Date: 7/27/2002



. . . . . "Please click the link below to listen to the inaugural speech of Shri Kalam after he assumed office as the President of India.. . . . "


Dear SIMPLE Hindus, please note that there is an ocean of difference between speech and deeds.

Let us reserve our judgement on the new President for at least one year and not jump with glee, "Look Tiger bleats like a sheep!"

I do not wish to say right now what will go wrong within a year.

Does anyone recall the speech delivered by Mohammed Ali JINN on first assuming the office of the President of All India Congress Party? If not, then please keep quiet.

Hindu nation has MOST to lose if we take one wrong step. With Lahore and half of Kashmir already GONE, we are on the razor's edge.



. . . . ."Kant loved Urdu poetry and wrote frequently for newspapers on politics, culture and science . . . ."


Why not truthfully add, "and he loathed Hindi poetry and the sound of Sanskrit language, two qualifications that had landed him the job."

Perhaps the "Great Evil" that killed Mr. Shastri and put a Muslim in the Supreme Commander's chair in India now wishes to see another Sonia'a nominee in the Vice President's chair, preferably a Catholic.

Let us wait and see.

By the way, does anyone know whether Mr. Kant, the late Vice President, ever said the word, "Partition", while forced to watch the glory of a Mohammedan in Bharatvarsha, Mr. Abdul Kalam, a PAKISTANI by technicality (as per ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947), being sworn in as the President of Partitioned India - P.I., which also has his own native state of birth, the DIVIDED PUNJAB?

Then that would explain his heart attack within hours of the Glory to Musalmaan. Wouldn't it?

By the way, the Hindu gentleman who quoted scriptures in defence of "Rat" Abdul Kalam, and to justify deleting a patriot's name from a certain "proud" HINDU Discussion List, ought to recall how those Scriptures & Divinity became worthless when the entire Hindu race buckled before the Muslim bullies, and betrayed the same Scriptures, Avataras, Gurus, Shastras and Divinity by UNCONDITIONALLY surrendering Lahore, Multan and Chittagong to Islam.

Since then this Patriot has had NO respect whatsoever for the Scriptures and Divinity of a defeated, degraded and disgraced nation or race, who only chant "Sri Ram" like the parrots, but dare not move in Ayodhya, or towards Lahore.

The ONLY Hindu (and SIKH) Scriptures and Divinity we know of, are that "AKHAND BHARAT" with Chittagong and Khyber in, not its tattered and shattered fragments of today.

And we am waiting for the Scriptures quoting Hindus to notice the DEGRADATION of the Hindu FEMALES across Bharat if No. 1 Lady of Lok Sabha is a Catholic White Elephant from Italy. There is also NO decent Hindu female in Rashtrapati Bhawan to boast of.

Is all this NONSENSE that we TOLERATE day and night, as per our Holy Scriptures? If so, then such rotten UNINSPIRING Hindu "Holy scriptures" are waiting to be REPALCED by Bible and Koran as in Mizoram, Meghalaya and East Bengal.

For Guru Nanak to look fine to the world, the Sikhs had to ensure that Nankana Sabib NEVER fell into the hands of Muslims and for the Hindu Lords, gods and avataras to look decent to to the world, we had to ensure that there was at least ONE Hindu temple each, in Mecca, Medina and Riyadh.