Date: 6/28/2002


This is an old Indian story: "When the parents of a would be bride went to enquire about the proposed groom, their questions were anawered like this-

Does he drink?

NO not at all. The young man is a teetotaller but on special occaions he drinks so much that he has to be carried to his bed.

Does he live well?

O yes, he drives a BMW though it belongs to his girl friend.

Does he go to the temple?

O yes. He does quite regularly once in five years," AND SO ON.

The same goes for our INDIA. "It's a very rich country but under a MUSLIM RASHTRAPATI (PRESIDENT) who can do namaz with any Pakistani.

"India has a great potential for development except that every official and employee tries to outdo the BOFORS CHOR in corruption.

"India is a strong country. The only exception is SOUTH KASHNIR where soldiers get blown up or shot dead on daily basis," and so on.

Please read the following good news but do realize that the MAJORITY community cannot freely breathe in Ayodhya, nor live in peace in SRINAGAR.




....................By S.P. Attri (USA)

1. India possesses at least 70% (may be 95%) of world's total stores of thorium, but at the present state of the art, thorium is employable only in Fast Breeder Reactors (FBRs). FBR technology is still very much experimental, it is at least ten years away from energy generation. Fusion Energy, which is spoken off as a source of unlimited energy, is even more experimental, its arrival time is at least 50 years off into the future.

There are probably fuels and technologies which represent a quantum leap over our present state of the art. But I do not want to go into a hunting expedition after these, particularly when there is a 360 degrees of energy-splendour in India with materials, that we already have in more than abundance, when we can generate thunderbolts of colossal amounts of energy, without resorting to exotic technologies of the future.

2. When we look at our familiar technologies of coal and oil, we rapidly realize that picture of Coal is disagreeably dirty, grubby, grimy, and filthy, and attempts to scrub/wash it have not been all that successful or economical. Oil is much more respectable, versatile, and has many uses, but oil also has a pock-marked face, it is very susceptible to political stratagems and deception. As a consequence, we cannot throw off our guard.

The Arabs could have us over the barrel in a jiffy, and through a surprise black-mail action, bring a nightmare right to our door. Because indigneous production of India's Oil is very very small, we are extremely exposed and vulnerable to black-mail extortion.We need to get hold of alternate sources of energy fast, while we confront our dangerous dilemma of oil. We still have some time in which to get our act together, and suitably re-arrange our energy smorgasbord. If we don't prepare ourselves to protect our economic interests, we could be upto a puddle, without a paddle.

Dr. Rajaram's uplifting report does give hope that we can expect to receive oil in India, in about 50 years time, by way of an Oil Gradient, that runs from Middle East to India. But 50 years is hell of a long time to wait, and the way things are going on in the world, we could get into all kinds of trouble long before that. Besides, at this time our industries are facing the wrack and ruin of energy-starvation, because they are operating at less than half capacity, they do need an energy-shot in the arm. As an upshot of our energy-starvation, we are losing thousands of thousands of crores of rupees worth of business in India every single year. We could be making these thousands of thousands of crores of additional rupees, if some how we could get our act together.

India could also very well be perching on a Humongous Deposit of oil, as Dr. Rajaram's experts confide to him, Dr. Rajaram's estimate/opinion is certainly logical. But we have to inject ourselves with some reality, we just can't walk over and take the goodies that the gods provide us, we don't know precisely where these huge deposits are (it is like a book that is sitting in the library, but whose location we do not know). Oil Exploration, by its very nature, is a risky business. Experience with oil-exploration teaches us, that you are going to hit plenty of wild-cats, before you hit one good oil bearing well. However, that dilemma is neither a reason for getting scared nor for not doing Oil-Exploration. Hence, in our spiritual search for oil, our efforts must be absolutely relentless and unyielding.

3. But drilling/exploring for oil is not the only method of solving our energy dilemma, because by a remarkable coincidence of nature, and by the beauty of locality factors, that are specific (Unique) to India, India is blessed with some bounties of nature, that are more than impressive, in fact more than soul-stirring. India has been bestowed with:

a. A huge pool of highly-technical labor, with first-rate technical skills in many many areas. The Indian Technical Man-Power is not only the best, but is the best amongst the best of the world. As an example, the computer-wizards of Bangalore, have no equal any place else in the world.

b. A wide variety of energy sources, renewable as well as non-renewable. The energy resource-rich conglomerate of India has no counterpart elsewhere in the world. No other country has these sources, in such variety and in such amounts, because of climatic conditions that are specific (Unique) to India.

c. A matchless climate that is more than super-good for agriculture, that has a potential for generating a limitless supply of crops and plants of all types.

