Date: 6/30/2002


.........Mounting social problems in India.

There is caste system. There is dowry system. There is internecine fight among the Sikhs over visible symbos. There is regionalism. There is child marriage. There is child prostitution. There is increasing AIDS. There is mounting population of the WRONG denomination. There is the temporary lull in militancy in South Kashmir where the Hidnus still tremble in TERROR to return. There is the ruin of a temple at Ayodhya. There is the increasing MENACE OF ISLAM due to increased investment by FOREIGN powers to build new mosques. There is the increasing heat of the Catholic missions to convert the Hindus. There is still rampant corruption at all levels of administration. There is the poison of DYNASTIC "democracy" which is about to see the worthless Italian import SONIA KHAN in the Prime Minister's chair. There is the further demoralising and weakening of the Hindus.

Where is it all leading to? There is NO light at the end of the tunnel in India.

Given a Muslim president, raised on the shoulders of the AXIS Powers (Italy, ISLAM & the IGNORANT subservient Hindu) and with the Islamic CANCER spreading in the body of BROKEN Bharat (Partitioned India) once agan, the social scene in Bharat will be put on back burner for the foreseeable future.

It is a great pity that Hindustan could not be regarded a HINDU country even after PARTITION. The world doesn't mind the ISLAMIC nature of East Bengal and West Punjab. In fact, even the U.N.O. recognize these "bastard" states with the name of Mohammed in their Constitutons. Where is the HINDU in South Asia?

The Hindu in Hindustan is seen running away from the RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN.