Date: 6/30/2002



"a liberal muslim is still a muslim and india needs ONLY hindus to run the government. i am sick and tired of these bleeding heart liberals who are sympathisers with muslim and christian dogs. and what is worse is that these people think this is actually good for the betterment of hinduism and india alike."

(He may be "sick and tired" as the nation was in 1947 on the eve of its MUTILATION, the inevitable is about to strike the betrayed HINDUS of HINDUSTAN once again.)


........................FURTHER COMMENT:

After a THOUSAND YEARS of receiving battering and beating from the followers of MOHAMMED, and after surrendering one third of our sacred TERRITORY to the treacherous "MUSLIM BASTARDS & BITCHES" every true and patriotic Hindu or Indian came to the conclusion that a "good Muslim is a DEAD MUSLIM".

The final slap in our faces is to be brainwashed and forced into accepting a MOHAMMEDAN "DOG" for the highest post in the country.

Since his name is directly linked with the development of India's NUCLEAR BOMBS and MISSILES, India, from now onwards, will be projected across the globe as a WAR MONGERING fascist country that has dumped her Gandhian principles of non violence and non aggression.

The result will be increased MUSLIM militancy and terror in South Kashmir.

Abdul Kalam, the DEVIOUS Mohammedan, is NOT going to set the Indian army to crush the Muslim revolt there, nor is going to deceive the Pakistanis and the remnants of Taliban from pursuing their ruthless campaign for the occupation of SOUTH Kashmir. They can see very clearly through the THIN CURTAIN of Hindu trickery and cowardice, and will, in fact, be encouraged in the belief that the top man in Hindustan is ON THEIR SIDE.

The uncle or first cousin of this ABDUL KALAM can be kidnapped or held a hostage in any Islamic country, or while on Hajj in Mecca. India will then be faced with the demand to GET OUT OF SOUTH KASHMIR PROMPTLY, or receive his dead body.

Abdul Kalam will greatly boost the spirit and morale of the Muslims of India while putting the Hindus under cold shower. Which HINDU FEMALE can say with pride, "Our Rashtrapati is one Abdul Kalam."?

Let us put this question to the HINDUS in a referendum, "Will you feel proud of your PARTITIONED India with a MOHAMMEDAN as your President?"

Abdul Kalam is also not going to approach a MUSLIM country in the middle East to say, "Please permit a Hindu temple or gurdwara to function here." They will simply laugh in his face calling him a "DIRTY PIG OF A MOHAMMEDAN who speaks for the INFIDELS' mandir."

Will ABD-UL-KALAAM, whose name is pure ARABIC, ask Saudi Arabia to stop sending millions of dollars to India for the establishment of MORE mosques and Islamic "tableegh"?

Will a Jaswant Singh or Sushma Swaraj feel proud, happy and reassured, sitting at the feet of an ABDUL KALAM? Will they even trust him with TOP SECRETS?

Will he ever say, "Turn this Arabic "madrassa" into a Hindi school," or even, "STOP CONVERTING THE HINDUS."?

Who will have a direct access to the PRESIDENT'S HOUSE, the Imam of Jama Masjid, or any one of the four DEMORALISED "SHANKARACHARYAS", and even the Sri Singh Sahib of Sri Akal Takht Sahib in Amritsar, in all his noble symbols?

Like a DOG lapping up the water in the gutter, every Hindu from Hindustan will sheepishly say, "I come from PARTITIONED India and my President is a MOHAMMEDAN."

O yes? They can have LAHORE and CHITTAGONG and NORTH KASHMIR, too, and yet we will have all the MOHAMMEDAN "FILTH" back in BHARAT and elect one to be our RASHTRAPATI as well as the Supreme Commander.

If there was time to shave the beards of all the Sikhs in PARTITIONED INDIA and to offer GLASS BANGLES to all the RAJPUTS in BROKEN BHARAT, then it is NOW.

A degraded nation cannot notice its DEGRADATION. A defeated nation cannot protest at Partition or the post of its President.

Now we ASK one billion mooing HINDU "cows" some looking at the secular MUSLIM "BULL", "Now that you have a MOHAMMEDAN in the chair of SUPREME COMMANDER (NB: The President of India is automatically the Supreme Commander of her Armed Forces!), what is stopping them from DEMANDING that the next Chief of the Army staff be a MUSLIM?

Britain and America are going under the weight of ISLAM invisibly (given that most of the asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and "gate crashers" there are MUSLIM MALES), and their governments can keep the ELECTORATE in complete darkness about the spread of the ISLAMIC CANCER, but in the case of PARTITIONED INDIA we are seeing her demise most VISIBLY without any doubt.

Now which Hindu can say, "The Muslim invasion of Hindustan was the most unfortunate tragedy in our entire history."? He will promptly get the rebuke of the President and see himself condemned in the leading Indian newspaper edited by MJ AKBAR, "The Asian Age".

To that "PAKISTANI BASTARD" in our midst, his "Asian Age" is the MUSLIM AGE, with Hindu TOTALLY eliminated both from the President's House and the Prime Minister's office as well as the post of RAKSHA mantri (Defence Minister).

The unsuspecting, brainwashed Hindu will be put on the run again as in those centuries when the INDIAN gypsies fled, fearing yet another invasion by Mahmud of Ghazni, and as in that year when the original GRAND TEMPLE in Ayodhya was razed to the ground and a DISGUSTING UGLY structure put in its place in great haste by BABUR, fearing the Maratha COUNTER ATTACK.

Alas, that counter attack, to recover the Temple in Ayodhya, never came.

..........Will it now ever come? NO, DEFINITELY NOT.

With all the Marathas and Rajputs turned "EUNUCHS", willingly going under a MOHAMMEDAN Supreme Commander despite PARTITION, it will be the HINDU who will continue to be CLOBBERED ENDLESSLY till the last miserable wretched Pagan soul, still clinging to his Gita and Granth, perishes or converts.

Not to forget the ITALIANS IN THE WINGS who will want GEORGE FERNANDES as the next RASHTRAPATI.

After all, those nuclear bombs made by Abdul Kalam were meant to be used by "bhai" FERNANDES.

Now spare a thought for the HINDU of tomorrow who is about to be consigned to the sewers under Delhi that run beneath No. 10 Janpath and the Rashtrapati Bhawan.


These fearless patriotic COMMENTS ought to reach the Hindus far and wide, defying the media under the spell of MJ AKBAR, a PAKISTANI by the definition of the "ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947", and all the "HINDU BASHING / SIKH KILLING" official controls put in place by the appeasing / conceding / surrendering "Government of India".

Hindus may not dare to recall PARTITION, the VIOLENT "rape and mutilation of India", but there is a higher POWER above all of us that KNOWS why Lahore is out of the Indian maps and why a MOHAMMEDAN will be HINDUSTAN'S next "RASHTRA-PATI".

That HIGHER POWER, that ensures 'cause and effect are related and counter balanced', will return in a big rage with vengeance- to FLOG EVEN THE DEAD HINDUS.