Date: 7/27/2002






................By S.P. Attri (USA)

1. Sullas who think nothing of killing a Kafir-Hindu, or escorting him to Islam at gun-point, have struck again in Jammu, throwing hand grenades and killing at least 25 Hindus, mostly Hindu Women and Children.

2. As my thoughts turned towards my Slain Hindu Brethren and Sisters of Jammu, a thought occurred to me "Why do these Hindus have to die, and why do I have to live?" What is the reason here? I hope God gives me the capacity to understand these types of things, and gives me the strength to puncture the heads of the perpetrators of this barbarism. These thoughts have been making the rounds of my brain for the last several days, trying to figure out how to pull this off.

It is difficult to stay calm when your soul is burning, when you want to punch a hole inside the rotten body of Barbaric Islam. The bottom-less suffering and sorrow of the Hindu, at the hands of the Sullas, would test the temerity of anybody's soul. Cogitating in this sorrow, grief, and anger, I vainly ask myself, " How long can the Hindu take the brutality and barbarism of Islamic Jehad, before breaking out in anger, and unleashing the fire-power of the Hindu, to crush the Barbarian Sulla, with the use of force?"

3. Although no body can say what is in the womb of time (future), yet I am convinced that there is a limit to Hindu's Patience, that Hindu's Patience is Not Infinite. Sooner or later, the Finite Patience of the Hindu would run out and the Hindu would become Fighting-Mad, and ready to pounce on the Barbarian-Sulla. At that point, the Hindu is going to say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH," that it is time for him, not only to drop his patience, but also to drop all his bombs on the Sullas. We may be reaching that point very very soon.

In fact, the Sullas would assist us in advancing our time schedule towards this point. This is because Moslems are not interested in living in peace, peace is a suffocating cloud for the Moslems, they urgently need Jehad to keep their Islam going, which means killing and getting killed in the name of Islam, to eat and to get eaten, Islam cannot survive unless it continues its orgy of death and destruction. Moslems are distant relatives of pigs, and Hazrat Mohammad (SH** be upon him) is its Top-Hog.

Hindus need to be aware, that we are well past the time, to go to battle with the Sullas, the Sullas are the followers of the mean religion of Islam.

Hindus also need to be aware that the Sulla's vault of terror, is not just a tactic of the Sullas to harass the Hindu, it is their consummate-challenge to the Hindu (to the Proud Hindu), to come out in the open, and meet him in the battle-field. Sullas have asked for it, and they are going to get it, because the Hindus are not going to let go, not this time around, this time around Hindus are definitely going after the Sullas, to do battle with the Good-For-Nothing Jerks (Sullas) of Islam. And this time around, there is going to be no showing of mercy to the Barbarian-Sulla, there shall be no hesitation in destroying the red-hot bastion of Islam's brutality and barbarism. There is going to be no pussy-footing, this time around we Hindus are going to hit and hit hard, you can count upon it.

4. Make no mistake that Pakistan is bleeding India, via its Low-Cost Proxy War. Only the raw courage of the Hindu, to destroy the Sulla by increasing the price of this Proxy-War, is going to defang the Sullas of Pakistan. Nothing else is going to cause Pakistan to alter, the path of death and destruction that it has chosen for itself. What this teaches us is that we need to increase the price of this Proxy-War for Pakistan, that we need to hit Pakistan hard, annihilate its military machine, destroy its infra-structure, and make Pakistan bleed massively and profusely, and make it highly expensive for Pakistan to conduct its Proxy-War.

Don't pay any attention to the Perfunctory Lies and Explanations that Pakistan offers for the Jammu Massacre. You know well enough what Pakistan is going to say about the recent Jammu Massacre. Pakistan is going to say that this massacre is stage-managed by India's RAW, to blame Pakistan for it, and to switch the attention away from the pressure on India, to start a dialogue with Pakistan on Kashmir. This kind of Bull-Sh** explanation from the Sullas is well known to us, it has been used many times in the past by Pakistan. It is virtually the same explanation that the Sullas offereded to explain away the 9-11 event, as the work of an Israeli Conspiracy to blame Islam.

5. What can we expect from the USA and the West, regarding the massacre activity of the Sullas? A different brand of Bull-Sh**. We can expect more pressure on India from both the USA and the West, to start a dialogue with Mushy, and to get some role for themselves on the LOC, as well as inside the Kashmir Valley itself.

