SUSPECT, SUSPECT, SUSPECT, in order to survive

Date: 6/23/2002



The only lasting solution for India is to cancel Partition of India. Since it will be an illusion to think that it can happen by choice as in Germany, (BOTH EAST AND WEST GERMANY WERE CHRISTIAN!) the other alternative is to use force and take back lost parts of India and try and bring back the Muslims to their original religion or else export them to wherever they feel like going.



...............SUPERB. That is the END GOAL.

............It has to be achieved by stages:

FIRST TO GO FOR "HINDU RASHTRA". Its justification is there: It is PAKISTAN and BOGUSDESH. It merely needs a "taker"!

That will give us POSITION OF STRENGTH to negotiate from.

A man like the MAHATMA, who was perceived to be a coward, INVITED Partition. The ACTION was not with the Hindus who perceived him as a god, but rested with the Muslims who perceived him as a rat.

Partition was inflicted upon us by the Muslim bullies, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT THE HINDUS FELT THEN, OR FEEL NOW. This ought to be comprehended.

I repeat, "ONE NEGOTIATES WITH THE LIKES OF THE WEST AND ISLAM FROM A POSITION OF STRENGTH." Their rule over us for 1000 years is proof of their strength. They have to do nothing. They have already reduced us genetically to the extent that we do not recall Partition, the most horrendous UNFOUNDED surrender and DEFEAT, ever in history!

............Now what are the signs of strength?

Surely one of them is to GO FOR A COMMITTED DECENT HINDU at the top who is not bloodthirsty but a decent normal HINDU. Today all the decent normal Hindus are secular. I see none standing at Ayodhya. None is saying, "I am Hindu." Please name one in the entire RULING establishment on top of Hindustan.

The second position of strength would be repudiation of Partition unilaterally. Just by that declaration, the Muslims across South Asia will WET THEIR PANTS.

It will be the first big psychological ATOM BOMB to hit them. We don't need Dr. Kalam's at all which may explode while being loaded on planes. I know of such accidents.

That giant Buddha statue being conveyed on the barge to the island in the lake Hussain Sagar (?) near HYDERabad sank in deep water when the boat capsized. It was not an accident. Nor was Sanjay's plane crash. Such things are made to look like accidents. I won't mention Lady Diana's tragic death since I don't know.

So I have yet to see Dr. Kalam's bombs in action. If he and Mr. Vajpayee are in the pay of ISI (WOULD WE KNOW THAT?), then these formidable "deterrents" will never come out of moth balls.

Again I don't know. But I MUST SUSPECT in the light of "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty". United States that never suspected, got it on Sep 11. The whole of Hindustan that never suspected found itself reduced by one third on just one day (Aug 15, 47).

And so on. The KEY is "SHAKTI". To go for a "Muslim compromise" and sit under a Sonia Khan or look forward to an ISLAMIC Rashtrapati, are the LOUDEST signs and symbols of Hindu WEAKNESS.

..............I wish I could be corrected on this.