Date: 6/21/2002


In Commemoration of the Victims of an ISLAMIC (MOHAMMEDAN) Holocaust

..............13 June 2002


20 June 1981 is the beginning of an Islamic holocaust. It is the date when the Islamic Republic of Iran began an all-out assault and genocide against the people of Iran to establish its rule and suppress the people's revolution.

From that date on, more than a hundred thousand were executed, and over two decades of sexual apartheid, misery and rightlessness was imposed.

The Islamic Republic was not a product of the 1979 revolution but rather this extensive suppression. 20 June 1981 was also the starting point of one of the largest refugee flows of the past two decades.

Under the leadership of Khomeini, personalities of today's Right wing and Reformist (2nd Khordad) factions organised one of the most atrocious crimes against humanity in the 20th Century. Both actively took part in this genocide.

The International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR) commemorates the beloved who were slaughtered by the Islamic regime and the innumerable others who were crushed under torture and repression.

The leaders of this regime must be held accountable for their crimes. They must be prosecuted. Relations with this regime must be severed. Those fleeing this brutal regime must be granted protection. The people's movement to oust this regime must be supported.

Anything less is a disservice to the victims of this Islamic holocaust.