Is Hindustan a "DOG KENNEL"?

Date: 7/31/2002


...........FROM: Instt. Of Hindu Ideology

.....................30 July 2002.

.........High Commissioner for India in London.

..........The DOG KEDNNEL called Hindustan.

Dear High Commissioner,

May we ask, "What is wrong with the word Hindu?" Do we have to ask Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan, or the Pope and the Imam of Mecca?

Why is there NO commemoration of Partition, the biggest defeat of India in history when she was forced to surrender, UNCONDITIONALLY, five provinces to indigenous Muslims? It was not the result of an invasion from Kabul, Teheran or Mecca. It was the result of an INVASION FROM WITHIN.

This letter is in memory of the ONE MILLION Hindus and Sikhs betrayed and slaughtered in 1947 whom the dishonourable "dog kennel" called India does not even wish to know or recognise officially.

There were too many MOHAMMEDANS in Hindustan who read the Koran and regarded the Hindus as inferior scum, being Kafir or Infidel, and, inspired by their Book of Sedition & Separatism, could rise and strike, kill, rape and plunder across the country and intimidate the Hindus into surrender and running away.

What was left of India was surely HINDU but it was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the secret agent of Britain and Islam, who imposed his own secularism upon Delhi while letting Lahore and Dhaka go scot free.

Secularism to be valid in Delhi has to be imposed on Lahore and Dhaka. Unilateral Secularism imposed on one fragment of PARTITINOED INDIA is the "muck" that is only for the smashed Indians.

None is more degraded in such a third class "coolie colony" of Hindustan than the native (Hindu and Sikh) WOMEN.

Who does YOUR wife relate to, in Rashtrapati Bhawan, Mr. High commissioner? Who does ANY Hindu or SIKH female relate to in India's TOP HOUSE? What joy do they get seeing Abdul Kalam, the MOHAMMEDAN, riding his golden carriage, under escort?

They would have related WITH PRIDE to Mrs. Krishan Kant, the late Vice President's wife. We understand and fully SHARE Mr. Kant's disgust and shock at being superseded by a Mohammedan for the highest post in PARTITIONED India.

Since the President of India is also the SUPREME COMMANDER of her Armed Forces, are we going to see our brave "Jawans"- Gurkhas, Rajputs, Marathas, Sikhs and Jats ALIKE, whose ancestors kept the Mohammedan beasts away from their mothers and daughters, and their Hindu TERRITORY, for centuries, now giving a General Salute to the ENEMY who clearly belongs to PAKISTAN and SAUDI ARABIA as per "Act of (India's) Partition, 1947"?

Has Abdul Kalam's appointment raised Hindu morale, or smashed it? While his fellow Mohammedans have EXTERMINATED the Hindus in West Punjab, East Bengal and North Kashmir and chased them out of South Kashmir, when will the Hindus in Hindustan muster guts to rise and chase out the Muslims from Ayodhya, Lok Sabha and Rashtrapati Bhawan, and dream of putting Mecca under the BHAGWA & TRISHUL in order to be equal to the Mohammedans who have put AYODHYA, Mathura and Varanasi under their terror, and Sri Nankana Sahib under their provocative flag?

Why should the Hindus in BROKEN BHARAT remain "dogs" any more when the biggest nuclear weapon at their disposal is the SPIRIT OF GURU GOBIND SINGH?

How about putting that in your demolished country's Constitution? You will see even Pakistan dissolve and Bangla(BOGUS)desh vanish overnight. Have guts and try!

Give Hindustan the shine, and Hinduism the glory.

Yours in DISGUST,

The whole of BETRAYED and CRUSHED Hindu "Jagat" across the entire globe.

..................Bharat Ratna Kurukshetra

Copy to the three Chiefs of Staff. (A nation without self-esteem and an army under the command of enemy are dead)