What's in Islam?

Date: 6/24/2002


..................What's in Islam?

I have always wonderered all my life, what is the concept of infedils, what is this Islam? Who started this relegion and what was the purpose. I have never found an answer to many questions, but with the current situation in the world today I understand.. one thing is common. "Infedils".

Infedils? Who are they. Who termed them that way and what do they mean?

Infedils are those, who are not Islamic.. I would say people who are not "Radical Islamic".. who dont agree on dictatorship and who do not surrender to allah. I have thought all my life.. "Who is allah" "Who is prophet mohammed".. Whats this all about. Islam Kills, thats what I feel in my opinion. I dont hate muslims, they are just people like me, I hate the concept.. I even hate radical hindusim, though its not much evident or even radical judaism. But Hindus are Jews have set a limit on their approach and limits to radicalism, whereas the muslims have taken it globally, Thats the issue here.. How can we combat this issue.. Sure, Gandhis principle will always work, but at what cost, what are we hindu's to do to safeguard our culture and tradition and our motherland.

Why are we afraid of our nuc rival pakistan. If there is a destruction so be it. I think it would be decisive. Once and for all. A solution to all south asian problems. Even if it costs life of 12 million people, what loss does it make. Infact nothing, yes there is radiation, yes it will last for generations to come, but atleat there wont radicalism, may be we can all live in peace,

There is always medicine.. there is science and reaearch will help. We will suffer for may be 50 years, but who cares, what has to happen will happen.

The west looks at its benefit. They are least bothered about us. Today it is 75000 people dead, tomorrow 750000 and in future 7.5 million and so on. Muslims have tried to conquer for almost 1000 years now. So have the british for 400 years. Where we go from here is left to us.. but it has to be decisive. Once and for all. We are fed up of problems and terrorism.

We dont want to fight with muslims and Islam, but we want to eliminate radicalism. Radical elements have made our life miserable and its time we gave an answer. Hope you all Indians and Jews abd Christians muslims and Sikhs are in support with us to eliminate the radical elements of Islam.

.......................Jai Hind