Let us Hindus forget our fantasies, and face upto the reality of life as it exists in the world of ours. The truth of this world is, that the world respects only Power. A country that can go ruthlessly about its mission of protecting its own interests, and gives a finger to the rest of the world, gets the World's Respect (in the US, this fingering is referred to as The Free-Way Signal). If we can't do that or are not willing to give that kind of Free-Way Signal, then we may get praise from the world, but we shall not get any respect. In the world of today, getting respected counts for much more that being liked.

Crazy is the one who does not understand this not-too-subtle difference, the Crazy ends up with a big mouthful of poppy-cock, he keeps falling down and looking at his bad dream, the Crazy does not realize that it is a bad dream of his own creation, and that his pack of troubles is a result of his lack of understanding. And when the Crazy does this again and again, he becomes a victim of Learned-Helplessness. Are we Hindus going to be crazy and victims of learned helplessness? Are we Hindus going to allow the Culture and Civilization of the Hindu, crucified on the alter of Barbaric-Jehad of Islam?

Or are we going to wake up, stand up for ourselves, and smash the fury of Islam once and for all, with the use of force? The choice is strictly ours.

6. We have to decide for ourselves if we are going to issue another tough condemnation of Pakistan, in our usual perfunctory way, as we have done umpteenth times before, or are we going to do something totally different. The Lakshman Rekha of civilized behavior has been crossed by the Sullas many times, well before the 13th Dec 2001 attack. There has been plenty of provocation to the Hindu, and more is in the pipeline. We need to realize the brutal truth that unless we take retaliatory action, the never-ending saga of the bloody terrorism of Pakistan is not going to end, and India will continue to hemorrhage at the hands of Pakistan.

What else can the Hindus do?

Answer: Hindus can cry...cry like a baby

My guess is that most Hindus would choose not to cry like a baby. If that is our choice, then it is clear that we Hindus have to make a few decisions for ourselves. The biggest decision that we have to make for ourselves is simply this, that we need to destroy the Sulla before he destroys us. To accomplish this, our war against the Sullas shall have to be a Total-War. In this Total-War, we shall have to hit not only Pakistan, but also the Sullas every place inside of India, this would require us to sedulously-conduct our Boycott against the Sullas of India.

Pakistan will stop its terrorism only when we unleash our forces against it, and blunt its Jehadic Assault. Unless we foil the Sullas Dreams of converting, Dar-Ul-Harb of India into Dar-Ul-Islam, the Sullas will not stop their Overt and Covert War against the Kafir-Hindu. By failing to use the Tit-For-Tat Procedure, we are putting ourselves at a disadvantage and in mortal danger. If we do not put a damper on Islam's Jehad against the Hindu, then we do not know how long Hinduism will survive. War against Pakistan is not only possible but is absolutely inevitable, no body on earth can prevent it, it is not a question of if it will take place, but of when. Pakistan shall have to be destroyed totally if India is to survive. We might as well understand this perception.

7. Some Hindus are blaming the GOI (especially the BJP) for Pakistani Terrorism, blaming the GOI for not taking action against Pakistan. Some are even calling ABV as Hijra (enuch). These Hindus Are All Wet. They don't know what the hell they are talking about. They have no understanding of the political situation in India. They are failing to realize that the BJP government is not the Hindu Government, it is a government of an Alliance, an alliance of 24 parties, and the BJP has to space itself within the Alliance.

All decisions have to be agreed upon between the 24 parties or it is a No-Go.

The Hindu Component of this Alliance is not very much, and is proportional to the Hindutva Component of the Hindus amongst the Hindu Population of India.

It is hell of a job to keep the 24 parties of this Alliance together. Let us Hindus not foolishly push our fragile luck. If the Alliance collapses, then we Hindus are in even worse shape. The alternative of Congress or some other Leftist-Combination of Politics in India, is far far worse for us Hindus, than the present NDA Alliance.

Only ten to fifteen percent of the population of India is Hindutva type, and their numbers are reflected in the political strength of the Hindu inside the BJP Government of India. It should, therefore, be clear that the support that the BJP Government is getting from the Hindu population of India is not very much. There are just too many Phoney-Liberals amongst the Hindus of India, and these Phoneys are a Problem. If Hindus are interested in having BJP government take strong action, then they should vote for BJP, so that the BJP can form a government entirely on its own, and does not have to form alliances to form the goverment. We Hindus have not done so, what right do we Hindus have to criticize the BJP?

