Date: 6/22/2002


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............PRESS RELEASE -- 22 June 2002

“The President of India should be someone who is expert in the Science of Consciousness (Chetana Vigyan).” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The President of India should have powerful enough knowledge that he can make the President of the United States become a follower of India.

The Indian President needs to be able to lead the country without resorting to the old British concept of “divide and rule”. He needs to save the country from the destructive politics of divide and rule. He should be able to uphold the essence of all dharmas in the light of divinity in order to establish World Peace. The President of India needs to deeply understand the nature of the 3 Gunas, ie. Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas. He should be the knower of all the laws of Nature which administer the entire universe. He should also be the knower of Vedic Science so that he can save India, which is the land of Veda, the land of Devas, the land of Wholeness. He needs to save the nation from the great danger of being overpowered by Rajo-guna. The President of India needs to understand that he has the power to use Yagyas and Maha-Yagyas which alone will have the ability to raise and purify the world’s consciousness and establish Sattwa guna for peace and prosperity in India and around the world.

It is most unfortunate that the scientists of India have become the slaves of the materialistic knowledge of the United States, England and Germany. This is because of the materialistic path followed by those countries. The true knowledge of India is based on knowledge of Consciousness, knowledge of Atma, knowledge of Devatas, knowledge of Wholeness (adhi-atmic, adhi-devic, adhi-bhautic). The citizens of India should desire to come out of the shackles of slavery of Western knowledge and adopt their own culture, which is based on the knowledge of the potential of human consciousness.

The reality the principle of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam” that is “the whole world is my family” should be awakened in the consciousness of the President of India. With this awakening he will be able to protect the entire world from harm while preserving the sovereignty of every nation as the basis of permanent world peace.

India has the heritage of Vedic Knowledge, Divine Knowledge, the Knowledge of the Self. This ancient knowledge should be brought to every citizen in every household in the world.

Indian Politics is Groping in Darkness of Ignorance

Journalists in India may sustain their livelihood by writing articles in support of the current divide and rule British style of politics. However, they should remember that by doing so they are backstabbing their own country. The present political leaders of India are not aware of the Vedic System on Defence that is “Heyam Dhukham Anagatam” which means, “Avert the danger which has not yet come.” Absolute prevention is the Defence policy of the Vedic Administration for India based on “Heyam Dhukham Anagatam”. The defence policy of other countries is to kill the enemy and be killed by the enemy. Vedic defence policy is to destroy the enmity.

Maharishi gives a clarion call to all the political leaders of India, “Think in which direction you are going! There is still time. All the politicians should sit together and deliberate on the Vedic approach to political science”. Maharishi has been presenting all these ideas on the Maharishi Channel, which is available throughout India.

Every week Maharishi will be explaining about the principles of Vedic Administration. These principles are easy to understand and by applying these principles in Indian politics, India will set a right example and be a true leader among the nations of the world.


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