER.

So who can one put his finger on, for passing on such a clever idea to Suu Kyi in Myanmar?

.........Please see who is NO. 1 LADY OF Broken Bharat.

You will see a great evangelist, the wife of the President. The native "nigger" (Indian COOLIE) met her in Rangoon and then put his head upon her feet when he learnt that she was neither a Hindu nor a Buddhist but a fan of Bandit Nehru.

USHA TIN TIN NARAYANAN has had a lot to learn in Nehru's Coolie Colony called India and one of these things is to cultivate visible love of native holy men and women while behind the public eye, kiss the foot of all the FOREIGN Lords.

Obviously the advice from TIN TIN to Suu Kyi is golden and will reap a rich harvest.

Sooner of later two females will be on top of the Hindu/Buddhist worlds- the Italian in Bharat and San Suu Kyi in Myanmar. (Her late husband Prof. Aris greatly lowered the professional standards of Oxford University by courting his female student!).

That will be the day when the Hindu will look a "MONKEY", the Sikh a "BABOON" and the Buddhist will seem a "LANGUR".

In which other country on earth are the FOREIGNERS so prominantly high up?