8. We Hindus need to think straight, and view the political situation as it is, not as we would wish it to be (if wishes were horses, beggars would ride). Times are pretty hard for the Hindu, we don't need to make it worse for the Hindu, by improper criticism of the BJP, this mis-directed criticism is counter-productive, it only hurts us Hindus, by criticizing the BJP, we only end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

We need to assign responsibility where it properly belongs, which is on us Hindus and on us Hindus alone. Instead of trying to pass the buck, we need to take responsibility for our own actions, and look at the shortcomings of us Hindus, we particularly need to take a good look at those people who represent us Hindus, these people are our Hindu Organizations. We need to size up our Hindu Organizations, and ask some plain questions, as to what kind of job they are doing for us Hindus.

NOTE: I AM EXCLUDING OUR HINDU HOLY MEN (Hindu Sadhus, Sants, Swamis, Priests, Shankar-Acharyas etc etc). This crowd of Hindu Holy Men is "worse than useless," as far as the future and defense of Hinduism are concerned. Please do not ask me to explain why these Hill-Billies are worse than useless.

9. Hindu Organizations are such outfits as RSS, VHP, Hindu Mahasabha, Arya Samaj, Shiv Sena, and other Hindu Groups. These outfits are the ones who are supposed to be leading and guiding the Hindu, building the might of the Hindus, these are the outfits who should be preparing our Hindu Youth for the defense of Hinduism, as well as speak for the Hindus. Their direction and actions intimately influence the fortunes of Hinduism. What kind of strength and future of Hinduism are these Hindu Organizations producing for the Hindus? Are they doing what they are supposed to be doing, do they have any understanding of the problems of the Hindu? Let us take a good look at the performance of these Hindu Organizations.

An Unbiased look at these Hindu Organizations, would reveal to us right off the bat, that these outfits "Are In Real Bad Shape." None of these outfits provides any Inspiration to our Hindu Youths, to build the pride of the Hindu in being a Hindu, none of these outfits is building, encouraging, and strengthening the power of the Hindu, which is the need of the hour, for Hinduism to survive in the world of today. None of these organizations seems to have any understanding, of the type of problems and the challenges that the Hindu is facing from both Islam and Christianity.

Even though the dimensions of the atrocities of the Sullas/Kharistas on the Hindu are staggering, none of these Hindu Outfits is preparing and building the strength of our Hindu Youths, so that we Hindus can effectivley confront these barbaric ideologies, destroy them resolutely, and deny the Sullas/ Kharistas the Mad-Joy of slaughtering the Kafir (Infidel) Hindu. None of these outfits is doing anything to make the world safe for Hinduism, these Hindu Organizations seem to be totally clue-less about the nature of the problem, they have no idea at all, what the hell to do about the problems, that Hindusim is facing in the world of today.

10. In the meantime, the Sullas are taking full advantage of the Paucity and Procrastination of our Hindu Organizations.While our Hindu Leadership is watching, the Sullas are already busy changing the demographic composition of India. As an example, at time of Independence in 1947, J&K state had 52% Muslims and 48% non Muslims, in kashmir valley 65% Muslims and 35% non Muslims, and now valley has 90% Muslims and 10% others.

The Moslems have already virtually taken over Kashmir, and are now rapidly advancing on the rest of India demographically, setting up all the tools of their trade to convert, the Dar-Ul-Harb of Kafir-Hindustan into a Dar-Ul-Islam.We Hindus still have not recovered from our "Season In Purgatory" of centuries under the Barbaric Moslem Rule, that our Hindu Ancestors went through, and who are now calling upon us Present Hindus "Loud and Clear," to engage our barrels and take revenge.

But while this carnage of the Hindu is going on, what are the leaders of our Hindu Organizations doing? Answer: Not a Damn-Thing, our Hindu Leaders are clue-less, they neither know nor can they decide what to do, about this constant threat of the Sulla, that has been hanging around the neck of the Hindu for 1200 years. Our Hindu Leaders do not have the slightest idea on how to put an end to the threat of the Sulla, it has not dawned upon our Hindu Leaders, that the only way to end the threat of the Sulla is, by eliminating the Sulla completely (by erasing him).

Is there a shortage or lack of methods for Sulla/Kharista elimination? Not at all. There are lots and lots of methods, not only of blunting the aggressiveness of the Sullas, but of totally destroying them forthwith.

Methods are Not lacking, decisions are.

11. To put it simply our Present Hindu Leadership is caught up in a Basic Defensive Mentality, and they are unable to get out of their quagmire of Defensiveness and Procrastination. Their attitudue bears little resemblance to the reality of life for the Hindu, in the world of today. In the meantime, the carnage of the Hindu continues, the Sullas take full advantage of the defensiveness and procrastination of our Hindu Set-Up.

