Date: 6/20/2002


Long before the world came to know of the MUSLIMS' destructive instinct, we realised that they are like a trailer filled up with stone and rock being pulled by the HINDU engine.

The only justification of accepting Pakistan would have been to get rid of all the Muslims who are a severe handicap to the progress of our country.

But Pandit Nehru's HIGH TREASON was boundless. He gave them five fertile provinces and ALSO RETAINED THEM BACK IN INDIA to do the same mischief that led to Partition.

Thus our extreme sacrifices, sufferings and losses in 1947 were all IN VAIN.

We do look up the new generation but unless we TELL THEM our experiences and pass on the knowledge that each specie passes on to its next generation, the coming generations, too will be subjected to great slaughter by Islam.

By making the topic of Partition taboo, Pandit Nehru committed another High Treason. He ensured that the newer generations of Hindus grow up in IGNORANcE just like the earlier generations that were continuously slaughtered by the Muslims in India, in fact, since 712 AD.

We never got wiser. It is the same nefarious official design against which we must stand up and FIGHT.

That is why we must firmly reject the notion of a MOHAMMEDAN President.

The worst sufferers will be our HINDU women. Neither was there a decent Hindu female in the household of Nehru (he was in the arms of Edwina Mountbatten) nor was Indira a good Hindu patriot (she returned EAST Bengal to the Muslims after its capture) nor was her son loafer Rajiv any good. He imported a worthless female from Italy to degrade all the native women. This must be devastating to our women.

Now this Abdul Kalam who is a rotten God-forsaken SINGLE fellow, too. So what and who in that vast palace called Rashtrapati Bhawan will INSPIRE the Hindu women in Bharat?

Our challenge is to pass this on to the newer generations before it is too late.



During the partition of our country, our family was already settled in a State far away from Punjab. So my father and grandfather never had to go through those pains themselves. My father would have been an infant then, so he obviously had no idea what was going on around him.

But, while growing up he somehow developed the thinking where and why he started hating the Muslims, Gandhi, Nehrus and the whole community of psuedo-secularism.

He bought into the ideology of economically and intellectually thriving Hindurashtra and according to him the Muslims and psuedo-seculars would never help or let that happen to India. So he naturally hated them. I remember him saying again and again how he wished Hitler to have been born in India to holocaust all the Muslims.

We see hope in the newer generation Hindus like myself and my husband. We strongly want to see India and the Hindus to thrive.

I agree that we need more numbers to trigger the network effect, but the process seems to have started.

You seem to be right that we (especially the new generation Hindus who haven't been subjected to the horrors of Partition) should NEVER forget what the Muslims really are.

We should never forget how they have been tormenting our populations since almost 10 centuries. No Muslim's vegetarian habits or reading Bhagvat Gita is going to undo that. And yes, no Muslim can hold a position in a Hindurashtra till a day arrives when a Hindu holds a similar position in an Islamic country.

.................(HOW TRUE YOU ARE.)