Date: 6/14/2002



I would rather be a Muslim than to be a Christian after reading about conversions by the Christians in India.

1. Whatever the Muslims do they do openly! Even if they convert, they do it with the sword. I prefer that to the cunning ways of the Europeans! Who do you think caused all the misery on this earth? The Christians and the Christians and the Christians and the Christians and only the Christians. They were the ones who showed these Jihadis the way and encouragement!

2. Next I blame the Hindus for their own conversion. They failed to inculcate in their offsprings the pride of their religion and culture. Some of the Hindus are like the jelly fish who fall into their trap! If you ask the Hindus about Hinduism, they have no words to explain.

3. Again the Hindus do not avail the opportunity that come along their way. This is the time to spread the reality all over India. Keep the kids, girls and women away from the churches! (Christians I mean) Hindus have the duty to encourage the Christians to embrace Hinduism.

4. Why on earth are Hindus always defensive? Why can't they go from house to house in India and convert the Christians openly? Do this and do this. Go to those very missionaries and keep on preaching them on Hinduism till they realize what it means to invade India with their murderous religion!

5. When people say Hindus are idol worshippers, they try to explain things. Be bold and say 'Yes, we are idolators. And do you have any problem with it?' 'Why do you worship the idol? (cross and the carcass that is hanging from it)And what are all those idols in the churches?

6. Each Hindu has the duty to preach their religion to the Christians and the entire world. Go on the offensive instead of being all the time defensive. So for 1400 years Hindus have become slaves just because they couldn't even defend themselves even after going on the defensive! Go all around the world preaching Hinduism and make people embrace Sanatan Dharm which is most natural form of religion.

7. Have a close alliance with all the non-Christian and non-Islamic cultures and religions. Never blame the Buddhists and the Jains. Some of us keep on blaming the Buddhists! The funniest thing is the weak Buddhists were Indians! Japanese and Chinese are Buddhists! Do you think they are weak? So know your own weakness and try to improve!


Even the bravest of all, RULERS like Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who could fly his flag over KHYBER PASS, did not have the conviction (of a goat) in his native religion to commend it to his MOHAMMMEDAN subjects. Due to his COWARDICE with regard to his RELIGION, LAHORE went to Islam in 1947.

The grand Maharaja could not ensure a Sikh majority in his own capital city. SHAME ON HIM and on all the "K's" he was wearing, including the one for the SWORD (Kirpan).

In contrast think of every petty Nawab and Sultan in Hindustan. Each one commended ISLAM with vigiour and conviction. Less said about Aurangzeb, the Bigoted "bastard", the better. He ordered his soldiers to go around ordering the Hindus, ISLAM OR DEATH!

As a result today ONE THIRD OF INDIA is under the BOOT of Islam.

Not only that, the Muslims and the Christians are going about CONVERTING THE HINDU "SHEEP" openly and freely even TODAY in PARTITIONED India. Last year Saudi Arabia sent MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for constructing new mosques in PARTITIONED India. The Hindus lumped it without insisting on raising at least ONE temple in Mecca.

So when will the low down subservient secular simpleton SIKH and ("nishkam sewak") HINDU in Hindustan equal the MUSALMAN-BEIMAN on his own patch?