Date: 6/16/2002



Dear friend of Indian origin, most probably you are less than 54 years of age. That means when you come to the land of your ancestors, the first thing you will notice is the name of the New Delhi International Airport.

The chances are that you have been educated or brainwashed by the teachers, professors, pandits and gurus and all the media, that “Indira Gandhi was a great lady, much more courageous than the Maharani of Jhansi, more committed to Hinduism than Guru Tegh Bahadur and a bigger patriot than Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.” Hence you see her name given to the airport and don’t mind.

Now if you are not a mental coolie, a moron or a smashed “mouse”, you would like to find out the Truth about Indira Gandhi. We encourage you to do so with courage that is not found among your brainwashed subjugated race.

Firstly, if you are a non resident Indian, or NRI, the chances are that you were rubbish in Indira’s eyes. Being a Hindu, you were a degraded fellow or female and, therefore, you have NO dual nationality. She did NOT trust your loyalty to your land of origin.

You don’t know what dual nationality is? Never needed it? Never missed it? None mentioned about the degradation for not having it?

It’s no surprise to anyone on earth. The Indians have never had honour, so they don’t know what the word means. When Karachi, Lahore and East Bengal were taken out of India by voluntary surrenders by Indira’s father, people in the rest of India went about their normal lives. The Indians have NO sense of patriotism.

When a MILLION were massacred in what is Pakistan now, there was NO retaliation in Tamil Nadu, U.P. or Gujarat. And when East Bengal was finally captured in 1971 with 90,000 Pakistani soldiers along with their generals and brigadiers, Indira Gandhi, whose name adores the airport at New Delhi, promptly returned the captured INDIAN territory to ISLAM once again.

To fool the Hindus, who worshipped her like a goddess, she seemed committed to Secularism. The Hindus of Hindustan were, and still are, fooled most easily. They were most easily fooled when her father surrendered five provinces of Hindustan without a single condition or referendum and told them he had won them freedom from the British. How the Hindus across the land sang and danced, shouting, “Long live Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru! His rule for ever!”

So his rule was passed down to his daughter Indira. Eventually she lost the throne easily, having acquired it so dirt cheap in the first place through nepotism. Her manner of succession was like that of the Mogul Empire when throne automatically came down to the son of the Sultan. Pandit Nehru had set up a kind of Sultanate in his Partitioned India and he ruled like a despot.

The manner of Indira’s succession to her father’s office was democracy for the damn fools- sardars, scholars, doctors, philosophers, professors, ministers, MPs of Parliament, white-haired grandfathers and all the pundits & priests, even the yet unborn Hindus included.

The evil political “WITCH” of Hindustan was not to be removed by ballot. So came the bullets on the very day of Halloween, 1984, fired by the invisible divine hand.

Indira KHAN, the false goddess of thunder and fire, a secret convert to Islam (married to a loafer named Feroze KHAN of Allahabad), promised death and destruction to the Hindus, going the way of the Medieval witches.

God had similarly appeared in the holy city of Multan when a despot, Harnakashyap, declared he was God and ordered his son Prahlad to worship him.

When a whole race and nation, divided, weakened and smashed like the HINDUS, becomes “rats and vermin”, God appears in the shape of MAN to dispense retribution. He appeared on October 31, 1984, for the second time in two millennia. Did the HINDUS learn a lesson? NO. They have named the capital’s airport after the “WITCH”!

Indians like her, especially the Hindus and the Sikhs of Partitioned India who accept Partition, are the rats and vermin of this earth. An even bigger retribution is certain to come to our gutless, spiritless, Hindustan made dirty by the likes of Indira KHAN.

Even after her assassination the “donkey’s version of democracy” continued in India.

That was democracy, too, when Indira’s chair automatically and effortlessly went down to her loafer son Rajiv Khan, commonly known as the BOFORS CHOR. He was just a pilot, not even an MP.

Piloting India was not the same as piloting a small plane and he was bound to crash and die in the process.

