Date: 6/24/2002


Do we ever consider the shame by reading that more Nigerian students are going to Japan for higher studies than the Indians!

Will Abdul Kalam, a PAKISTANI by definition in PARTITIONED India, encourage or further HINDU scholarship? He is at best a "holding operation" in India on behalf of "ITALY & ISLAM" COMBINE.

How is it that ONE BILLION HINDUS cannot find even ONE suitable man amongst themselves to be fit for the President's post? What a grand proof of the INFERIOR GENES OF AN INFERIOR INDIAN RACE.


We all want to think the best and I hope that this Dr.Kalem turns out to be a great man but the fact that no Hindu or person of a non-Muslim religion has ever held political power in a Muslim country but that a Christian or a Muslim can hold power in India which is a Hindu country bothers me.

Hindus are too nice to those who disrespect them and their culture. I will visit India one day and when I do I will be going to honor the people, culture,and the Hindu religion. The fact that Islam and Christianity is adhered to by a large minority of people in HINDUSTAN sickens me.

India should remain India and the only way that can be done is if the Hindu(that includes Seiks and Jains) religion/culture remains not only intact but the vast majority of the religion that is adhered to by the people.

If I want to be around Christians I will simply go visit one of the multiple Christian churches here in the Bible Belt state of Texas in which I live in. If I want Islam and a Muslim feel about things then I will go to Hell..er..I mmean the Middle East and visit a Muslim country.

Missionaries and Muslim radical groups need to be dealt with the most intense pressure that India has ever known. They need to be driven out of Bharat once and for all and if they put up a resistance then they need to be erradicated and the forignors who are Christian zelots or Muslim radicals need to be put into body bags and shipped back to their native countries. Give these fools a warning first but if they resist then all compassion need no longer be extended towards them. The intentions of these Christian missionaries and Muslim radicals is cultural and religious genocide of the Hindu people and this should not be tolerated by anyone. Infact the United Nations needs to be called in and they need to offically declare what the Christians and Muslims are doing in India to be both unethical and immoral but if not then that only means that India must takes matters in her own hands and more power to her. Praise Shiva!

Pakistan needs to be dealt with too. Shame on them! As a nation they are an abomination and have no right to exist. The land belongs to India and you are right whenever you say that the people must reconvert back to Hinduism or be forced to be exported to the Muslim country of their choice. Keep up the good work speaking the truth and May the gods bless you.