4. These "locality factors of India" are a consequence of its location on the planet, and of its climate. India has a range of World's Highest Mountains (the Himalyas) running along its North, and the Fertile Alluvial Ground of the Indo-Gangetic Plain (which is Flat As A Pan-Cake) spanning the land mass of India, South of the Himalayas. These factors make India very very rich in all kinds of agricultural and energy resources. Unfortunately upto this time, these vast bounties of nature have not been tapped at all, because of a Juggernaut Of Politico-Economic Bottle-Necks (There certainly are Ways of removing these Silly Politico-Economic Bottle-Necks, but a demonstration of these is beyond the scope of this message). Suffice it to say that sources of excellent and enormous amounts of energy, as well as the techniques of tapping them, exist in India, but they are not being put on duty.

5. India has four growing seasons in a year, compared to US and Europe which have only two growing seasons, Russia has less than two. Compared to sparse and scanty sunny days of temperate regions of US and Europe, India is virtually a Perennial Sun-Belt. India has at least 350 Sunny Days out of 365 days of the year. Because of the existence of the range of Very High Mountains to its North, the Cold Winds From Russia are not able to cross over into the land mass of India, this makes India a warm place, and a Tremendously-Optimal seed-bed of Agriculture.

The Sun's Rays are also much more vertical in India, they are loaded with hefty doses of solar energy, much more than their solar-counterparts in US and Europe. To put it simply and succinctly, India is packed with heaping masses of lots and lots and lots of solar energy ( and this is Free-Energy), this is in addition to India's very warm seed-bed for Super-Abundant Agriculture. Further, many rivers in India, which have their origin in the Himalayas, are perennial rivers, because they are fed, not only by summer Monsoons, but also by the melting snows from High Himalayas.

6. Although Photo-Voltaic technology for converting Solar Energy into Electric Energy, has been well-known for quite some time, for years if not for decades, it has not been applied extensively in India. Explanation usually offered is, that it takes acres and acres of mirrors, and occupies too much land mass, to generate Photo-Voltaic energy. In other words, it is a Diffuse Energy and India simply does not have the land mass to accommodate an ambitious Photo-Voltaic Project. But there is a way around this puzzle (Yanks are fond of saying that "there is more than one way to skin the cat"), which is rather un-sophisticated. The simplest solution is to place the mirrors as circular (or rectangular) discs around telephone poles, stack them vertically at intervals, along the length of the telephone pole, and then connect the output of these individual discs, this would swell up the Diffuse Energy of individual discs into a Concentrated Energy Heap of the entire vertical stack of mirrors.

The mirrors could also be configured as Concentric Coaxial Cylinders, stacked at intervals, along the length of the telephone poles, and their output connected, increasing the concentration of electrical energy even further. We could directly utilize this concentrated energy for powering our industries during day-time. In addition, we could build very high energy rechargeable-batteries, during day-time we could charge these enormous batteries, at night-time we would drain these batteries, to run our gigantic industrial plants at night time.

The mirrors could also be configured into concentric, coaxial, rectangular cans, stacked at intervals, along the length of the telephone poles. The exact size, shape, and configuration of these mirrors, is a matter of engineering design, ease of use, and workability. But the underlying principle of solar energy capture and concentration, remains un-affected.

The telephone poles could be made extremely sturdy, by anchoring them good and tight inside the ground, to make them resistent to high winds and earthquakes. Thus an enormous amount of solar energy can be snared in, and converted into usable electrical energy, without pervading upon too much horizontal land-mass of India.

7. India is very rich in all kinds of Edible and Non-Edible Vegetable Oils, these vegetable oils have been burned in lamps, and knowns as fuels from Vedic times. Convertible into Bio-Diesel, using known methods, environmentally-friendly, clean-burning, and made entirely from renewable sources, these oils are an attractive alternative to Regular Diesel, because they can be produced at prices that are either equal or lower than the Regular Diesel.

As a fuel, this Bio-Diesel is as good as Regular Diesel, but burns cleaner (Rudolf Diesel ran the first Diesel Engine on Peanut Oil). Because these vegetable oils can be converted into Bio-Diesel, on a vast scale, their economies are compelling. Because Indian Climate is more than suitable for growing these kinds of Oil-Bearing Plants, Fast-Gowing varieties of Edible and Non-Edible Oils, can be grown in transparent plastic concentric coaxial-cylinders, stacked at intervals around telephone poles, and along the length of the telephone poles (Just like the Photo-Voltaic Mirrors and Mirror-Structures).

