Date: 6/14/2002


Mr. MOHAMMED Karzai's bad luck in Afghanistan is the word MOHAMMED in his name.

Afghanistan, a former BUDDHIST country that was at peace with herself and with her neighbours, has lost MILLIONS in bloodshed, wars, feuds and fighting, "fired and inspired2 by KORAN, Islam's holy Book.

Had the Arab CONQUERORS let Iran, Afghanistan, Sindh and Central Asia live in peace without converting everyone BY SWORD, the countries would have been peaceful like Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, and reverted to PEACE and PROSPERITY promptly after every fight and war.

There would have been NO Pakistan to the East of Afghanistan to INJECT the Taliban into her body, NO Al Qaida pushed up her back, NO ISLAMIC Iran to her West and NO Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to her North.

They would have been part of the peace loving Buddhist/Hindu world, going for prosperity and economic miracles- Japan style.

But what do we have in ISLAMIC Afghanistan?

Firstly, the Revolution against the King 30 years ago by those who wanted more Islam and then the MUJAHIDEEN who wanted even MORE Islam and finally the TALIBAN who drowned the whole country in ISLAM and DRUGS. Please ask the Afghan WOMEN!

Germany and Japan had small aberration and World War 2 broke out. After victory over Evil, the Allied insisted on enforcing new Constitutins that were SECULAR.


But what about AFGHANISTAN? Who will "bell the MOHAMMEDAN cat" there which is far more ferocious, mighty and savage than NAZISM and SHINTOISM?

Who will tell the Afghans that after all that savagery and Talibanisation, it is time for Secularism?

If the new Constitution of Afghanistan has the word "ISLAMIC" in it once again, then all the efforts and sacrifices by the free world to bring peace and stability would be complete WASTE.

Under that ISLAMIC influence, the country will revert to ISLAM again which means, DICTATORSHIP of Mullahs. A new breed of Taliban will emerge after some time under a DIFFERENT NAME.

In an ISLAMIC Republic, an illiterate low down savage brute is far superior in Law to the highly educated Kafir, Infidel, Christian, Jew and HINDU.

We can see what PAKISTAN has achieved due to her ISLAM. Muslim men are fleeing the land in hordes, picking up unwary females in the West and producing MORE Alis, Mohammeds and ISLAM by the day.

The future prospects for Europe are as dim as in ALBANIA, KOSOVO, MACEDONIA, the sub continent, the Philippines, Chechnya, Australia and the rest of the world right now.

"The fastest growing religion" in the CIVILISED West is giving rise to FEAR among the natives and RIGHT Wing parties are bound to take over eventually.

People in Britain will finally have a choice: Either British National Party (BNP) or MOHAMMED. Ministers and leaders like Mr. Tony Blair will have gone long ago into oblivion, having created the mess. They are allowing tens of MOSQUES to be constructed or established in the United Kingdom without insisting on just one Christian church in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Mohammed Karzai will be a great VISIONARY if he can pursuade his fellow countrymen to DUMP "Mohammed and ISLAM" from his country's new Constitution. If not, then his own days are numbered.

We KNOW it is not "politically correct" to say so in Europe that has yet to be PARTITIONED like Mahatma Gandhi's India between "MUSLIMS and THE REST".