When Indira captured EAST Bengal in 1972 but returned it promptly to ISLAM, she was not asked to explain her High Treason. The soil of EAST Bengal is, and will remain, HINDU till eternity if Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan are to remain Islamic.

The Hindus cannot be chased out of there like a flock of sheep, especially with West Bengal and the whole of Hindustan standing by in defence, as its protectors.

The people of East Bengal were converted to Islam by force during the savage Mohammedan rule of Hindustan when Royal scribes referred to the native Hindus as “sugg” (dogs). The Mohammedans ruled the Hindus for centuries and crushed them to the extent that there was NO significant revolt to exterminate them in Delhi. It was left to the British East India Company to sack Delhi in 1857 and thus put a decisive end to the hated Mohammedan (Mogul) Empire. Even today the offspring of the Hindu slaves, defending Delhi under the flag of Bahadur Shah Zafar, a MOHAMMEDAN, call it the “First War of Independence”!

It was typical of the Hindus to lie ‘legs up’ in the muck of slavery for centuries. Hence none could tell whether they were free or slaves during the rule of Bahadur Shah Zafar, Bandit Nehru and Indira KHAN over them.

You, dear Indian, are most likely to think Indira was “clean”. NO WAY. Children often imbibe character and culture from their parents. What Indira’s two boys learnt from her is obviously most reprehensible. The elder brother Rajiv became a loafer while the younger Sanjay turned out to be a gangster.

The one who married a native girl was eliminated in a “fake” accident after the worthless “Italian born maid from gutter” entered the Prime Minister’s house. Death of Sanjay removed any rival out of Sonia’s way. And she did become the mightiest female in India overnight when all eyes turned to Rajiv as the only successor to Indira.

Thousands of Hindus touched Sonia’s feet (they still do) as mark of slavery. Similarly an Albanian born nun could rise in national esteem overnight, acquiring international status of sainthood, and thousands of Hindus sent donations to strengthen her Catholic mission against their own religion, totally neglecting indigenous saints like Bhagat Puran Singh and countless more across the country.

Indian nuns from Teresa’s Ashram spread out across India and the world. Indian coolies, including all those gutless Sikh Sardars, could not raise a single ashram to match that on their own territory.

Sonia entered the Prime Minister’s house without any security vetting and carried her Italian passport for years thereafter. Such was her contempt for the native “niggers”, especially the Hindus, that she deliberately avoided acquiring an Indian passport.

For years she spoke Hindi only with her servants. Yet the Indians touched her feet and gave her a landslide victory in elections.

A typical Hindu in Hindustan is the one who resides in Amethi, Sonia’s constituency, and wishes to see her beat the Hell out of every native rival, and come on top in glory.

The damn fool does not know that the glory of Italy in Amethi is the disgrace and degradation of Hindustan in the eyes of the whole world.

Now what is ‘dual nationality’ that you, my dear friend, do NOT have? Ever found out how many other countries on earth deny this petty concession to their citizens living abroad? Ever wondered why it is denied to the Indians? The Indians do not question.

Questioning the rulers has meant arrest, torture, jail, hanging to death, even beheading in the past. Hindu life under the Sword Of Islam was dirt cheap and the position did not change during the couple of centuries under the British rule, either.

Hence the Indians are conditioned like dogs not to ask questions or protest. How many Indians asked in your father’s time, “Why Partition if the Muslims are to stay put in India while the Hindus are exterminated in Pakistan?”

How many Hindus and Sikhs ask, even today, “Name the parents, at least two uncles and aunts and four first cousins of that fake Parsi called Feroze GANDHI who seduced and married the daughter of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru?” ACT FAST before they alter the records in the Register of Births & Deaths in Allahand.

As a result of not asking questions, our India lies in three ugly fragments. Seeing the present map of India makes a Hindu vomit in disgust.

One can see the head chopped off where we had North Kashmir, and an arm and a leg missing. How precariously is Assam hanging on to the bleeding torso by just a thin strip of flesh! That disgusting map is a joy to the Indian Muslims who are again equal to you in loyalty and Secularism as per Bandit Nehru’s Constitution written up by a ‘be-waqoof Buddhist bhangi’ called Ambedkar who regarded the mutilation of Hindustan something normal and eternal.