Because plants are very efficient absorbers of solar energy, lots of solar energy can be snared inside these plants, as chemical energy (as Bio-Diesel) without occupying much horizontal land mass of India. Our Plant Breeders can develop "Very High-Yielding and Very-Fast Growing" Oil-Plants as sources of Bio-Diesel. Water and Water-Soluble Fertilizer can be easily pumped into these transparent concentric coaxial cylinders containing the Bio-Diesel plants. For each Q of energy that is expended in pumping water and soluble fertilizer, at least 5Q or 10 Q(or may be even more ) of energy can be harvested from these Bio-Diesel Plants.

8. India is very very flush in Carbohydrate-Rich (Sugar-Rich) plants, from which we can extract/ferment ethyl alcohol, which is usable in mixing with gasoline to make gasohol. This Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) is also usable in Fuel-Cells, as a source of hydrogen via Fuel-Reformers or Fuel-Processors, to produce an abundant supply of Fuel-Cell Electric Energy. Indian Climate is better than Super for growing Carbo-Rich plants in transparent stacked containers, along telephone poles. Our Plant Breeders can develop "Very High-Yielding and Very Fast-Growing" varieties of these Carbo-Plants, with enormous capacity for yielding ethyl-alcohol. Lots of solar energy can be trapped, to produce usable chemical energy (convertible into alcohol), and then into electric energy via fuel-cells, with very little tie-up of horizontal land mass of India.

9. The agriculture-based fuels are much ignored entities, but their day in India has arrived, provided we are willing to plant the seed of knowledge in our minds, and make an effort towards achieving them. These Agro-Based Energy Sources, can completely replace the current use of fossil fuels, and at costs that are competitive and which India can afford. We can become Energy-Independent for ever. We are mindlessly playing the sucker game of dependency on the politics of the Oil-Sheiks of the Middle-East, when in fact we can be Energy-Independent, and the opportunity for us is ENORMOUS. We are capable of producing Industrial Strength Power, we can flood India with Bio-Diesel, at prices that are either lower than prices of Diesel from Imported Oil, or not more than the cost of Imported Diesel, and thus save ourselves enormous amounts of scarce foreign currency.

10. The above techniques ( OF VERTICAL AXES) are also employable, in producing fast-growing agricultural crops, pulses, vegetables, and fruits, and seeds of all types. The difference from our old traditional way is that instead of going horizontal, we are now capturing the vertical space of India, for our agricultural enterprise. There is no limit to the vertical space of India, Sky alone is the limit, Pun Intended. We would grow our plants in concentric transparent plastic concentric coaxial-cylinders, stacked at intervals, along the vertical length of telephone poles. Using fast growing varieties, we would expand our agricultural produce by a factor of ten, compared to what we are doing right now. In fact, this can be the Greatest agricultural and industrial revolution for India. We can export enormous amounts of agricultural output, this export is more than enough to enable us to buy all the techology that we need from abroad, this bought technology (hardware and software) can save us hundreds of billions of dollars, as the cost of doing expensive research and deveopment ourselves. We can buy state of the art technology, improve upon it in our own laboratories, and stay ahead of the competition.

11. We can release vast acreages of Indian Land Masses, that are presently under agricultural crops, they can all be converted into forests. This afforestation would improve our climate and environment, it would also assist us in flood control, and enable us to build forest-based industries. The green conver of these new forests shall induce happy micro-climates, and increase our water resources.

12. You might ask where are we going to get the amount of water, that is needed to undertake this enormous and ambitious program of growing these crops of Bio-Diesel, of Bio-Alcohol and as Source-Fuel of Fuel-Cells, and Agricultural Crops, in sun-lit concentric coaxial cylinders. How is this going to work out in India, where Monsoons bring us rain only during the three months of the year, the rest of the year is bone dry?

Answer: We need to realize that the type of rain that we receive in India is totally different from the type of rain that drops in higher latitudes, such as those found in the USA, Europe, and other places. Compared to the Distributed and Drizzly Rain of the Higher Latitudes, the Monsoon Rains of India, are Rapid-Fire Rains, they are quick and heavy (the terminology used in India is that it rains like cats and never rains like cats and dogs in higher latitudes), as a result there is lot of surface run-off of water in India.

13. The answer is Quick-Collection of water during the three months of Monsoon Rains, and storing it in Evaporation-Proof Containers, for usage during the remaining nine dry months. India gets more than enough Monsoon Water, to support its Bio-Agricutural Activities, throughout the twelve months of the year. Unfortunately India has not learned to quickly-collect and properly-store this Monsoon Water. Although our Civil Engineers are quite familiar with Hydro-Electric Systems of generating electric energy, with usage of dams, and the system of canals to distribute water to nearby agricultural areas, the area of quickly and efficiently collecting Monsoon-Water on an enormous scale and storing it properly, for usage around the year, seems to have totally escaped their attention, even though many of these civil-engineering chaps are quite bright.

