Date: 6/24/2002


An NRI (minus dual nationality, sitting in exile in the USA, who doesn't mind a MOHAMMEDAN President for the folk back home) wrote to the site owner:

"as long as you keep writing some nonsense like blaming dr kalam for what happened in the past, over which a strong proud indian like dr kalam has no control, you are just insulting yourself.

u r free to make comments on nehru, gandhi, partition, koran ... and not many would disagree on those.

but if u keep blaming dr kalam for these problems or bring in dr kalam for all these, even a non-literate person can write better than you.

hope u use common sense before you write your reply."



Please ask your hero Abdul Kalam to declare in public, "I shall embrace HINDUISM," in the same manner as a MANLY cricketer Imran KHAN declared before the WORLD MEDIA, "My Jemima Goldsmith has embraced Islam voluntarily."

Earlier, when Rajiv, son of Indira, the Prime Minister of a nation of CONCEDING "sheep and goats", converted to CHRISTIANITY while putting his head at the feet of Sonia MAINO, a demoralised Hindu remarked, "Both these men have catered for the public opion BACK HOME."

He explained, "The public opinion in Pakistan is that of a TIGER and Imran KHAN respected it.

On the other hand the public opinion in crushed HINDUSTAN is that of a trembling GOAT. Hence Rajiv Gandhi abused the lot."

Dear friend, we may concede and surrender everything but what about the ENEMY who looks so gentle and the White Elephant from ITALY who looks so Indian?

Don't we know the unquestioning, unsuspecting "ever ready to touch your feet" INFERIOR INDIAN SCUM who sits on much reduced India today than Gandhi's AKHAND BHARAT was meant to be?

The only reason why this "MORE THAN A HINDU" Abdul KALAM does not and will not say that, is: He perceives Hinduism to be fit for the servants, serfs and coolies, and for the very INFERIOR race whom his Hazrat MOHAMMED wished to EXTERMINATE from earth.

You say "we can now abuse Nehru and Gandhi," etc. But who knows whether as the President he proves an even worse traitor for AKHAND BHARAT than Nehru and Gandhi were, and will then deserve to be abused similarly?

Shall we let him do the TREASON, and only then start abusing?

No, in 1940's we were not around and our ancestors had NO reason to abuse Gandhi or Nehru - rather every reason to kiss their feet. That is what the HINDU nation is doing to this MUSLIM Kalam right now- KISSING HIS FEET.

The crushed self-denigrating HINDUS are seen doing what comes naturally to those who have never seen sovereignty and independence in the last ONE THOUSAND YEARS.

The Hindu will be free when Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya is standing ERECT. To see it in ruins is Dr. Abdul Kalam's desire, not ours.

Thanks for "encouragement" towards collapse. We shall continue to STAND ERECT.

Our Hinduism is not some kind of "LEPROSY" as it is to Dr Abdul Kalam who will not touch it even with a barge pole.

OUR VERDICT: The "trembling, cowardly, gutless, timid, inferiority complex ridden, "GAURAVLESS and CONVICTIONLESS Hindu is going to 'get it in the neck' in the form of a MOHAMMEDAN President of his HINDUSTAN.

What the "damn fool" cannot prevent, or avoid from happening, he starts praising it, in order to look morally superior and immaculately secular to the rest of the world.