How native was Indira is seen by her NEGLECGT & BETRAYAL of India. Since this aspect is invisible to the naked eye, no Indian is wiser on this. Visibility is very important in a country where a Sikh has to be SEEN to be counted. What is not seen in such a land does not exist.

Neglect, betrayal and High Treason cannot be seen. Hence none has grasped the minds and designs of their rulers, least of all the Sikhs.

The Indians, including learned professors and billionaires believe their rulers love them while in reality their rulers hate everything that is Hindu. That gave birth to the term “Hindu bashing” that was greatly improved by Indira KHAN who openly went on to do a lot of “Sikh killing” in her democracy.

But while the emaciated timid race of Hindus continued to be bashed (and is still being bashed in Hindustan where appearances are deceptive) the Sikhs eventually caught up with Indira and killed her, thus earning the respect of the whole world while most Hindus still recall Indira’s Hindu-BASHING with nostalgia. Hence that name on New Delhi’s International Airport whereby the Hindus in Hindustan are telling the world,

“We like being exterminated in West Punjab, raped in EAST Bengal, bashed, kicked and hanged in Fiji and Uganda, and wiped out from South Kashmir. Above all we like adoring Indiraji and touching Soniaji’s feet. We don’t love to see the manly KHANS abducting and seducing Hindu maidens and we don’t mind being converted.”

By letting the KHANS loose on the full bosomed Hindu maidens we show the world that all manliness did not disappear from India when Pakistan was created. We retained the Muslims to improve our decomposing race.”

...........Now let us see what Indira did NOT do.

She did not fund or raise a single university fit for the wealthy and the influential Indians. Indira and the lot sent their own children ABROAD.

Indira deliberately neglected EDUCATION, pursuing the four strategic goals of her father, (1) Keep the Hindus IGNORANT; (2) Keep the Hindus INTIMIDATED; (3) Keep the Hindus DIVIDED, on the run and at loggerheads with one another; and (4) Keep the Hindus IMPOVERISHED.

Neglect of Education, the policy of Divide & Kill, sowing confusion and insecurity among the Hindus and the Sikhs while fattening her Muslim “vote bank”, and the deliberate spread of rampant corruption and inefficiency that led to Rajiv’s “Goondah Raj” in the end, were not accidents of history, but deliberate policies of Indira and her ruling establishment.

Indira did not associate with any notable Hindu worth the name. Her Hindu associates were the “monkeys and donkeys” in human form while her real friends and counsellors were the Mohammedans who were shown great respect and attention. Not one Hindu priest or pundit was elevated in her eyes like the Imam of Jama Masjid. Not one Hindu female was noble and decent enough in her household to rival Sonia from Italy and Teresa from Albania. The Indians, minus self-esteem, could not notice this.

So, my dear friend, when you land at the airport that is named after Indira, you become a degraded Indian “coolie”, a slave on your own territory.

Indira’s Party stooges, still in high places, terrorising the nation, and all the governments since the assassination of the “WITCH”, have shoved a boot up yours and spat in your face.

Most Indians do not feel the insult. How about YOU? If all those years of education and learning and earning while living in the free West have not put you at par with the American or the Anglo-Saxon, nor raised your mental standard or given you self-esteem, then it’s a shame on your parents for passing on such INFERIOR rotten degenerated “Indian” genes at the time of your birth.

You may feel smart, highly educated, influential and wealthy, but still you are nothing in the eyes of the world.

You may never come back to look up this website again, you may say “nonsense”, but still you cannot change reality. The reality is very bitter and calls upon YOU to change it.

The Indians, landing at, and taking off from, the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi by the thousand every day, do not notice their degradation. They land at the airport, go through the humiliating rigours of customs and security checks, crying, begging, paying bribes, they come out, embrace their friends and relatives waiting outside behind the barriers, and think they are home.