What is the justification for the existence of our Hindu Organizations? Why are they around, what the hell are they doing, when our Proud Hinduism is being torn to shreds? These organizations just might as well close their shops and disappear from the scene. How can they tolerate the slaughter of the Hindu right inside his own land of Hindustan, right inside his own land of Kashmir? Why is every Hindu Leader not saying (and resolutely deciding) that we shall kill every Sulla who assists or hides any Sulla Terrorist from Pakistan, and then make good his word and delivers on his promise.

Instead of training and arming tens of thousands of Hindu Youths per year, for the defense of Hindus, all that our Hindu Leaders are doing is issuing perfunctory statements, criticizing and blaming the BJP Government (this is the same old game of Passing The Buck, and Avoiding Their Own Responsibility, in the carnage of the Hindu that is going on). They either know or should know that, BJP Government is Not a Hindu Government. The BJP Government is a COALITION-GOVERNMENT, of 24 parties. This Coalition Governent has to cross many difficult political terrains, and has to face daunting problems and prospects, just to keep the Alliance together.

12. We might justifiably ask ourselves: What must the Sullas do to us Hindus, before our Hindu Leadership would wake up and stirs itself into action? We Hindus have already suffered 1200 years of bloody Islamic Havoc and Hell in India. Is that not enough? Hundreds of millions of our Hindu Brethren have been slaughtered by the Sullas, is that not enough? What would it take for our Hindu Organizations to give up their procrastinations in the face of the grave provocations from the diabolical theo-military machine of Islam against the Hindu? When will the right time come for the Hindu Organizations to prepare the Hindu Youth, to strike at the Barbarian-Sulla, and deliver a decisive blow to the murderous fanatics and mercenaries of Islam and Christianity?

When will our Hindu Organizations stop our unbroken caravan of blunders of the last 1200 years?

13. The answer to these questions is simply this, that there is going to be no rescue nor any respite for Hindusim, unless we completely rework our Hindu Outfits. It is time to reshape and refashion our Hindu Organizations. If we don't do that, and continue in our Defensive Mentality of the past, then Hinduism is not going to survive. The present leadership of our Hindu Organization is Not upto the task. We need an entirely new batch of Hindu Leaders for our Hindu Organizations, people with a new and different vision, and different threat-perception, with no sympathy nor any toleration for the Pirate Princes of Islam/Christianity. It is pretty depressing to see our present Hindu Leadership procrastinate. Hell they have been doing this procrastination for 1200 years. Have we Hindus not learned anything during these 1200 years?

I am tired of empty rhetoric coming out of the Wind-Bags of our present Hindu Leadership. How long can we Hindus put up with this Non-Sense? It is not Hinduism Defense, it is BULL-SH**. If another world war is required to put Islam/Christianity out of business in India, and to shut down their barbaric salon, then it is a worthy cause, and let us Hindus immediately go for it, and do what needs to be done.

14. Let me give you at least one example, to prove to you the incompetence of our Hindu Organizations and their Bad Leadership. Take the case of RSS, an outfit founded by a great Hindu, Dr. Hedgewar. The name RSS is very familiar to us and it sounds very impressive, but its attitude and performance are not any where near what its founder intended them to be. RSS, as it presently exists, is totally inadequate and totally un-prepared, to face the high pressure steam of Islam, that is being unleashed against the Hindu. Though the leadership of the RSS sees the carnage of the Hindu on a daily basis, it is unable to decide what to do, it is clue-less, regarding what action to take against the Sullas, against the murderers of Hindus, this is not the way that its founder Dr. Hedgwar wanted to build the strength of the Hindu, Dr. Hedgewar was a tiger, the present RSS leadership has converted Dr. Hedgewar's RSS into a Pussy-Cat, instead of a Tiger.

RSS has Not become what its founder intended it to become. Dr. Hedgewar knew that the Sullas have no interest in peace or friendship with the Hindu, and that all statements of peace and love of Islam, are just pretenses to fool, and destroy the Kafir Hindu. He knew that war between Islam and Hinduism is absolutely inevitable. He wanted to prepare the Hindu ahead of time, he wanted to build the strength of the Hindu, to enable him to defend himself, he knew that if he created a Hindu Rakshak Sangh, then his organization shall be outlawed by the British, in less than a week. To get around the problem, Dr. Hedgewar chose a non-belligerant service-type name (RSS) for his organization. The choice of the name RSS, was simply the result of the pressure of circumstances of the moment.

