"THERE IS NONE LIKE SHAH RUKH KHAN,"  said a thrilled Miss Vajpayee

Date: 6/20/2002


"There is none like Shah Rukh Khan," says every Hindu maiden I have questioned.

"There is NONE like Abdul Kalam," says every top Hindu I have known.

What has gone wrong with our great nation? When will the recovery begin?

Remember what Konraad Elst said? "Hindu is self-denigrating" to the extreme. Here is another example- right in front of our eyes.

Apart from two ludicrous names proposed so far, there is NO noble Hindu to be found. Why isn't there any HINDU on hand who is a HINDU without a shadow of doubt?

The President, like the POPE, must be expected to have a LIFE LONG record of devotion and service to the highest ideals of a nation.

In this case it is not atom bomb, but it was AKHAND BHARAT and HINDU DIGNITY that is in dust now..

Even a commitment to win over hearts and minds of Kashmiris was a recommendation.

I see NOTHING in Kalam that will inspire the HINDU WOMEN. Please list a few. We betrayed them in West Punjab, North Kashmir, Srinagar and even in Rashtrapati Bhawan, and No. 10 Janpath.

What kind of a nation are we, apart from being a laughing stock in the eyes of our sisters, wives, mothers and daughters?

Our women are very forgiving. They have not presented their Hindu MEN with glass bangles yet.

How has Sonia's Sari elevated a Hindu lady? How has President's Burmese born evangelist wife thrilled the soul of a Hindu woman anywhere across the globe? Will Abdul KALAM'S love of vegetarian curry?

Let us think and behave as if our country was called BHARTATVARSHA and goddess ("devi") SITA was our uncrowned queen.