Start steps to remove the Scoundrels

Date: 7/31/2002


Unworthy and Undeserving Leaders of Independent Bharat: Part – 10

.............Start steps to remove the Scoundrels

Dharma and Rashtra are in eminent danger - not only from the traditional killers and rapists, like the fanatic brainless followers of the predatory cult that goes under the guise of a religion with a fraud called 'Alla' or followers of other Semitic religions - but from our own spineless - high ego extremists and selfish fanatics - gang who call themselves leaders.

If we don't take positive, proactive steps, the future generations (if there are any left after Vajpayee and their ilk – or chamachas - remain in power) will also blame (rightly) our own inactivity and mental lethargy that helped the downfall of Bharat and the Dharma. If we want to save our Dharma and Rashtra, we have to start immediately to be proactive. If we do not take positive steps, we will just end up watching the vivisection and annihilation of our Dharma and Rashtra.

Take the steps for immediate removal of these 'scoundrels' who are as eager to hand-over Bharatiya land, resources and rights to the predatory cultist as they are to give up anything (that belongs to Bharat) to become popular themselves.

Dilip Deodhar has suggested the ways for removing the scoundrels on the Internet. His list for asking for the blood (taking away the power, which they are using to abuse Bharat Mata) is as follows. Please feel free to add other rascals, from NDA and other parties also.

The names accompany only a flavour of their crimes. The most important being, these people were given the responsibility to uphold the Bharat Mata's honour and guard its security on all fronts. Instead of performing their duty, these people became partners in crime and deceived the Rashtra and abused the Dharma.

1) A.B. Vajpayee.

"Describing Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee as a moderate who is surrounded by hawks, Pakistan's military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf, has said.

2) Jaswant Singh

Went to Kandahar - supports one-sided J&K cease-fire.

3) China's rude remarks - "China tells Bharat not to interfere in Tibetan affairs"

4) Pramod Mahajan.

Announced the Haj subsidy.

INDRAPRASTH, BHARAT, February 6, 2001: The Union Cabinet on Tuesday approved a US$32 million to enable 72,000 Bharatiya Muslim pilgrims to undertake the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca this year. Pilgrims are expected to pay for $260 out of the total airfare of $717. They can depart from Delhi Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, with flights to Saudi Arabia all departing and arriving from Shrinagar and Jammu. Devout Muslims are expected to make the pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime. Government funds covered much of the cost of the Christians in Bharat have approached the government for subsidies for pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

The Haj subsidy should not have been increased. Politically they cannot scrap it There are a lot more important things like fencing BD border, Crushing ISI cells within Bharat and so on Haj subsidy is low on my priority. It comes to $30 million per year. Many pseudo-secular Hindus actually view the Haj subsidy as good for Hindutva It is one more stick to beat Muslim appeasement and increase Hindu ire Not bad advertisement for just $30 million year Even illiterate Hindus will get the message if it is regularly raised as an issue of Muslim appeasement. According to 'Islamic voice' much of the Haj subsidy gets looted by Muslim vote-bank handlers.

5) Bangaru Lakshman

Took BJP on 'give (in) to predatory Muslims' track.

.................Our Ivory Tower Politicians

The commies are not really a laughing matter. The implications of their intrigues are always severe and, sooner or later, warp our lives; they are why Bharat is still a sub-middling power in the global field. A country advances when its intelligentsia first absorbs how some nations became great, how others faded into insignificance, how businesses and institutions succeeded, and then goads the people onto the path to power.

But, when a country's opinion-making bodies are completely swamped by a bunch fixated on an ideology booted out of its native land, it can take only one step forward, propelled by its pragmatists, and three back, weighed down by these regressive life forms and the trade unions and reservation policies they strengthen.

Bharat did not deserve Presidents like Zail Singh, who'd said he would happily sweep Mrs. Gandhi's courtyard. President KR Narayanan shed his DALIT "LEPROSY" when he embraced CHRISTIANITY and imagined he had become a European "Bada Sahib" like Lord Mountbatten. To boost his MISSION to convert more of his fellow Dalits to Christianity VIA BUDDHISM, this "son of a bitch" imported an evangelist wife from MYANMAR since NO native female was good enough for this INFERIORITY RIDDEN "CROW" Narayanan.

"Congressman KR Narayanan, alias Ex-President of Bharat, has been at his favourite pastime from time to time - hurling vitriolic barbs at the BJP-led coalition in the capital."