What a home! It is still Indira’s degraded coolie colony and one billion native brown skinned “niggers” pay homage to the “BITCH” day and night by tolerating that name on Bharatvarsha’s premier airport.

When India prepared for war after the terrorist attack on Parliament on December 13, 2001, someone said, “Pakistani and Muslim terrorists have been slaughtering the Hindus and Sikhs in South Kashmir for decades, up to one hundred pilgrims to Amarnath Cave in one night, and 36 Sikhs on another day to show Bill Clinton the Islamic might, without raising the national temperature even by half a degree. They blew up the Bombay Stock Exchange, the equivalent of World Trade Centre in New York, and they have been exploding bombs from Srinagar to Coimbatore but India did not stir. So what is so special right now?”

He was told, “You fool, you ought to have known. This time it was Parliament where they endangered the life of our Italian born Rashtramata Sonia. That is why the Government decided the Pakistanis have gone too far. Watch the rare unanimity of all the scared Hindu ‘rabbits’ inside, known as MPs.

.............So, what’s the explanation? Here it is:

Indira had two daughters-in-law: Monika and Sonia. While the whole of Hindustan considered the native born Monika a “cow”, Sonia was the favourite daughter-in-law of Indira and was regarded the brightest star in the dark Hindu sky overhead.

One should have known. India is prepared to lose up to 50,000 Jawans, mostly HINDU, in war against Pakistan to protect and defend Sonia at all costs. She is meant to be the next Prime Minister of Hindustan to put the Hindus on the fast spin and the Sikhs on the run while fanning Corruption, ruining Education and destroying Communications across the land where the BOFORS CHOR left it all.

Think of those four strategic goals of the Dynasty. The Hindus haven’t grasped it yet, and the Sikhs can’t see them.

So if you are a visitor to India, cast a glance at the name of the airport at India’s capital. The Indian “coolies & niggers” could not find a nobler name for it out of their own ten thousand year long history.

The chances are that you left for foreign shores for EDUCATION and CLEAN ADMINISTRATION which Indira could not provide in India.

The chances are that your father left India in disgust when Indira crushed the native genius, initiative and spirit of enterprise, and India stank of red tape, inefficiency and corruption, and your father sought freedoms abroad that Indira crushed at home.

The chances are that when your father wanted a telephone connection, he was told, “Wait for 20 years. Our first priority is the families and friends of every Congress Party worker,” and when your father wanted to buy a scooter he was told, “the waiting list right now is 32 years but you can get it tomorrow if you quietly pay the dealer Rs. 5,000 as bribe.”

The chances are that your father finally got fed up with Indira’s government and said in disgust, “To Hell with Bharatvarsha of niggers and coolies, rats and vermin. I am emigrating.”

The chances are that he was lucky to get a visa to escape India of Indira. The Indians more recently have been paying a heavy price to Mafia and all sorts of agents to escape that land where Indira once ruled with an iron hand, where her ‘dynastic’ stink still burns the nostrils, where her stooge occupies the highest post in the land as the President. And, as per Indira’s very own patriotism, “NIGGER” Narayanan’s spouse is an import from Burma.

Indira did not abrogate Article 370 of Constitution, a dirty legacy from her father. As a result millions of dollars worth of government funding and subsidies have gone to South Kashmir at the cost of the other “nigger” states, including the one ruled by a man on UNION Territory, who do not dare to protest at such fattening and pampering of the Kashmiris.

As a result all the INFERIOR Hindu states remain depressed and devoid of development that South Kashmir enjoys. It is a befitting irony that despite such special pampering South Kashmir wishes to get of India as soon as possible and says to our Jawans, “INDIAN DOGS, GO HOME!”

Indira’s Indian “dogs” are DYING by the dozen a day there, every day.

Like the denial of dual nationality to the Indian “coolies” living across the globe, Article 370 cannot be repealed by the combined might of India’s Parliament. Isn’t that amazing? Which other country will have that kind of Article in its Constitution even for a minute? It degrades the whole Hindu race beyond our wildest imagination. Those who have no honour cannot feel dishonour.

