Date: 7/25/2002




..................Cardinal Principles

................By Vijay Kumar Malhotra

The issue of deletion of select paragraphs from the history texts published by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) needs to be understood ion the context of the desperate struggle for self-preservation by a group of scholars. Historians Romila Thapar, Satish Chandra, R.S. Sharma, Bipan Chandra and others have enjoyed such political backing from Congress that they are convinced that they alone possess God's gift of the ability to interpret India's past, and operated as a cartel, preventing others from expressing alternative viewpoints and thus crippled the flowering debate.

With the state behind them, perceived opponents were steamrolled and simultaneously impressionable minds were indoctrinated with the absoluteness of their wisdom. Native truths were demolished and they perpetuated the foreign masters version of Indian history. Academics know that recalling the Sikh Guru's contribution in laying down his life for the war against fanaticism would have been invaluable in the fight against terrorism but Satish Chandra would not permit that. Similarly, historian Arjun Dev portrays the Jat community (one of the bravest and most valorous communities) as humiliated to protect a bigot.

Vir Sanghvi (Talibanising our education, Nov 25) seems the biggest of these intellectual pretenders, portraying typical symptoms, using strong words as lackey, Taliban and Chaddiwallah. Now they are clutching straws as their agenda has been revealed. Sloganeering over deletion of some portions from NCERT texts has nothing to do with history, but with control. Their game is to manipulate the unprincipled opposition of the country the Congress- Left combine, to advance their attempted domination of learning institutions that they have dragged to infamy over 30 years.

Firstly, the Chaddiwallah lackeydirector of NCERT didn't conceive the idea of deleting the objectionable portion, but in fact the Congress government of Delhi that first brought those scandalous lines about Guru Tegh Bahadurji to public attention, passing a resolution in the Delhi assembly.

Representatives from these communities applied pressure on NCERT and CBSE to make amends. They did their best as academics respecting structured learning, i.e. were the young mind is gradually prepared to accept controversy. Nothing will be removed from history texts or reference material, but school history lessons need restructuring to give students a wholesome understanding of their heritage.

This government does not believe in strangulating free expression. BA and MA students in History continue to enjoy the freedom to use such reference material. Our "Big" historians should know which regime in the past imposed emergency when several draconian acts were committed.

The use of the term "Taliban" is inaccurate and ridiculous. Cannot the editor of the biggest newspaper in India tell the difference between a democratically elected government and a rogue regime exporting terror? If Telibanism represents mind control, then to find a desi Taliban, I would go east to Kolkata. The "red" government there has turned the education system on its head, resisting Congress's New Education Policy. In 1989, it issued a circular (9Syl/89/1), identifying many `aushuddo' (impure) historical references, and directed their obliteration to suit the Marxist approaches to history. Over 50 changes were effected in school texts published in West Bengal. An example is the booting out of the Sahaj Path from the Bengali education system after the Marxists identified it as the root cause of their lack of standing with the Bengali intellectual elite. Sanghvi should call on the HT Kolkata correspondent regarding this. And if Talibanisation implies imposition of a dress code then Sanghvi should also ask his Kolkata colleague about Subhankar Chakraborty, Vice-Chancellor of Rabindra Bharti University, who banned female students from wearing salwaar kameez in 1993. He was also given a CPI(M) ticket for the 1999 Lok Sabha elections.

Removing politically unacceptable matter from textbooks was developed into a fine art in Rajasthan, when the state government issued a circular affecting 17 changes, which nobody called interference then. All references to Arthashastra of the great Chanakya were deleted, from not just history books but economics books also. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya's name was deleted from texts in government schools.

Satish Chandra, who wrote the revolting piece on Guru Tegh Bahadur actually borrowed that infamous line about him resorting to "plunder and rapine laying waste to the whole Punjab" from Persian sources. This is preposterous, akin to calling Mahatma Gandhi a half naked fakir just because Winston Churchill called him so.

Chandra ignored sources like Jadunath Sarkar, undoubtedly India's greatest ever historian, who quoted primary - not secondary sources like Chandra - that Guru Tegh Bahadur encouraged resistance to Aurungzeb's policy of forced conversion of Hindus to Islam, got arrested and tortured because of this and was eventually beheaded. Such facts find corroboration in the works of Cunningham, Archer, McAuliffe, and Khushwant Singh etc.

There is no finality about History, just interpretation. This government is committed to transparency and that is why the deletions were done under the full glare of those hurt about it. Not a single line has been added to textbooks, just a few lines that were repulsive to the sentiments of some communities, especially the Jats, Sikhs, and Buddhists have been deleted. It is objectionable that such objectionable views were tolerated for so long. To use terms like Talibanisation so loosely is not doing justice to honesty, truth and integrity. Let there be balance and fair play, let perspectives be clear or else posterity will not forgive us.



Watch them call Guru Gobind Singh a "misguided patriot" since he took on the Mohammedan beasts who were ruling like the Taliban AS PER KORAN.

