Date: 6/21/2002





Watch the DEVIOUS Indian coolie media. How they are spinning stories and yarns of excellence and superiority of this MUSLIM fellow whom they wish to put on top of our mandirs, gurdwaras and FEMALES.

Lots of Hindu maidens will be commissioned for the grand inauguration ball, and paid to sing and dance in his presence like in those olden days of Emperor Akbar's court.

They will dance to ABDUL KALAM'S delight till past the midnight hour, and some say, will then retire to secret bedrooms under the Bhawan to entertain him and his guests with lights switched off.

You cannot stop rumour mongering, especially given that the President will be a MUSLIM and the dancing girls, like the Prophet's concubines, all HINDU.

Just as TRAITOR NEHRU was hailed as the greatest patriot of the last century and FUNK AND COWARDLY Gandhi became a mahatma by the pen of these despicable "sarkari" scribes, the new man is ABDUL KALAM, a MOHAMMEDAN, who will be SMASHED Hindustan's next Supreme Commander.

The despicable Indian media are trying to outdo Dr. Goebbel's propaganda machine during Third Reich in raising the man's profile sky high. Already every Hindu stalwart considers himself a midget under Kalam's towering intellectual stature. There is NONE so tall and illustrious as this Muslim raised from the dead.

"Anyone, yes, ANYONE will do, so long as he is not a Hindu!" shrieked the Hindu stalwarts across Bharat in TERROR.

"If we appoint is a Sikh, the world will laugh at us. If he is a Rajput, Pakistan will invade Kashmir. If he is a Maratha the UNO will declare India a "war mongering Hindu nation". We have already had a BHANGI and a Christian. So now it must be a MUSLIM. It MUST be Abdul Kalam!"

"Advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The Hindus will not squabble among themselves. The Muslim world will be propitiated and our gods pleased.

There will be no dispute over Ayodhya Temple any more. The sleeping Hindu DOG will be left sleeping." So the enlightened HINDU logic in Hindustan at the beginning of the 21st century AD.

How will this century end for the Hindus then? In gas chambers? Under the SWORD OF ISLAM? Under the gallows, Bhagat Singh Shaheed style? In the manner of Noakhali massacres in August 1946?

The races and communities that were once patriotic and warrior are now turned into "rats and mice" and have merged into the vast scum of mankind called the 'Hindu nation' that was given a crushing defeat in `1947, forced to surrender five provinces unconditionally, and then made to run for life.

When I looked at the candidate for the post of India's next PRESIDENT, I knew at once why the country was PARTITIONED.

The man looked so revolting that any Pakistani, after the imminent surrender of the REST OF INDIA, will ask him to polish his shoes.

And in Arabia, if during Hajj he wished to do some voluntary "sewa" (work) for his Mohammed, they will give him the broom to sweep the roads of Jeddah. The most intelligent buffalo is still BLACK.

The Hindus are still the MAJORITY community in India, however debilitated, demoralised and disappearing. At least they ought to have a man in the top post who is presentable.

Which Head of State would wish to sit next to this ABD-UL-KALAM (Salve of Koran) except perhaps KR NARAYANAN who is a BHANGI himself?

In the Regiment of Guards, they don't take anyone below 5 foot 2 inches. Is that discrimination? So, what should the SUPREME COMMANDER OF INDIA LOOK LIKE?

Like MK Gandhi in loin cloth and walking with a stick? Or, like Abdul Kalam, who could be mistaken by any lieutenant or captain in the Indian Army for the new cook, bearer or orderly in his regiment?

PARTITIONED India should make it mandatory for her Supreme Commander that he should be able to ride a horse, shoot straight and hit an elephant at 20 yards.

A man who reads Koran secretly and calls himself secular should be asked to apply for the highest post in BANGLADESH or PAKISTAN.

Now he is SUSPECTED by the Hindus and ABUSED by the Muslims. Going straight, honourabley and decently, to one of those countries will have another advantage. He will not have to pass on the nuclear TOP SECRETS surreptitiously to Pakistan He could do so direct. His expertise with nuclear weaponry will be highly welcome there since India's NUMERICAL superiority outweighs the Pakistani nuclear edge ten times.

Consider this: This man will be taking the salute of our tall and proud HINDU Jawans. If only they understood the collapse of the Hindu "Jagat" all round them!

If only they knew that only KHANS are allowed to be the best for the HINDU maidens on the movie screens across India!

May be, 20 plastic surgeries will set his face right and a few dentist's appointments will put his teeth in line. But right now the man looks as if coming out of a cave in Afghanistan who hasn't had a morsel for ten days. Or like a lucky escapee from one of the concentration camps in Poland.

Will he be Bharat's next RASHTRAPATI who will convey an idea of Hindustan's culture and ancient civilisation to the people of Nepal, Mongolia and Vietnam>

ABDUL KALAM will be hard put to hide his copy of Koran which he must at least 'look at' five times a day to count that as one namaz.

The Hindus' DETACHMENT has come about after centuries of spit licking. Yes, with the MOHAMMEDANS on top, we can know the quality of that spit.

The Hindu is top quality RUNNER in defence of his Faith and Territory. With what ease and speed did he SURRENDER Karachi, Sylhet and Chittagong!

Now with what moral superiority this SCUM OF MANKIND is putting the dignity of all the native religions under the dirty foot of Abdul Kalam who is mentioned in EVERY account and news item as a MUSLIM. That needle of Islam, however thin has to be pushed up the Hindu's bum everytime we read an account or story about him.

Having RUN AWAY from West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal, the HINDU has run away from ennobling his religion in the top house called RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN. How foolish will all those pandits and preachers look who roam the world trying to ennoble it! The damn fools could not ennoble the Rashtrapati Bhawan right in New Delhi nor the Italian mem in No. 10 Janpath?

How foolish will any Sikh or Hindu religious figure look visiting his Palace that was built for the British Viceroy.

That building ought to have been turned into a library or university by the "Son of a Bitch" called JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, the FIRST AUTOCRATIC RULER of free but partitioned Hindustan, had he really loved India and cared for EDUCATION.

The President of an impoverished coolie colony could have been put at No. 1 Safdarjang after naming the place KRISHNAJANG or RANJITJANG.

Or better still, the President of emaciated impoverished nation could be living at No. 10 Janpath if he really loves the JANATA.

The Italian pretender to Nehru's throne ought to be kicked out to ITALY to put some shine on the faces of India's own native daughters.

Can we expect the "bastard" (he may literally be one!) to stand up for Lord Rama's Temple in AYODHYA?

So, why is the Hindu so willing to eat the MUCK OF DEGRADATION? Why?

The world of Islam is holding its breath. Will their man get to the top and hand over Kashmir to ALLAH?


Be patient. The Hindu is about to place the Defence of his Faith in a MOHAMMEDAN'S HANDS. Prepare to celebrate.