Another legacy of Indira, inherited from her father, was the animosity towards all the Buddhist countries to the East. She was more comfortable in the company of a smelly camel from Arabia and a billy goat from Afghanistan but hated the sight of any diplomat or minister from Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, China and Japan, just because they are Buddhists, a religion that originated in to India.

Seeing the PATHETIC state of decomposing India, many Buddhists in Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam, even the Hindus in Nepal, are turning to ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY.

Thus the glorious independent Buddhist world to the East remained cut off from the smashed enslaved Hindu world in Indira’s dog collar, and this left the Hindus friendless in the world. There was no exchange of cultural ambassadors, economic cooperation or industrial know how with these countries to the East. Indian exports could have benefited enormously by creating a Hindu-Buddhist Trading Bloc or ENO, ie., “Eastern Nations Organisation” but such ideas were brushed aside by Indira who wanted a poor Indian nation to cling to her apron strings and kiss her feet. This loss was invisible to the Indians and so no one felt it.

This separation from the Buddhist branch of the Indian tree was grievously aggravated beyond remedy when Indira returned EAST Bengal to ISLAM. A fearsome Mohammedan land barrier was recreated that stood from the Bay of Bengal to the Himalayas, virtually cutting off the Hindus of Hindustan from the Buddhists of Myanmar and further East.

Such deliberately imposed isolation on the Indian serfs and coolies, toiling under Indira, was a great loss of cultural enrichment. Her India could neither give anything to, nor take from, the world to the east. On the other hand the whole Hindu nation was expected to wag its tail like a dog to any Yasser Arafat arriving from the Middle East.

Yes, Indira confirmed the Hindu’s status as a dog though many Hindus are still mighty proud of her, and NO Hindu has ever shown revulsion over the name of that airport. An amazing low down nation of Hindus, reared, bred, fed and educated by Indira- the nation that was once Bharatvarsha or Maha Bharata, stretching from Afghanistan to Rangoon! Today its own Sanskrit and Hindi are scorned at by its elite while English and Italian are taking the top place. Indira, the “Mohammedan BITCH”, spoke Urdu at home.

Indira pushed the Hindus’ head into dust and the rest of the nation did not notice. Amazing!

Mrs. Gandhi was, in fact, Mrs. KHAN. So, who the Hell was that Gandhi that gave Indira her surname? He was a fake Gandhi, in fact, a Musalman-Beiman, a Sunny Muslim of Allahabad. Like the cocky Khans of Indian movies, he was also fast with Hindu maidens.

But promptly after eloping with her he wedded Indira and did a political somersault to become a Gandhi! Hence while every Hindu knows that her husband was called Feroze, NONE knows if this Feroze had any brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, parents and grandparents. There is no mention of his extended Muslim family anywhere.

The ruling Indian establishment has done a great job by wiping them all out, just leaving one Feroze who was a Gandhi and a Parsi to boot.

Thus they turned Feroze, the Mohammedan, into a ludicrous combination of being a “Gandhi whose ancestors had arrived from Iran when the country was invaded by the bloodthirsty Arabs”.

As we know the genuine Gandhi, the mahatma, or Bapu, had come from Gujarat but that land was rotten inferior in the eyes of Indira. So her man had to come from manly IRAN from where all the Parsis had come while fleeing the savage Mohammedan invaders.

Being a secret convert to Islam, Indira did not like the company of Hindu scholars or Buddhist ministers. She was afraid they would discover the truth about her Mohammedan husband and the manner of her secret nikah with him. For this reason she came to have more trust in her Muslim associates, and preferred Islam, Mohammed, Arabia and the Middle East. The ignorant Hindu nation followed her like a dog on leash.

It is most shameful for the “abducted and much raped concubine” called Hindustan, that today Pakistan is a friend of Buddhist China while India is rightly regarded a “nigger” by all the Buddhist world.

Genuine HINDU rulers of India would have developed fraternal relations with the world to the East. Today we would have seen millions of tourists from China and Japan, some coming to see their well maintained shrines which right now are in a state of ruin with wild pariah dogs howling in the wilderness around them from Kerala to Kashmir.