Watch them change the President's office from total Gandhian ahimsa to Abdul Kalam's nuclear philosophy. Waht a great ABOUT TURN of the devious demolished Hindu nation! Will they now replace emaciated Gandhi's leaning statue (supported by a stick to stand) in front of Lok Sabha with a replica nuclear bomb invented by Abdul Kalam?

Watch them denegrate our own Gurus and Lords to appease the Mohammedans who inflicted the worst ever defeat upon Hindustan and the Hindus in 1947.

Watch them ignore all the Hindu patriots, INCLUDING DEGRADED NEGLECTED HINDU WOMEN, with life long record of service and dedication to the people and nation, in order to put one obscure MUSALMAAN on the throne just because he is a MOHAMMEDAN.

Watch them erase all account of Partition to appease the "MOHAMMEDAN beasts" and SONIA KHAN and her Congress Party, the Party to Partition.

Watch them BEGGING of Pakistan, "Don't you drop the bomb on Delhi. You will kill one Abdul Kalam who sleeps with Koran under his pillow!" The other 10 million of the city, MOSTLY HINDUS, are no more than dust and vermin. KILL THEM ONE BY ONE IN SOUTH KASHMIR.

Watch them calling the Muslim uprising of 1857 as the "War of Independence". None of the intellectual sarkari midgets asks, "Whose war of independence?" It was the MOHAMMEDANS who rose against the British who were threatening the Mogul emperor and used the pretext of PIG FAT in cartridges. The demolished Hindu "CAMP FOLLOWERS" simply stood up along side.

In 1857 the Hindu slaves, in fact, ought to have been looking forward to the success of Britain to oust the HATED BEASTS CALLED THE MOGULS like Aurangzeb and all the previous "bastards" who did not leave even one temple standing across the whole of Northern India. How many mandirs did the British demolish? How many Hindu females did the British adbuct and rape? How many Buddha statues did the British demolish? Come on, you devious, dishonest, treacherous historicans of India, lackeys of Islam and Sonia Khan's vast and wealthy establishment, calling that MUSLIM UPRISING of 1857 as the "War of Independence"!

If the Hindu heart was in it, then WHY DID IT NOT SUCCEED?

The reason of defeat and failure? The Hindu heart in 1857 was a CHICKEN'S HEART just as today, in 2002, it is a SHEEP'S HEART.

Do we see a Memorial to the ONE MILLION DEAD OF 1947?




DO WE SEE A HINDU DEFENCE MINISTER, A HINDU PRESIDENT, A HINDU IN THE WINGS TO GRAB THE CHAIR OF PRIME MINISTER? Where the Hell is the Hindu in HINDUSTAN? And what sort of Hindus were they then in 1857 who dared to stand up to fight a "War of Independence" agaisnt East India Company that was giving them regular wages, something that never happened during centuries long MUSLIM rule. Then the Hindu slaves got SPIT more often than wages. Come on you third class breed of despicable "historians" of India? Let us take you lot to the nearest tree and do what the honourable ITALIANS did to their godfather Mussolini.

So how could such a demolished Hindu nation go on to FIGHT a "war of independence" more than 150 years ago when they were all pulp and fine dust powder under the MUSLIM emperor's feet?

That BOGUS "war of independence" was the MOHAMMEDANS' War of Independence. The British not only threw out the hated Musalman from Delhi but also UNITED the country.

It was THAT "Akhand Bharat" which the MOHAMMEDANS destroyed in 1947 while "flooring, raping and mutilating" everyone's Mother India.

The historicans of India are no more than ideological coolies. What does not please Mohammed is promptly deleted from all the books and texts, or altered.

The Hindu at present does not have even spine to stand up. Abdul Kalam will ENFORCE and RAM DOWN his secularism BY GUN upon the Hindu nation while not saying one bad word about ISLAM in BOGUSdesh to the right and "haraami" Pakistan on the left.

Well done Abdul Kalam, SHOOT THEM DEAD IF THEY WALK TOWARDS AYODHYA. Kill them if they say "India ought to be a HINDU RASHTRA after partition!"

Abdul Kalam, love Sanskrit and eat "daal" but do not embrace Hinduism. You are the FLAG OF ISLAM in decompsing Hindustan. Keep it flying high. Make a particular target of the SIKHS who yearn and pine for Nankana Sahib and even Lahore. How glorious your Islam that NO Hindu can dare to enter Mecca where you can turn up to kiss the Black Stone any time. How nice that your subjects cannot have even one tiny mandir in Medina!

Abdul Kalam, you have at least two terms of 10 years in office, to ram down SONIA VERSION OF SECULARISM on the Hindus. No nation in history had such a sweet looking ENEMY to rule and (DAMN) FOOL them as HINDUSTAN.

No nation on earth is such a damn fool as the HINDUS under your foot and gun that regards PARTITION the culmination of "War of Independence"! It, too, ended like the HINDUS' first "war of independence!"

Now go on, and prepare to take the GENERAL SALUTE from the HINDU Armed Forces who will be confirmed as "EUNUCHS IN UNIFORM", saluting a Musalmaan in PARTITIONED India.

...MY BHARATVARSHA: A nation with a DONKEY'S self esteem (if you ask any Hindu female across the globe).