Date: 6/30/2002


NO question about it! ALLIANCES are needed to defeat the freedom-strangling, deadly world of Islam which alongside Hitlerism is the most dangerous threat to humanity.

We propose a more INCLUSIVE alliance including our suffering brothers from Serbia, the Armenian victims of the Turkish brand of Islam, Assyrian and Greek sufferers, ALSO victims of Turkish Islam, Hindus, OF COURSE, and dozens of other ethnicities who have been ethnically/ theologically cleansed out of their own Homelands, their lands, vineyards, pastures, EVEN THE TOYS OF THEIR CHILDREN taken by the maniacs of Islam.

On BOTH sides of my parentage, Turk Muslim maniacs murdered most members of their families in Anatolia (renamed "Turkey" by the genocidal Ottoman hordes.) Not only were their ancestral properties and real estate taken by the Muslims in 1914-1923 but heirs of these fanatical killers also DENY their crimes and their genocides against Anatolian Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians!

The ruling classes of our truly beloved USA play footsy and effect alliances with the Turk-Islamaniac murderers, looters and fanatics. THIS is hard to understand.

What is this alliance with the so-called "Pakistan" (land stolen from India) about, when India would have been a better ally against Terrorism.

What is this alliance with so-called "Turkey" about, when Armenia could have been a preferred partner against Islam?

What is HARDER to understand is that many Countries who have ALREADY suffered under Islam consider the Turkish murderers of MY race a "lesser evil" within Islam. Let's NEVER fall into that trap and cherish the brotherhood and kinship of ALL victims of Islam and Hitlerism and work together towards a better world WITHOUT racial or religious intolerance!



.................By: Vijay Kapoor

By a strange coincident, both India and Israel emerged into nationhood 54 years ago. To establish their identities, people of both nations had to struggle against the British Empire.

However, looking in retrospect, it seems that it was lesser of a struggle to get freed from the colonial rulers than to progress and prosper in freedom with peace faced with fanatical Islamic adversaries common to both nations.

Besides sharing its struggle for independence against British colonialism, both India and Israel are ardently democratic in spite of their citizens’ unusual diversity.

Both, Hindus and Jews, the major components of India and Israel respectively, have historically suffered various pogroms while being ruled over by adherents of faiths, which did not respect secular and humane values.

To replicate history, Islamic forces are hell bent to deny peaceful existence for their erstwhile dominions. Both, India and Israel are under attack by Islamic fundamentalists raising the deadening slogans of jihad.

The fodder to feed jihad is being spawned in thousands of “madrassas” teaching the young recruits selective Koranic verses with hateful passages towards Hindus and Jews, the two oldest religions in the world.

To quote Karen Armstrong, an author of great repute on religious issues - "Muslim jurists began to develop a theology of the jihad. They taught that because there was only one God there should be only one state in the world that must submit to the true religion. It was the duty of the Muslim state (the house of Islam) to conquer the rest of the non-Muslim world (the House of War) so that the world could reflect the divine unity.

Every Muslim must participate in this jihad and the House of Islam must never compromise with the House of War.

At best a truce could be signed with a non-Muslim people, which must not exceed ten years. Until the final domination of the world was accomplished, therefore, Muslims were in a perpetual state of war." (1)

For India the problem of encountering Islamic “madrassa” incubated jihadis is even more vicious since according to Islam "Those who follow a religion which is not specified as lawful, that is to say, who do not have a recognized sacred scripture (Torah or Bible), are not to be allowed the tolerance of the Muslim state.

Their choice is conversion or death, which may be commuted to enslavement. This did not present any great problem in the countries of the Middle East in the earliest areas of Islamic expansion - in the Fertile Crescent, North Africa, Sicily, Spain – because everybody was either Christian or Jewish. It presented some problems in Iran, where most of people were Zoroastrians, and even more when the Muslims got to India and confronted the Hindus.." (2)

And further - "The law thus divides unbelievers theologically into those who have a book and profess what Islam recognizes as a divine religions (Jewish and Christianity) and those who do not; politically into “dhimmis”, those who have accepted the supremacy of the Muslim state and the primacy of the Muslims, and “harbis”, the denizens of the Dar al-harb, the House of War, who remain outside the Islamic frontier, and with whom, therefore, there is, in principle, a canonically obligatory perpetual state of war..." (3)

The scriptural mandate, even if it is from selective recitation of the Koranic verses embracing violence and seeking martyrdom must be universally rejected.

Oddly enough, what most inflames fundamentalist Muslims is the principles of secular sovereignty.

To make the religion a matter of choice for individuals is an anathema to Muslim fundamentalists who believe that the Islamic law shariah is the word of Allah which must be obeyed by all of humanity.

For them, this truth is not a private revelation but a public imperative, and states, like people are either Muslims or infidel... This Islamic paradigm flies in the face of nations founded on the concepts of democracy.

Ayatollah Khomeini, who is a guiding star to Muslim fundamentalists, declared that Islam appealed to all mankind, not only to Iranians, and not only to Muslims.

And he argued that secular states drained Islam of its vitality." (4)

Both for India and Israel, faced with the Islamic fundamentalist mind-set to globalize Islamic jihadi theology, the path to peace is to seek a revised curriculum of Islamic teaching in their madrassas or alternatively to declare such institutes as terrorist organizations subject to destruction by democratic states.

Waiting to put out the fires when jihadis indulge in their terrorist acts would not give the world an enduring peace. We shall have to be pro-active and root-out the training grounds where the terrorism is hatched with promises of rewards in paradise for the perpetrators.

India and Israel need to work together to bring back civility in international relationship. Israel is uniquely qualified to do the bull work towards this goal since Jews being the founder of Abrahamic faiths have a sharp understanding of Islamic paradigm.

With the bed rock of understanding the philosophical bearings of fundamentalist Islam, Israel has developed a highly sophisticated intelligence apparatus to track down Islamic groups bent on violence and destroy them.

The enemy is devious and highly motivated with enormous resources. It would take broad coordination of secular and democratic societies to encounter the danger.

Muir, a great scholar of Islam concluded his book “Life of Mahommet” with the following message - "The sword of Mahommet and the Koran are the most stubborn enemies of Civilization, Liberty and Truth, which the world has yet to know." (5)

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“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." --- British Parliamentarian Edmund Burke

"The problem is that Hindus seem to have inherited a dominant "ashamed to be Hindu" gene from our parents and it is the pride that we need to restore." Anupasyati, in a discussion board.