India would have been a much richer, stronger and a lot more prosperous nation, perhaps with TEN Bill Gates of her own. But now the Indian coolies like yourself travel across the globe to serve all the FOREIGN masters. That is what Indira did to the Indian intelligentsia.

Dear friend, perhaps your father was one, too, who felt strangulated by Indira’s crushing bureaucracy in the manner of every NRI who found prosperity abroad that was denied at home.

Indira’s India did not create a Bill Gates nor provide cheap communications, good roads, nice hospitals, respectable universities or efficient and clean administration to her people. She was content to ride the golden carriage like some Imperial Queen Sheba. Yet the Indian coolies named the airport after her name and none questions, “WHY?”.

Today India lies broken and bleeding in three fragments. She is INFESTED with cancerous Islam once again which is growing all over her body all the time. India lies isolated from her friendly Buddhist neighbours to the EAST and even Hindu Nepal to the North. She is dangerously exposed to the Islamic infiltration from BOGUSdesh (Bangladesh) and the perennial threat of another invasion from Pakistan. Her emaciated, disunited, dispirited, intimidated and betrayed Hindus, with no sign of life, are like a red rag before the Islamic bull.

The Indian cow, starved and brainwashed by Indira, is standing with her back turned towards the Islamic bull. Mujahideen and Jehadis will keep on penetrating her on daily basis till her resolve to hold on to South Kashmir finally breaks down.

Due to lack of patriotism Indira did not reject Partition that was imposed on the nation without referendum. She did not insist on Sonia Maino gaining Indian citizenship before entering her house as “bahu”.

Indira did not remove the stifling rules and regulations that destroyed indigenous industry, brains and genius. She did not visit Ayodhya even once in her life time as a Hindu. She did not regain EAST Bengal after capturing it, a rare feat for cowardly Hindustan!

She did not attend to EDUCATION but spent all her time in creating hostility and enmity between the various indigenous communities.

The “BITCH” succeeded where none had, before her. She put an unbridgeable divide between the Sikhs and the Hindus while embracing the Mohammedans. As per her design, first the Sikhs of EAST Punjab were manoeuvred and instigated to kill off scores of Hindus. Later in her Operation Blue Star her Army killed off thousands of Sikhs while not one Mohammedan’s bum was set on fire anywhere despite their HIGH TREASON at Partition.

The Political “WITCH” of India succeeded in indigenising the ALIEN Mohammedans while alienating the native Sikhs. Quite a Musalmani in Hindu garb, under Hindu name!

Her rascal son RAJIV followed in her steps and became “Mr. Clean” overnight. He set off to kill the Tamils while embracing the Italians.

As long as her dirty name sticks to New Delhi’s International Airport, every Indian landing there or taking off from there is a coolie and that includes the Hinduja Bros. from London, Professor Bhikhu Parekh from Leeds, Lord Desai from House of Lords, and YOU, my dear visitor to the Land of your ancestors and roots. Have a nice stay in Bharat.

While in India, do something over which Indira would be mighty upset and perturbed. She never supported or encouraged any native or local Indian charity. She donated liberally to Red Cross from Switzerland and World Vision from England, appreciated the Peace Corps from America and welcomed the Imam from Mecca and embraced the chief of PLO, but never thought of establishing a native Indian charity and never smiled at any toiling Hindu slave’s effort.

To her, Hindus were inferior dogs. Since the Hindus never knew the elevation, they were quite content with all the depression so long as they could see and kiss her feet.

So when you go to visit your kith and kin, do something beyond eating “laddoo & samosa” and buying jewellery, saris, brassware and ivory statues. Drop in at the school where your father or grandfather learned his alphabet. May be, the books in the library are the same that they read decades ago, and the creaky shaky rickety stools and desks are the same, too. May be, there are the same old reed pens in pupils’ hands and the same kind of slate boards for writing.

Please break the WITCH’S tradition and donate a few books, a new desk and, if inspired, do the impossible: donate a computer to the school to enable them to get on the Internet. It may be terribly more arduous and difficult for them to get on Internet than climbing Mount Everest.

