Date: 6/17/2002


...Why Hindu HENS need a virile Muslim COCK to HIDE behind?

(This phenomenon is UNIQUE to the Hindus only who vanished from West Punjab and East Bengal in ONE SECOND on August 15, 1947, while their much admired PLO are DETERMINED to stay put till eternity.)

"You are absolutely wrong here," we are told. "What are you trying to do over here? It was not Sonia's choice, but Bajpai's choice!"

Is this the same Vajpayee who went on his Samjhauta bus to Lahore to kiss the left hand of his Nawab?

Is this the same Vajpayee who INVITED the incursion at KARGIL which cost hundreds of lives of his Jawans?

Is that the same Vajpayee who advanced his army to the front line for the final battle, only to CEASE FIRE like all his predecessors?

Is it the same Vajpayee who, like his friend Dr. KALAM, has NO female as spouse on his side to inspire the womankind of Bharat?

Is it the same Vajpayee who cannot abrogate Article 370 of Constitution and tells the Muslims of South Kashmir, "You are a very special people unlike all other inferior Hindu states>"?

Is it the same Vajpayee who cannot buy any property in Srinagar AS PER CONSTITUTION since he is an INDIAN DOG?

Is that the same Vajpayee who will wet his dhoti on hearing the words PARTITION, and "HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM"?

Is it the same Vajpayee who does not dare to show up on Ayodhya?

What kind of a yardstick is this "rat" called Vajpayee to be quoted for reference with regard to Dr. Kalam's selection for India's top post?

The Hindu nation seems to be in a vast deep BLACK HOLE, all suffocating due to lack of oxygen of courage.


Terrible sign of WEAKNESS of senile old Hindus to take a virile Muslim's support to walk.

We wish Pakistan had such INFERIORITY COMPLEX to have a HINDU President to win the hearts and minds of Hindustan in order to gain Kashmir.

Muslim? Absolutely NO, so long as Lahore is out of the map of this beaten, crushed, defeated, demoralised and partitioned nation of a billion bleating Hindus, RUNNING AWAY FROM EVERY TOP POST, including DEFENCE.

There has to be just ONE condition of that "Act of Surrender of PARTITION" unless we regard it as the UNCONDITIONAL surrender till eternity.

This is the ONE condition for those who DON'T KNOW. Secularism in BROKEN BHARAT means IGNORANCE and it became everyone's religion overnight under the terror of BANDIT NEHRU.

"ALL MUSLIMS IN PARTITIONED INDIA ARE PERSONA NON GRATA just as ALL HINDUS (yes, all sub human specie called Hindus) are SECOND RATE citizens in Pakistan and BOGUSdesh as per CONSTITUTIONS there."

We Hindus could be inspired by the PLO, who REFUSE to quit, if not by the sacrifices of Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Which Hindu can be INSPIRED by the thought of the son of b**** KALAM going off to Mecca one day, instead of MATHURA OR NANKANA SAHIB?

Which Hindu female can be inspired by the BLACK HOLE OF VACUUM in the President's House? Which female is going to walk beside this President? Is he going to seduce and marry a Hindu woman or bring in a Musalmani in Burqa?

Why do we think our females to be SO useless and inferior? We thought that our degradation ended with the films showing KHANS all over Hindu maidens.

What we am trying to do here is to tell the Hindus, "You are not SO USELESS as you think. You are not criminals. You are the sons of soil. Do not degrade Lord Krishna and Lord Rama any more by having a President who puts MOHAMMED of the DESERT above them both. Our Lords and Avatars are enough degraded already, having vanished from Multan and Sylhet.

Dr. Kalam has to honour the one billion of us by embracing Hinduism before the impression sets in, "HINDUISM IS ONLY FOR MONKEYS!"

It is not only this Kalam, but also Sonia KHAN and the President, "BHANGI" CHRISTIAN Narayanan, and his spouse from Burma, who share the SAME despicable view of Hinduism.

Facts speak louder than words. We have a BILLION WORDS. Each Hindu is a WINDBAG FULL OF WORDS. That is why we vanished from East Bengal and even South Kashmir.

Due to these ANTI HINDU scheming fraternity at the top that is lying so low as to escape notice, the NRIs will never get dual nationality, the New Delhi International Airport will never get a better name, the Temple at Ayodhya will never rise, and Hinduism will be perceived to be INFERIOR, a kind of leprosy out of which cowards will run to the well fudned shining camps of Christ and Mohammed.

The end of Hindus will be more horrible than we can imagine. We don't wish to recall our fate in 1947. Hence NO "HINDU Holocaust Museum" anywhere. That is why sons and daughters of Hindu "SHEEP" let the enemy creep up to the top with such ease, and without any protest.

Let the Hindus be more than WINDBAGS full of words. Let ACTION begin now. PARTITIONED INDIA needs a committed HINDU President, married to a noble decent HINDU lady.