Date: 6/26/2002


.................India's new President.

We have MOST serious misgivings about accepting a MUSLIM as the next President of PARTITIONED India in view of the fact that our Bharat is not AKHAND but BROKEN. Her unity, decency, honour, divinity and secularism were SMASHED by the INDIAN Muslims in 1947.

At that time it was understood that the Hindus would live in peace and safety in Pakistan. In the event not only were they EXTERMINATED in West Pakistan and thoroughly demoralised and intimidated in East Pakistan, but also "ordered" NOT to mention Partition since its terms & conditions were NOT to be applied or imposed in what remained of India.

That historic wrong will not be corrected by a MUSLIM President.

In fact his appointment will be a direct violation of the Spirit and Terms of the ACT OF PARTITION, 1947, which the Indian leaders signed willingly and voluntarily as proved beyond any doubt by later events.

A Muslim as the President of Hindustan will give very wrong signals to the Hindu youth about our virility and patriotism and also tell the world, especially the Pakistanis, that the Hindus are WEAK, thus encouraging them to launch further attacks in South Kashmir.

There are serious questions that have not been attended to. One of them is-

"Is there NO capable Hindu for the post, both inside and outside India?"

We do know of many decent names from the one billion strong Hindu nation. It will be very dangerous to play the appeasing card any longer. Already it has cost India an arm and a leg.

Playing so lightly with India's honour and integrity is the most vulgar act of COWARDICE in the footprints of "mahatma" Gandhi and it will further DECOMPOSE and DISINTEGRATE the country rapidly.

It is most amazing to see that the nation lies collapsed today over the chair of its President as it was over the question of PARTITION 55 years ago.

..........So what kind of a "nation" is INDIA then?

.................NATION OF HINDU "DOGS"?