Do find out the state of education at schools and universities back home which Indira never had a moment for.

And if you could pass the barrier of brainwashing and official terror, you could also enquire if Indira ever picked up an orphan, comforted a widow, visited a hospital, donated a rupee to a native charity, introduced her father-in-law to the nation, commended Hinduism to KR Narayanan, his Burmese born spouse, and Sonia Maino, and Secularism to Shaikh Mujiburrahman and Imam Bukhari.

And did she consider putting Partition on hold till a referendum could be held on the subject? Did she order all the Muslims to get out of her Partitioned India? And, did she really wish to retake North Kashmir and turn South Kashmir into a tourists’ paradise?

Indira’s India failed to do well in the field of international sports. Indians did not excel in mountaineering, exploration, sailing the high seas, football, hockey, and the other outdoor sports and pursuits. Indian culture sank deep into videos and movies, leaving the outdoors to more manly races.

Indians look a sad and emaciated race while the Chinese look healthy, exuberant, enthusiastic, joyful, proud and industrious. The number of gold medals won by the Chinese at Olympics tells the story of a manly race.

In China the pull to retake Taiwan is in marked contrast to Indira’s pull to retake EAST Bengal in 1972 or Partitioned India’s pull to retake North Kashmir since 1948.

Under Indira, India turned her face away from native Hinduism, leaving it defenceless against the mighty punches and onslaughts from the Muslim and Christian worlds. These two foreign based, funded and supported religions are increasing in numbers and clout while Hinduism is losing numbers at an alarming rate. That would have been good news to Indira today.

Even when every Hindu can see the grandeur of the Vatican with its own bank, worldwide following, police force, armed guards and independent broadcasting, not one Hindu seems to aspire for similar status for any shankaracharya, and not one Sikh aspires for similar status for Sri Amritsar. Alongside the rest of the world walking on feet, the Hindus and Sikhs seem to be crawling on bare bellies on earth.

Native religions of India, however grand and divine in theory, are rubbish when seen through the eyes of the Imam of Jama Masjid, Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Abdul Kalam, and any Mujahid slaughtering the Hindus like the sheep in South Kashmir.

Dear visitor, once past the wretched deceptive Islamic signboard of the New Delhi Airport that honours Indira Khan, do ask the Indians you meet, “Was there NO worthier male or female from our entire history whose name could be given to this airport?”

If they cannot suggest any, then you are among the brainwashed coolies turned “niggers” by none else but the political ‘Witch & Terror’ called INDIRA KHAN.

Don’t forget the Emergency when she pushed the “dundaa” up every speaker, thinker, politician, Sikh and Hindu in her vast realms.

Indira “Gandhi” was corrupt, vulgarly arrogant, indecent and a dictator who had great contempt for democracy.

To call New Delhi’s International Airport after Indira is like telling the visitor like Bill Clinton, the Hinduja Brothers, the presidents of Pakistan and BOGUSdesh, Professor Bhikhu Parekh, Lord Desai and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, “You are now entering Indira Gandhi’s DONKEYLAND. We wish you a hilarious time in the vast circus that stretches from Kerala, EAST Punjab and WEST Bengal right up to SOUTH Kashmir. Have a good time among the slaves whose government, that governs by feeding the thugs and appeasing the Mohammedans, is more of a hindrance and obstacle than a friendly facility for the wretched citizens! Please be careful not to step into North Kashmir.”

When the Witch’s spell over the Hindus is broken, the NRIs will have dual nationality, North Kashmir will be in Kashmir and EAST Bengal will be in Bengal and the Punjab will be the land of FIVE rivers, the trial of BOFORS CHOR will have concluded and every citizen will know that “Ram Rajya” has descended after one thousand years.








Dear enslaved HINDU, when you land at that airport and see that nameboard, just do what Dr. Abdul Kalam will do to any HINDU or SIKH who commended his own divine native religion to him.

.....SPIT AT IT, and recall your own honourable mother!