Unworthy and Undeserving Leaders of Partitioned Bharat

Date: 7/31/2002


Unworthy and Undeserving Leaders of Independent Bharat: Part 11

Who is ruling the country? Indians or Americans? Are Hindus cowards?


By Jay Dubashi

Source: Free Press Journal

June 17, 2002

Bharat is going to be 51st state of the United States. No, that's wrong. Bharat is already 51st state of the US and it's only a matter of time before the relationship is formalised.

Very little happens in Bharat nowadays without the involvement of the US. Some of our ministers are said to be in the habit of running off to the US embassy regularly to keep the Americans in the picture. Not a day passes without an American worthy stopping off in Delhi for talks with the high and mighty in the government. Among them are not only politicians and businessmen but also generals, who were not welcome in the old Nehruvian days.

One sometimes wonders whether the Kashmir affair is being run by Americans or Bharatiyas. Nothing seems to happen without the advice and consent of Americans and other westerners. Most of the really big news about Kashmir is relayed here from Washington, not the other way round. That is how we came to know that the US was ready to send in an army of observers to patrol the LoC. Whether this contingent would be stationed only on the Bharatiya side of Kashmir or would also patrol the other side has not been clarified.

There is only a slight difference between India and Pakistan. Pakistan is already a part of the US, almost like the District of Columbia, where Washington is located. There is a large contingent of US army in Pakistan. The US army is also present in neighbouring Afghanistan, as also in some of the former Soviet republics around Pakistan. The US military presence in this part of the world is quite substantial, more so than before September 11th. Now they will be in Kashmir too, though our government says that there are no such plans.

Why have we given in so easily to pressures from the west? Actually, there were no pressures. It is we who have given in, because the security environment as it has evolved after September 11th, 2001 has become too much for us. We have willingly accepted the western umbrella, just like Pakistan and Afghanistan. The entire Bharatiya sub-continent has now become a preserve of the west, just as it was under the British. The British may have left, but security, like nature, abhors vacuum, and the void has now been filled by another even more powerful western country.

This was of course bound to happen, once we went in for capitalism with open eyes.

All capitalist countries have now come under the western umbrella. China too is a capitalist country but she is ruled by communists. So China is out at the moment. How long she remains out remains to be seen.

I find that most Bharatiyas are not at all perturbed by this development. After all, they would all like to emigrate to America if that was possible. Most middle class families now have at least one member in the US. In that way, they are already half-Americans. From half Americans to full Americans is just a matter of degree, and I am quite sure that out of one billion Bharatiyas, 999,999,999 would be only too happy to take the first flight out of Bharat and settle down in New York or Chicago, with the Bollywood crowd making straight for Hollywood in California.

Look at the economic scene. You hardly come across any Bharatiya firm that has no connection with a US corporation. Almost everything we buy for our households is now produced either by a foreign multinational or by its subsidiary in Bharat. The other day, I went to a small department store near Ashoka Hotel in Delhi to buy some toilet paper. The store did not have any Bharatiya -made toilet paper. The rolls were Bharatiya, but the paper was foreign, I was told. I had to return without a toilet roll, as after all, it's the first thing you use in the morning, and I do not wish to start my day with a foreign thing between my fingers.

In business, we have already adopted American management methods, forgetting that the Bharatiya market is very different from the American one. But why bother about Bharat and Bharatiya ways? Some companies say that they will sell only to US markets, since they have money while Bharatiya are poor. Look at our films. There was a time when films were made for Bharatiya audiences. Now they are made for NRI audiences, with at least one NRI character. Some films are released abroad first and then only in Bharat.

Increasingly, Bharatiya companies are being run by foreigners. Companies like Ranbaxy have foreigners as presidents. Most multinationals of course are headed by foreigners, but that is understandable. But why should foreigners run Bharatiya companies? Because, I was told, they know foreign markets better than Bharatiya do, and have contacts that go right up to the top.

Look at our media and TV. They are getting increasingly Americanised. Some of the characters in films speak Hindi with a foreign accent, which they consider as the height of having arrived. Most of our film actors and actresses cannot or do not speak Hindi and insist on speaking English in their interviews. Have you ever seen Aishwarya, a Mangalore girl, speak anything but English when answering questions on TV? Even Karishma, otherwise a homely girl, avoids Hindi when speaking on TV. They think they are actually Hollywood, not Bollywood girls and it is downright infra dig for them to speak in anything but Hollywood English. No wonder there are no worthwhile Bharatiya films nowadays since most of them are made for the NRI market with actors and actresses who are mortified to speak Hindi.