President: Unlike the Governor, whose appointment is absolutely in the hands of the Central government, the President is supposed to be elected by the electoral college which consists of all MPs and MLAs. In reality, however, this election also boils down to selection. When the party ruling at the Centre is also at the helm in a sufficient number of states, the voting becomes a matter of the party directive. But when the ruling party by itself does not command the requisite support in Parliament and the state assemblies, as is the case today, the choice becomes a matter of either out-and-out partisan politics (and to hell with all those qualities and norms) or hectic and unseemly bargaining, first with the coalition partners and then with the opposition parties, the latter course often ending up with the selection of a compromise candidate euphemistically called a consensus candidate (and to hell with all those norms and qualities).

In the circumstances, all that we, the people of Bharat, can do is to hope that the new President of Bharat, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam will be a person worthy of being the First Citizen, a true symbol of the nation, one who personifies the best in the country and who does not, like our politicians do, lose himself in the pomp and pelf of office. And while in this idealistic mode, dare one hope that President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam will be sensitive enough to question the constructional grandeur and general opulence of his official abode? After all, it was built by the colonial masters for their appointees who had to "rule" Bharat; it was built to reflect the power and glory of the empire on which the sun was expected never to set. That ignominious sun has long set, but this magnificent wasteful edifice remains the official residence of the President of our "Socialist (!) Secular Democratic Republic" half of whose citizens are steeped in poverty.

It is expected that APJ Abdul Kalam, a man outside of politics, with sterling qualities of head and heart, will prove a visionary, great scientist, a true Bharat Ratna.


The Hindus are extremely WEAK in investigative journalism and often do not know why the ship is sinking despite leaders with such IMMACULATE Hindu names like Jawahar, Indira, Rajiv and Narayanan.

The fact is that Jawahar was from GOHAR in Persian, Indira married Feroze KHAN of Allahabad and embraced Islam and Rajiv, the S.o.B., embraced the Catholic Faith of his bride when he put his head at Sonia's feet in Italy. He considered every Sikh to be a donkey reincarnate.

Time takes care of itself and needs help from none. What Hindus failed to do for the country is now entrusted to a Muslim, who did not attend a training camp, who did not hear lectures on Hindutva, who did not go to USA for higher education and better life, who dared the super power to continue with embargo as long as it pleased for it made no difference to the country he loved, who took country on the path of strength from his humble beginning in Ramesharam and education in Guindy, not an IIT or even an REC.

At the time of inauguration, on July 25, 2002 in his 10-minute speech, peppered liberally with sayings of Kabir and South Bharatiya seers, Kalam said "Bharat was endowed with natural resources, vibrant people and a traditional value system, (but) in spite of this, a number of our people are below the poverty line, undernourished and lack primary education. Our aim is to be poverty-free, healthy and literate.’’

The country today, pointed out Kalam, was facing challenges such as cross-border terrorism, internal conflicts and unemployment. ‘‘To face these challenges, there must be a vision to ensure focused action of one billion citizens of this great country with varied capabilities. What can be that vision? Can the Government alone achieve this vision? Now, we need a movement in this country. We will work for it. We cannot emerge as a developed nation if we do not learn to transact with speed.’’

Perhaps after, Bharat Ratna Vishweshwarayya we have a second Ratna in Abdul Kalam. Not so much for his vision, but for his action. It is in the blood or it can never be there. Same can said about UP BJP leadership. What trained leader failed to do is now entrusted to untrained but no non-sense leader like Vinay Katiyar.

What the Bharatiya leaders could not do, probably a Muslim president may do to undo the partition of Bharat, or at least could achieve elimination of terrorism from Kashmir and other parts of Bharat as being Muslim himself he would understand the mentality and psychology of Muslims, thus would be able to deal with them effectively.

What US is doing in Afghanistan cannot be interpreted as just right. If it were right why is 98% of Al Qeida in tact and why is US running away from Pakistan. Why is US not able to get Osama dead or alive when they could buy a Kansi. This US war on Global terrorism is as big a farce as its war on Corporate and Wall Street terrorists.

Currently, we have army of self-styled Krishnas, Agastyas, and Chanakyas capable of reeling Mantra and doing several things together. Arjuns and Chandra Guptas are rarely seen. We have too many Bhagavadgita scholars with no Arjuns listening. And when time comes, these self-styled leaders go to sleep. Kerala is where RSS responded to Marxist killing one for one for many years. However, most slavish mentality of Keralites is still in tact. Same is true in Bengal.

However, we all live on hope. A force that is unimaginable will emerge at our borders in coming years that will change the complexion of earth. The Hindu army marching on the inspiration from a selfless Muslim soldier, who cares for none but the country that made him the President.

The other proactive step has also been mentioned by many leaders like Veer Savarkar: Start in every village in Bharat a Guerrilla training centre to fight off the terrorists. If the fanatic cultist from UK and the rest of the world can take part in armed attacks on Kafirs in Bharat, we are compelled to take the equivalent action - use greater force to defend Hindus - and we are way behind already.

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