Dr. Hedgewar felt that Hindus are smart people, they would modify RSS later on, according to the needs of the time. Unfortunately the Hindus have not been all that smart, even though a new generation of Hindus has already arrived on the scene, this new generation of Hindus has not modified the RSS, due to the passivity and incompetencies of the present RSS Leadership. The RSS is still stuck in the old mud, it is still an Old Fuddy-Duddy outfit of Sewaks. Suffice it to say that the RESHAPING OF RSS IS LONG OVER-DUE.

Conclusion is simple: RSS should either modify itself or close its shop and call it quits.

15. One "S" inside the letters RSS, that stands for SEWAK or SERVICE bothers me quite a bit. What is so great about service? Even a mule can do service, in fact even a donkey can do service. But can a donkey defend Hinduism? Not by a long shot. Let us Hindus get smart and operate ourselves on the order of awareness and professionalism, and not go about our business mindlessly, following the beaten paths. There is nothing sacred about these beaten paths, many times they do not work at all, we are far far smarter, and far far better off to discard these beaten, moth-eaten paths.

Simply put, RSS should be RRS (Rashtriya Rakshak Sangh), which is what its founder Tiger Hedgewar (Dr. Hedgewar) intended it to become. If RSS stays as RSS, then it is FUDDY-DUDDY AND STICK-IN-THE-MUD and the future of Hinduism is also right there, inside the mud.

16. The criticism that fits RSS, applies equally well to other Hindu Outfits as well, to outfits such as VHP, Shiv-Sena, Arya Samaj, Hindu Mahasabha, and other Hindu Organizations. In real terms, these outfits are not doing much for Hinduism.

There is no shortage of inflated-rhetoric coming out of the Wind-Bags of these Hindu Outfits, but where is the action? You can see that they "can talk the talk," but the important question is "can they WALK the WALK?" In other words, can they "put their money where their mouth is?"and "can they do the job of Hinduism Defense, which is the only reason for their existence?" An honest answer to both questions is a BIG FAT NO, and the conclusion for us Hindus is as plain as pikestaff.

The conclusion is that we Hindus need to get new Leaders for our Hindu Outfits, Leaders who can train, arm, and prepare Hindu Youths, and Hindu Volunteers, for the defense and propagation of Hindus and their Hindu Religion. This is the best and the only way to make Hinduism Survivable.


17. If we do not fast prepare our Hindu Youths in a military way, then the Sullas/Kharistas will continue to seek the destruction of the Hindu, and they will destroy a good bit of our Hinduism in short order. We Hindus have no choice but to engage the Barbarians of Islam/Christianity. Rather than feeling sad and depressed, or cry like a baby, what we Hindus need to do is arm ourselves, do battle with the Sullas/Kharistas, and defend our Hindu people wherever in the world they are threatened. The basic rule is that if one Hindu is killed any where in the world, we need to make sure that we kill at least 100 Sullas, and that we make a ghost town of the Sulla neighborhoods. We should not be horrified at this magnitude of Sulla Elimination. The Sulla/ Kharista system is an Evil-Empire, we cannot treat it with dignity or respect. We cannot give it the respect that it does not deserve. But this type of determined Hindu Response will work wonders for the confidence and morale of our Hindu People in general, and of our Hindu Youths in particular.

18. I call upon the Hindus of the World, to prepare themselves to resolutley confront the Sullas/Kharistas, and immediately turn their attention and their minds to the business of getting a new batch of Hindu Leaders, Leaders who are aware of what is going on in the world, who are ready to stay on Code Blue Alert, and are fully motivated to prepare the Hindu Youth, to take quick and telling action against the barbarians of Islam and Christianity, and intercept them with determined use of force, and blow their Evil-Empire to Kingdom-Come. Existence and Availability of this new crop of Determined Hindu Leaders shall raise the Hindu Strategy to a First Strike Capability against the enemies of Hinduism. This kind of Aggressive Strategy is counter-intuitive to the present batch of Hindu Leaders, they just are not capable of doing this job, they need to be replaced.

