Date: 7/26/2002




The COLLECTIVE WEAKNESS of the HEADLESS Hindu body in Broken Bharat is forcefully sucking in Muslim and Italian AGGRESSION. Isn't it Law of Nature?


Are we going to blame the ISI for it? Or the "mullas and the sullas"? Why?

They are doing the job well for themselves! The question is, what are we Hindus doing to ban these terror homes?

In fact, the so-called "Hindu" government of India is encouraging this menace and funding them. They will go to such an extent to take from the temple donations to encourage these terror dens!

Just as the American business with the Saudis helped send 19 of their jihadis to kill 5000 Americans, Indian government, too, is funding these terror dens in turn to kill innocent Hindus!


What should we do with mushrooming madrasas? Should they be allowed to spread hatred?

.................By M.V. Kamath

............Source: Free Press Journal

..................July 25, 2002

India has a major problem on hand and nobody seems willing to give it adequate attention. The problem concerns the education of poor Muslim children. In the normal course of events, children, whether they are Hindu, Muslim, Christian or belonging to some other religion should attend a primary school open to everybody. There are thousands of primary schools across the country catering to the rich, the middle class and the poor which is normal in the circumstances. But Muslim parents, especially those among them that are poor, prefer to send their children to schools run by their own religious leaders where the children are reportedly taught not arithmetic, algebra, the sciences and other 'secular' subjects like history or geography, but the Koran.

It might be argued that parents have the right to send their children to schools of their choice and if they prefer madrasahs, it is their business. Which is all very well, except that as the children grow up they find themselves ineligible for higher studies and remain backward. And one can well understand why these grown-ups succumb to religious fanaticism and are good subjects for exploitation by terrorists and, what is worse, by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) which is bent on recruiting the unemployed and unemployable young madrasah-trained Muslims for anti-Indian activities. No information is available as to exactly what is taught in madrasahs over the years.

The presumption is that the madrasahs teach only religion. Then why are these madrassahs supported by the state? It is claimed that there are madrassahs and madrassahs. Some are legal and recognised by the state. But apparently these days many illegal madrassahs have sprung up all over the country supported not by the state but by foreign money.

According to official sources West Bengal, close to Bangladesh, has some 4,500 illegal madrassahs. In Maharashtra, it is pointed out there are over 3,000 illegal madrassahs built with the help of domestic, underworld and international financial assistance.

These are hot-beds of anti-national activities. It is apparently difficult to identify the anti-national madrassahs from normal ones. According to Home Ministry sources there are 721 madrassahs catering to over 1,20,000 children in Assam, 1,825 madrassahs catering to over 1,20,000 children in Gujarat, 961 madrassahs catering to 84,864 children in Karnataka, 9,975 madrassahs catering to 7,38,000 children in Kerala, 6,000 madrassahs catering to over 4,00,000 children in Madhya Pradesh and some 1,780 madrassahs catering to over 25,000 children in Rajasthan.

Keeping tab on these madrassahs is no easy job. What is the nature if ISI influence on these religious schools? The Government has identified 65 ISI centres in India which reportedly have been funding many Muslim institutions to the tune of over Rs. 60 crore each year. The ISI network apparently is most powerful and outreaching in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and, of course, Jammu & Kashmir. In this last state the ISI is known to pump anything between Rs 1.25 to Rs 1.60 crore per month to small militant groups and organisations. Official sources have estimated that since 1995 the ISI has funded over Rs 60 crore to support militancy in India.

The madrassahs are excellent targets. On 25 January last, speaking at Siliguri, West Bengal's Chief Minister made it categorically clear that the state would no longer tolerate any anti-India teaching in madrassahs, emphasising that those engaged in this activity were doing more harm to their community than any good. For years, the CPM government had turned a blind eye to what was going on in the madrassahs, treating the poor Muslims as a vote bank. But as terrorism began to raise its ugly head in the state, knowledge began to dawn on CPM leaders that there were more madrassahs in West Bengal than in Bangladesh!

During the CPM regime in West Bengal, the number of madrassahs in the state actually doubled! And they were actually financed by the State itself. The annual budget allocation at the end of Congress rule in West Bengal was Rs 5,70,000. For the year 2000-2001 it had risen to Rs 115 crores! The West Bengal State, in other words, has financing terrorism knowingly - all for the Muslim vote. West Bengal is next to Bangladesh as Rajasthan is next to Pakistan.

In Rajasthan, according to former Chief Minister Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, there are over 240 madrassahs which are centres of Islamic fanaticism where Pakistani agents preside. In just Rajasthan, according to him, some 12,000 ISI agents are operating. How is the State going to tackle this issue? The usual argument put forth by Muslim apologists is that madrassahs are not anti-national, that there is nothing wrong in Muslim children being taught Arabic, Islamic history, culture and theology and, in the High Madrassahs, Islamic jurisprudence and Shariat Law as well. On the face of it, there is indeed nothing wrong. But what sort of young Muslims are these madrassahs putting into the market? For what sort of life are they being prepared?

