Date: 6/16/2002


.............In a message a kind Hindu wrote,

Some people calling themselves Hindus and Sikhs have joined the BNP to fight against the Muslims.



Some HINDUS AND SIKHS are doing the right thing to join the BNP on that particular count that you mention.

Not some, but MOST Hindus and Sikhs have NO clue to their own entire history during Mohammedan rule in India which is glossed over now by the rulers of India, and IN PARTICULAR of the time of PARTITION which is never even mentioned by our brave communities.

We are the brave ones who have NOT established any memorial to the one million killed by the Muslims, our fellow countrymen, in that year. We can already see the memorials going up in the United States to honour the memory of those killed by their FELLOW CITIZENS in New York (WTC), Washington (Pentagon) and Afghanistan (Al Qaida).

If America can recall Sep 11, twenty times a day, one had expected the HINDUS and the Sikhs to recall the fall of Lahore, the burning of Multan, the Massacre of Rawalpindi, and the surrenders of North Kashmir and EAST Bengal 24 hours a day.

Most HINDUS and Sikhs know that they are KAFIRS and INFIDELS as per Koran, but they do not comprehend the word, leave aside grasp the implications. We command lofty scholarship in all other fields including Divinity, except Vision.

In the United Kingdom the Hindus and the Sikhs are corralled towards the umbrella called "ASIAN". There is nothing more defeatist and ridiculous than that.

"Asian" is a nice word invented by the British to put us together with those who import DRUGS from Afghanistan to Colombia, are high on crime, VIOLENCE and sex trade, go out to prisons to convert, and commend seduction and abduction of Hindu/Sikh and Christian girls. How much of that is the "Hindu/Sikh way of life"?

Surprisingly, the Japanese are not perceived to be "Asian" in the UK. They are listed separately with much respect.

The HINDUS and the Sikhs so far have not produced even one prostitute here. They may well do so if they sit amalgamated with these "Asians" any longer.

It is better for the HINDUS and the Sikhs to assert themselves as SEPARATE. There is nothing to be ashamed of such separateness.

England is a country where one can speak for himself and the others LISTEN.

We are sure the climate is now right for the Hindus and the Sikhs to speak for themselves and escape the cage called "Asian".

BNP are trying to do what the Sikhs in West Punjab and the Hindus in North Kashmir and EAST Bengal had to do in early 1940's.

Please study the demographical landscape of UK closely and then see what the present leader Tony Blair has let this country into due to EXCESSIVE ALL-MALE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION of a particular religion that "sanctioned" the whipping and beating of women in Kabul, destruction of the sacred statues in Bamyan, exploding bombs in churches in Bahawalpur and Islamabad, gang rape of an international aid worker in Afghanistan (yesterday!), the killing of the unarmed innocent hostages in Kashmir and the Philippines, and, finally, the immoral and sacriligeous occupation of our holy places in Pakistan and BOGUSdesh without a word of regret. Its counterpart would be the HINDU OCCUPATION OF MECCA and MEDINA.

How wonderful to them that the idea of occupation of MECCA by the Jews, the Christians and the Hindus does not come to any one of them- NOT EVEN TO THE JEWS, THE CHRISTIANS AND THE HINDUS.

That is the extent to which we, the non Muslim "ASIANS" in the UK have been psychologically reduced and smashed, leave aside physically on our very homeground (WEST Punjab and EAST Bengal and Kashmir- both North and South!).

The BNP stand is PATRIOTIC though people who never miss the loss of Lahore from the map of Punjab and of Dhaka from the map of Bengal, cannot know what patriotism is.

BNP wish to prevent the Partition of the UNITED Kingdom although to those who accept the fragmentation of their own AKHAND (UNITED) BHARAT with the ease of breathing it is a great embarrassment what the BNP are up to.

WE MUST SUPPORT THE BNP IN ORDER TO ENSURE OUR SURVIVAL ON THESE ISLANDS. Our survival in West Punjab, North Kashmir and EAST Bengal is fiction now.

We call upon the British HINDUS and Sikhs to do the same. The INDIANS fall into the category of the Jews in THIRD REICH since they could not produce their own version of BNP in 1940.

Finally, please look at your statement again. It is not to "fight the Muslims". If fighting was in our nature, the HINDU TRISHUL would have been flying over KHYBER today.

It is to DEFEND ourselves against the Muslims. What else has the ENTIRE history of HINDUSTAN been?

Take just one item from our misery in the UK right now. We know of numerous Hindu girls seduced and CONVERTED by the Muslims in this country. Do we know of even one whose husband has embraced Hinduism out of love or conviction?

We FAILED to defend Lahore and Chittagong, and you know where they are now.