Date: 7/31/2002



We find it inexplicable that our land that was so badly mauled, mutilated and devastated by Mohammedans, and left to bleed in Kashmir, has elected a MUSLIM as the head of state.

Whose son, father, wife or daughter RELATES to Abdul Kalam in "Rashtrapati Bhawan" in Hindustan?

To confound the bad luck of Hindustan, he is also the SUPREME COMMANDER of India's Armed Forces. Will our proud HINDU "jawans", Gurkhas, Marathas, Jats, Rajputs, Sikhs, Tamils and so on, be saluting the Mohammedan, whose spiritual loyalty lies in MECCA and inner ideological drives work towards the CONVERSION/DESTRUCTION of the Hindua?

Will they take order from the SWORN ENEMY of the HINDUS and HINDUSTAN, to go into battle, and hope for safety or survival, leave aside victory?

What is further disturbing is the fact that he is said to love Hindi, Sanskrit, Gita, vegetarian food and Hindu civilisation like no other Hindu on earth. Hence is the one out of one billion.

Yet he will not touch the Hindu religion even with a barge pole.

We are told that he is afraid of assassination if he forsook Islam. That is surprising when we consider that the Supreme Commander is a man or woamn who is FEARLESS.

What security can this fearing terror stricken Abdul Kalam give to the Hindu REFUGEES from South Kashmir and to the Indians in Fiji and Uganda or EAST Bengal?

In two weeks' time there will be "PARTITION DAY" which Abdul Kalam will call "Independence Day" to fool his subjugated, INTIMIDATED, illiterate, impoverished and ignorant nation.

He should congratulate the PAKISTANIS instead who created the biggest Islamic country on earth taking advantage of the greatest VACUUM of COWARDICE on earth that was IN OUR OWN CAMP, on the part of the Hindus.

Had the Hindus followed the teachings of Lords Krishna, Rama and even Shivaji and GURU GOBIND SINGH Ji instead of MK Gandhi, we would have done to Jinnah what the Italians did to Mussolini in the end. Great Martyr Nathu Ram Godse would have been defended and protected by the nation from the evil designs of BANDIT Jawaharlal Nehru who had no remorse over the loss of TERRITORY and the ONE MILLION dead of 1947. The Imperialist "DOG" never set up a Memorial to commemorate the most humiliating surrenders of PARTITION.

The present generation of Indians is denied the knowledge of history and believe that Jinnah was a hero who "fathered" PAKISTAN. They place him at par with India's own leaders who they think "fathered" free India.

Who will tell them that just like Abdul Kalam, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, too, was IMMACULATE in his secularism when he was elected President of All-India Congress Party. But then he did what comes NATURALLY to a Mohammedan. He attacked his own Land of Birth. And that land was the sacred soil where Lord Rama and Guru Nanak were born.

Will Abdul Kalam go to Ayodhya to lay the foundation stone of the new Sri Ram Temple? Will he say to the Pakistanis to lift their PROVOCATIVE Mohammedan flag from SRI NANKANA SAHIB? Will he ask them, "How would YOU feel if the Hindus and the Sikhs invade Arabia, occupy Mecca, and raze the Ka'aba to the ground and then, with the same bricks, marble and stones, construct a Grand Temple devoted to Lord Rama just like your own grand mosques in Varanasi, Mathura and Ayodhya?"

What good is the President of Hindustan who does not cry for the Hindus' helplessness in Ayodhya and their plight in South Kashmir?

Are we going to see the Hindus in Hindustan say, "Jai Abdul Kalam", from now onwards when they greet each other? That, to the cowardly race of the Hindus, is "being on the safe side".

We feel that when a nation is degraded, fooled and deceived BEYOND LIMIT, a revolution takes place. Hindus need to be vigilant. It's coming to Hindustan. Are we prepared?

If you watch or listen to BBC and the VOA, you will see Hell break out over a little ethnic cleansing in Gujarat but TOTAL SILENCE over the plight of Hindus in Sindh and East Bengal (now BOGUSdesh).

They don't even notice the "WAH-HAYAAT" Islamic Constitutions over Chittagong and Sri Nankana Sahib and Lahore, while crying, "Danger from Hindu fundamentalism!"

By the way, these Islamic constitutions are not only VULGAR in our civilised world today, but also violate the United Nations' Charter of Human Rights which says, "ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE EQUAL BEFORE LAW."

Isn't this exactly what Guru Nanak Dev Ji said five hundred years ago? But who listens to him when even UNO gets a slap in the face by these Islamic MOHAMMEDANS in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan and Sylhet.