Indian politicians are reluctant to criticise madrassahs openly. Even West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharjee soft-pedalled his criticism for obvious reasons. And yet it is a known fact that madrassahs - at least some that are known - breed terrorists. Early in February this year large caches of arms and ammunition were seized from two madrassahs in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, one in Saharanpur and another in Surat.

In Surat sleuths recovered 30 pistols, 4 detonators, 4 ABCD timers, 2.2 kgs of RDX, seven magazines and 92 rounds of ammunition. It is anybody's guess what might be found if serious searches are carried out in madrassahs elsewhere, especially in institutions which have sprung up illegally. Home Ministry officials were recently stunned to know that out of 80 madrassahs identified in Gujarat, half of them were teaching literature relating to Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and jehad. A lot of provocative jehadi literature was recovered from some of these madrasahs which got burnt in the communal violence following the Godhra incident.

According to the Bangalore-based 'Deccan Herald'(22 June) the Gujarat police could not take any action against these madrassahs fearing retaliation. The one silver lining to the madrassah cloud is that in Pakistan, the president, Gen. Musharraf has started to come down heavily on madrassahs of which there are literally thousands in that terrorist-ridden country.

The first to react to Musharraf's bold step was Nepal which has a Muslim population of about 20 lakhs, or almost three times their number over a decade ago. Nepal has taken firm steps to regulate the functioning of madrassahs whose rapid growth, especially along its borders with Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is seem as a security threat by Indian agencies. Only recently a survey made showed that there are 343 masjids and 330 madrasahs operating on the Indo-Nepal border indulging in non-religious and non-educational activities.

What has added to Delhi's woes was the support the Nepal Ettehad Association extended to Kashmiri separatists. Founded in 1990, the association has 42 units with over a lakh of volunteers in the plain districts.

Taking a cue, however, from Pakistan, India is reportedly planning to issue an Ordinance to regulate the functioning of all madrassahs in the country in order to weed out those which are imparting jehadi education to promote militancy among youngsters. India reportedly would like to wait and watch whether Pakistan really implements its decision controlling madrassahs effectively. What Pakistan has done, India can then follow meaningfully without having to face Muslim opposition.What is shocking is that the question of madrassahs never before impinged on Indian administrative minds when they should have been most alert to their likely fall-outs.

No state need feel apologetic for taking steps to secure its welfare. Secularism does not mean that one has to be charitable towards those who actively support terrorism or violence of any kind. If Musharraf believes that the continued functioning of madrassahs in Pakistan is inimical to the security of the state, there is no reason why India should be wary of taking stern and immediate action against those where hatred is actively preached. European nations have no inhibitions when it comes to dealing with propagators of hatred.

Thus, the Dutch Government has launched a criminal inquiry into Muslim clerics accused of inciting violence from masjids in Holland. Speaking in the Dutch Parliament, Christian Democratic leader Jan Peter Balkenende said that incitement in masjids was "no longer acceptable".

Marking a dramatic shift in Dutch liberal sensibilities, both Left and Right are now calling for the expulsion of imams engaging in "flagrantly unlawful" activities. And to think that in West Bengal during the Congress rule, a madrassah was getting about Rs 2,705 as state aid while at the end of the financial year of March 2001 the government of CPM was spending Rs 115 crores to support 507 registered madrassahs at Rs 22.68 lakhs each! This is the strangest example of secularism! We can do without it.


..................Now we wish to KNOW,

The rate at which the Muslim population in India has been outstripping the NON Muslim population since 1947. Eventually by "popular" vote the country can become ISLAMIC. We should not forget that Mussolini came to power by popular vote!

Number of MUSLIM grooms who embrace Hinduism or Sikhism on marrying a Hindu or Sikh girl respectively.

The number of mosques being supported by Saudi Arabia as opposed to any Hindu mandir in Saudi Arabia receiving support from India.

Names of Hindu/Sikh cabinet ministers and governors in PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH as opposed to the names of MUSLIM cabinet ministers, governors and ambassadors and high commissioners in PARTITIONED India.

Please expose the fraud of "independence" which REALLY was PARTITION.

Finally the question, "With Abdul Kalam, the inventor of nuclear bombs, being elected to be the President, is it not time to wash all the statues of MK Gandhi in SPIT, or at least remove them out of public eye?

"Mahatma" Gandhi, the "Father of HINDU Nation", we should not forget, stood for unconditional support of non violence, unconditional love of Islam, and unconditional surrender of Secularism in East Bengal and West Punjab?


With India ROTTING at this rate, the day will come when the Hindu living in UK or the USA will say, "Thank God, I am not living in the Land of Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak!"