Date: 6/22/2002


A Hindu STALWART ("stalwart" in Hindustan is the equivalent of a "dwarf", or a "midget", in Germany and France. It can also mean a "BHANGI" like Supreme Commander KR Narayanan, who is leaving Kashmir in such a dangerous mess) writes-

"One has to realise that an Indo-Pak dialogue cannot be treated as a part of the war against terrorism. The basis for the resumption of Indo-Pak dialogue is already in place in the Shimla and Lahore accords."

("One has to realise", he writes. WHO IS THIS "ONE"? The smashed Indian "coolie", made to adore Nehru and admire Indira AT HOME, or the "MONEY MAKING" NRI abroad, who still does not have the petty concession of dual nationality from his government?)


Like most smashed secular Indians, this writer, too, thinks that the basis for the settlement of the Kashmir dispute (NB: Like PARTITION, India does not recognise any dispute over Kashmir.) was laid at SHIMLA (credit to the statesmanship of Indira Khanum!) and LAHORE (thanks to the driver of "samjhauta express"!) conferences.

He dare NOT acknowledge that any such basis was BLASTED at PARTITION.

The key date is not Shimla or Lahore but the ACT OF PARTITION, 1947, fully backed by the West (the US and the UK), when the Hindus were FORCED to acknowledge the eternal supremacy of Mohammedans in South Asia in order to "serve the Imperial cause, and ensure security in South Asia on WESTERN terms".

That "Imperial interest" with regard to 'PARTITIONED India' in general, and the HINDUS in particular, does NOT change like the Indian presidents- secular Hindu one day, Christian "BHANGI" the next and a "daal-khor Mohammedan" on the third day. (NB: "Daal-khor" is the term used by the brave Afghans, the descendants of Mahmud of Ghazni, living in and around HINDUKUSH mountains in order to denote a HINDU.)

This basis (of Kashmir DISPUTE) will stay as long as Pakistan and BOGUSdesh stay. This DISPUTE is the child of the GREAT DISPUTE over the post-partition status of LAHORE.

SUBDUED and DEMORALISED India has neither repudiated Partition (she dare not) nor recovered North Kashmir (she dare not) to show her faith in Secularism and "independence". In fact return of EAST Bengal after its capture by India in 1972 showed FOR EVER India's commitment to Secularism. It was that of a rat.

Instead of bravely demonstrating her "permanent interest" in ensuring and ENFORCING secularism across South Asia (following Guru GOBIND SINGH Ji), this smashed Hindustan has named the New Delhi International Airport after the "Empress of Shimla Accord" (taking inspiration from "mahatma" GANDHI) and continuously warns the Hindus, "YOU DARE MOVE IN AYODHYA!".

As in 1947 the short ACTION was with the followers of MOHAMMED and the long winded ARGUMENT rested with the followers of Gandhi.

Hindu Head cannot think straight till Sonia KHAN is something of an express in the Lok Sabha.

To see the clear blue sky overhead, the Hindus need to KICK HER OUT of Indian Politicis and all the KHANS out of Bollywood.

We can also spare a thought for the status of Hindus in Sindh and EAST Bengal and for the rapid decomposition taking place in Nepal.

There are a few "cats to be belled" by the Hindus before being cock sure of retaining SOUTH Kashmir for long.