It is said that "Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention." As a matter of common-sense, generally this principle works quite well, but not always. Warns Albert Einstein, " Don't rely too much upon your commonsense. Your common-sense can lead you to wrong conclusions. What makes you think that your common-sense is all that reliable?"

In fact, your commonsense can play all sorts of tricks on you, it can even make you miss certain things. As an illustration of this, your commonsense tells you, that when/where there is a necessity, there would be an invention. But your commonsense makes you forget that necessity alone is not enough, some logical-minded people have to put their minds to the problem, as an additional item, before an invention could actually come into being.

14. Suffice it to say that a rather simple, un-sophisticated technology (of Quick-Collection of Monsoon-Water) can solve the problem of provding year-around water practically all over India. India has more than enough Monsoon-Water to assure an year-round supply of water, all over India. To keep this message short, I am omitting the description of this Powerful Technology, although this technology is not complicated at all.

15. If any of the above techniques/technologies, or all of the above are developed and employed in India, India can become very very rich, in not too distant future. Indian People who are bored with their jobs, who are doing dull, boring, routine, clerical work, going around in circles, and doing nothing but pushing papers, and are not making much money, could now join the ranks of high-paid workers, they shall now be doing jobs, that are much more interesting, much more satisfying, and much more challenging. They shall be working with computers whose powers would stagger their imagination and curiosity. India can once again become the "BIRD OF GOLD" that it once was, before the perfidy of Good-For-Nothing Sullas sent us Hindus to Hell. We have been doing a Forced-March along the road of slavery, poverty, and ignorance, under tha barbarism of Islam, which no body can hide.

These are the same Sullas who destroyed our knowledge base. It had taken us Hindus thousands of years to build our knowledge, the Damn-Sullas decimated our entire knowledge-base, and reduced us Hindus to utter poverty. The evil of lusty, lecherous Sullas has loomed large on the landscape of India. But we Hindus, in our time, can fight back and rediscover our knowledge-base, and make our Bharat Varsha "THE BIRD OF GOLD".

16. My system of High-Way Construction in India (that is the road system of India, which is bottling up the progress of India, and is putting a brake on the wealth-generation process of India) can triple the speed of road traffic in India, without tie-up of too much horizontal land mass of India. An opinion prevails in India that these High-Way projects are very expensive, besides being grabbers of large land mass, and are largely un-affordable. Are these opinions true?

These opinions are Not true at all, in fact all these opinions are "ALL WET." There is a way to finance these projects.The truth is that any job is difficult, as well as clumsy, if you do it the wrong way. The job is nice and neat and easy, if you do it the right way. There is nearly always another way of doing the same job, which is not only more creative, but is also easier.

Simplicity is an item, that is badly needed in India. But I am omitting the description of these great techniques, in order to keep my message within reasonable size.

17. Same principles ( that have been illustrated above) can be embraced for the augmentation and modernization of Ship-Ports and Air-Ports of India. Again, for the sake of brevity, I am omitting the description of these Highly-Practical Infra-Structure Building techniques in India.

18. To sum up, my VERTICAL AXES of Power-Generation, and of Bio-Products Growing, are like Extensive Roof Areas, that are open to the Indian Sun, that are indomitable platforms for generating Thunderbolts of Colossal Power and Bio-Products. Grids of these Vertical-Axes, can produce more than enough Renewable Energy in India, plus an abundant supply of Agricultural and Food Crops, besides making India More Than Rich, in a reasonable amount of time. A metaphorical image of each of these Vertical Axes, puts them as Figurative Equivalents of Huge Linghams of Fire, with Tongues Of Flame blazing out of them, they represent not only the Primordial Elements of Fire Energy, but also stand for the Un-Paralleled and Titanic Power of MIGHTY SHIVA.


"O what sparkling white teeth has he got."

Yes, thanks to his dentist, his artificial teeth look like the real ones."

India's wealth will be for the PEOPLE of India only AFTER the HINDU NATION CALLED BHARAT COULD UNITE TO EXPEL THE MOHAMMEDANS TO PAKISAN (as per ACT OF PARTITION, 1947), the Catholics to Italy along with "White Elephant" Sonia KHAN, and appoint a COMMITTED HINDU as its PRESIDENT instead of a Muslim "goat" called ABDUL KALAM who denies Faith in Koran, and loves the INFIDELS for the sake of his job and "grand design".

We do know of another secular Mohammedan "bastard" called MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH, once the President of "All INDIA Congress Party", that was supposed to defend AKHAND BHARAT.