19. In the present terror-stricken atmosphere of Islam's Brutality, Barbarism, and Ghastly Torture, the New Leaders of the Hindu Organizations, would awaken the self-respect and the self-pride of the Hindu, both of which have been torn to shreds. You can take it from me that "When the Hindu becomes proud to be a Hindu, he is going to be angry, mighty angry, he will take action that is required to give a bloody nose to the barbarian Sulla." The Hindu will then decide and utter loudly, without feeling ashamed or guilty that:


(Hindustan belongs to the Hindus, Hindustan is not the territory of somebody's Papa)

The Hindu will also decide that the Sullas have no right to terrorize the Hindu inside his own land of Hindustan, and if the Sulla insists on terrorizing the Hindu, then he will have to pay a very very heavy price for it. The Hindu has already given a sample of his anger in Godhra (Gujerat). When the New Hindu gets going, no body should have any doubt that Godhra will look like a picnic. The New Hindu will totally eliminate the dark ages of Sulla-Barbarism against the Hindu, and will change the course of Hindu History.

20. The gist of this discourse is this, that Hindus all over India should arm themselves with the latest weapons. They should go over to all the Sulla-Hunting places, every where in India, including every inch of Kashmir. They should kill Sullas at the slightest suspicion and at the slightest provocation, such as failure or refusal to sing the Vande Mataram. Hindustan is the land of the Hindu, a Hindu has a right to go wherever he wants to go, any where in the land of India, especially any where in the state of Kashmir.

Hinduism Defense is the job of every Hindu, this includes the Hindus of India, as well as the Hindus of Diospora. NRI Hindus should save all they can, and send in their moneys and materials, and lots of it, to give our Hindu Brethren of India the winning edge, and the Decided Determination.

Hindus can have top-notch Hindu Senas (Hindu Armies), that are capable of smashing the Sullas every where in India, including Jammu and Kashmir, and also in the Diospora. Hindus shall have to be resolute and severe, they shall have to kill at least 100 Sullas for every Hindu killed by the Sullas. No compromise on this ratio.

21. What should the Hindu Organizations, under New Leaders do? They should organize the Hindus, raise and train Hindus Senas, help the Hindus acquire the latest weapons, and distribute the weapons amongst the Hindus. Dr. Hedgewar wanted to make the Hindu strong and able to defend himself. Hindu outfits should assist in making Dr. Hedgewar's Dream come true. Today the Hindus of Bharat and elsewhere are suffering due to the lack of good leadership amongst the Hindu Organizations. The arrival of New Hindu Leaders would energize the Hindu as never before, safeguard the honor and interests of Hindus in every corner of the world, and build the strength and unity of the Hindu.

22. We can also do a few additional things, that are well within the control and capability of the Hindu.

Let us get going on our Boy-cott technique against the Sullas. I have described the details of this technique in another article that I wrote some times ago. This is a technique that can kick the program of Islam-Eradication into Over-Drive, without spilling a single drop of blood. I can assure you that 99% of the Sullas are ready to discard their Islam, and roll over into Hinduism, if Boycott technique is applied with full Hindu Efforts. I guarantee these results. By not using the Boycott technique, we Hindus are being our worst enemies, we are being traitors to ourselves. The effects of the Boycott technique are much more severe than those of any Reverse-Jizya that we could impose upon the Sulla. A commonsense thing for us Hindus to do right now, is to launch the Hindu's Economic Warfare (the Boycott Technique) against the Sulla, and Islam shall be wiped clean out of India.

All that this technique requires is courage, discipline, determination, and steadfast-pursuit of a purpose, on the part of Hindus. Hindu's Determination should be such as to allow nothing, to stand in the way of the employment of this highly potent technique. With the arrival of new leaders for our Hindu Outfits (leaders who have the intelligence and courage of their convictions),

this technique can be undertaken will all earnestness, with results that will please the heart of every Hindu, and make the total decimation of Islam from India, a virtual certainty. The employment of this Boycott Technique, should be at the top of the list of action-items, of our New Hindu Leaders.

23. Back to the question of this essay, of how to avenge the Jammu Massacre:

I would like to remind every Hindu, that the problems of the Hindu are the problems of the mind. When we have the right kind of leadership, there will be plenty of Hindus who are motived to avenge the Jammu Massacre. There can be no doubt that there shall be plenty of Hindu-Volunteers, tens of thousands and even more, who shall arm themselves and go to Kashmir. They shall go from house to house, and anybody who hides the terrorists shall get a straight bullet in the head. So many Sullas will come forward to reveal the hiding places of Sulla-Terrorists, that eliminating Sulla-Terrorists shall not be much of a problem. Sulla-Terrorism exists because we Hindus are allowing it to pester.

Proud Hindu Youths are not going to abandon their Hindu Kith And Kin in the state of Kashmir. How can we abandon our own kith and kin in Kashmir? We can't, and we are not going to either.

....................Surinder Paul Attri