(These "bitches" earn money and fame with Hindi films, but do not like to speak Hindi)

Look at our English newspapers. Most of them have become unreadable, since they too are meant for westernised readership, not for you and me. Papers like "Times of India", once among the better papers in the country, have page after page devoted to news from abroad, not the kind of news we used to read about, but about Hollywood stars and their bedroom antics.

You have to read papers like "Free Press Journal" to get the hang of what is really happening in Bharat, since most other English papers tell you about what is happening in Cannes and Los Angeles, but rarely about what is happening in Pune or Nasik.

But you cannot really blame the politicians. Bharatiyas have lost faith in themselves and would like to be something else than Bharatiyas. People in Punjab and Gujarat are said to be paying thousands of rupees, maybe lakhs, smuggle, themselves into America and England and are often killed in the process. These are not only illiterates but also educated middle class Bharatiyas who believe that they have no scope in their own country and would rather work as waiters or cab drivers in New York than clerks in Delhi.

The Americans are of course taking advantage of all this. If so many Bharatiyas are literally dying to go to their country, why not take over the country and its government? This is precisely what the British did and took over Bharat when they found that Bharatiyas were more interested in fighting among themselves and were prepared to collaborate with the British themselves to put down their enemies.

This is what happens when Bharatiyas cease to be Bharatiyas and would rather be American or British than live or die in their own country. When I was discussing this issue with a friend, he said that he would not mind Americans or Britishers coming here, since they would at least make sure that we had enough power and enough water.

He said that when the British were here, he or his family never had any power or water problem, though he lived in Mumbai. Mumbai, he said, used to be a paradise during British days, with clean roads, lots of water and power, excellent transport, and fine schools and colleges. Now, he said, he has to run from pillar to post to get anything, the roads are dirty, and everything is a problem.

"Yes," he said, "I would not mind if the Americans came here and ran our power stations and water works and telephones. Since every Bharatiyas cannot go to America, let Americans come here and run things for us. After all, it's a globalised world. What does it matter if foreigners run things, if we Bharatiyas have become so useless that we can't run anything ourselves?"

I asked him whether he would mind if the American ran the government too? After all, if he wanted them to run everything else, why not ask them to run our government also?

He said that I was asking a silly question. The Americans are already running the government, at least in Delhi, where it matters. Of course, they are our advisers, just as they were advisers in Viet Nam. They are running everything from privatisation of public sector units to fixing the value of the rupee.

Why do you think, asked my friend, do our ministers go to Washington every few weeks? Their children are there, that maybe one reason. But the real reason is that they want to be on the right side of the Americans and do not want to rub them the wrong way. And they go there to see their bosses. But, I asked, our government consists of nationalist Hindus who are second to none in patriotism. Would they hand over the country to foreigners?

Do you remember what Gandhiji had said, my friend asked. He used to say that Hindus are cowards and Muslims are bullies. I don't know about Muslims, but I am quite sure about the first thing, that Hindus are cowards. The Pakistanis come here and kill us in broad daylight and what does the Vajpayee government do? It waits for instructions from Washington.

Advani says we must give a fitting reply but he does nothing. As home minister, I really don't know what he has done in the last four years, except giving fitting replies on paper. He is good at such things, drafting fitting replies!

Of course, the Americans are coming here, because we are inviting them, just as our rajas invited the British three hundred years ago. History repeats itself, first as a tragedy and then as a farce. What we are now seeing is farce, and all in the name of Hindutva!

When Lal Krishan Advani was made the Deputy Prime minister, then there was a cartoon in a Bhartiya paper, in which a lady, whose husband is shown reading the news that Advani has been promoted to the post of Deputy prime Minister, asked her husband if Atal Bihari Vajpayee has taken permission from American President Bush for making Advani Deputy Prime Minister.

(Worse than Worms: Traitors of Bharat, Pseudo-seculars, People promoting English which is language of ex-colonial masters in Bharat, media people who glorify ex-colonial masters or who downgrade native people, Hindi film or TV producers, who give cast in English instead of Hindi, Media people who use lots of English and Urdu words in Hindi, manufacturers of products who do not write Hindi in a prominent manner on the labels of their products are worse than worms and these people are parasites of Bharat.)

Looks as if even some worms do not turn. Unworthy and Undeserving Leaders of Independent Bharat have not changed so far. These leaders are mentally slave and weak leaders. Shame on all mentally slave leaders and people of Bharat.