Date: 8/1/2002


The writer below is an Arab and so he knows the language to speak to the Muslims. Th emessage is most relevant to the Hindus after their ethnic cleansing in Sindh, West Punjab, North and South Kashmir and East Bengal.

We Arabs enjoy killing our enemies as a sport. How many of you Jewish people celebrate the killing of an hamas commander by distributing sweets in the Knesset, or at least outside in the streets of Jer-us-salam or Jaffa (Tel-Aviv). How many of you celebrate the accedental killing of filistini kids? This sounds repulsive and inhuman is it not? But not to us Arabs, we exult in killing our enemies. Did you see yesterday how we celebrated in Gaza. The hamas commander threw sweets at the cheering crowds. We celebrated the killings of students at the Hebrew university.

Watching this on Al Jazeera with the disgusting commentary saying that this was an understandable reaction of the suffering Filistinis, was heart-wrenching. I am an Arab, but I fail to understand why you jewish people cannot understand our mentality of killing enemies for sport and whooping up in joy when one of you Jews are killed.

Let me tell you, you Jews will be wiped out at this rate. Your only hope is to turn the tables on the arabs, by maintianing a rate of killing at least one hundred arabs for every Jew we kill. Now the hamas killed 7 jews is it. Go on IDF kill seven hundred arabs. You will wonder why I am saying this. It is not being arab that makes us arabs murderous. The bedouin have always been like that but not those of us from the fertile crescent, nor those along the northern seaboard.But Islam has institutionalised the tribal savagery of the bedouins and the Filistinis represent this same mentality. Only when we arabs know that our adversary is more cruel, more desperate and more death defying than us, we can bend. Not otherwise.

Jews arise and face your enemies by using the enemy's will to kill. Go ahead IDF kill 700 arabs. And if the IDF is unwilling, let there be a jewish reisistance as was there before 1948, and let the jews braves go ahead and martyr themselves. But kill more than one filistini when you martyr yourself. And only if you are able to bring yourselves to kill 100 filisitinis for every Israeli we kill, can you expect to outlive and defeat the arabs. There is no other way out for you. Learn, before it is too late. Or else you will meet the fate of the crusader kingdom. The only way left would be to bring out your N arsenal to vaporize the enemy.