Date: 8/1/2002


Time is flying. It is already more than half a century since PARTITION.

What the treacherous rulers of India (BANDIT Nehru's All-India Congress Party, and DYNASTY, in the half century since "independence", and the current despicable BJP rulers) have done is to ensure that the MUSLIM HIGH TREASON is forgotten by all through the passage of time and by suppressing the word "PARTITION".

But can you put yourselves in the frame of mind of that year, when IT WAS HAPPENING?

Towns and cities were ablaze, air full of cries of victims being snatched from homes and gang raped, plunder all round, stink of the dead in the air, long foot convoys trekking across the whole of Western India due to ethnic cleansing by the Mohammedans, our fellow citizens, that was going on all round, the sick and the feeble members of families being abandoned by the road side, women dying in labour while dragging their heavy and tiresome bodies along the dusty roads and tracks.

Refugee camps were full and we saw starvation and the ill dying due to lack of medical facilities, Why?

With not one colonial Briton in sight, why were we all trying to escape with the MOHAMMEDANS in hot pursuit, who were doing to us what thay have been doing to us since 712 AD, what comes NATURALLY to them, that is, hunting and killing the non Muslims with greatest enthusiasm and joy, without the slightest feeling of remorse, guilt or regret.

At that time we SWORE by the milk of our mothers NEVER TO TRUST A MUSLIM- NEVER, NEVER TO TRUST A MOHAMMEDAN.

Countless generations of HINDUS and SIKHS and BUDDHISTS and CHRISTIANS and PAGANS and ATHEISTS, who perished at their hands, swore NEVER TO TRUST A MOHAMMEDAN.

We swore NEVER TO FORGET. Having seen the FAILURE of our great Hindu civilisation and the Divinity of our Holy Scriptures and great national warriors to inspire the nation to retaliate and counter attack with equal ferocity, we swore to keep the MEMORY ALIVE despite the intensive brainwashig, conditioning and intimidation by Pandit Nehru and his treacherouys "psec" (pseudo-secular) successors, scholars and followers.

We saw the Muslims of India singing "Saare Jahan se achcha HINDUSTAN HAMAARA" ("O DEAR INDIA, YOU ARE THE BEST COUNTRY ON EARTH>") in 1946 and then suddenly ATTACK the same Hindustan WITH FULL FURY, FEROCITY AND BRUTALITY a few months later. It was not like cutting up a cake at wedding and sharing.

Who has smashed our PATRIOTISM that we think Lahore, Karachi and EAST Bengal were always theirs? Did Mohammed, of Arabian Darkness and Desert, ever set his foot in West Punjab or East Bengal? Who has smashed our memory cells and sense of HONOUR to think those areas are "primitive ISLAMIC", and those dead were "vermin", NOT WORTH RECALLING?

Who has played havoc with our SPIRITS, GUTS AND PATRIOTISM? We simply wish to know. WHO?

Every crime is TIME BARRED with the exception of one. Attacking OWN country of birth, massacring and raping OWN FELLOW CITIZENS on a large scale as in Noakhali in August 1946 and throughout Western India (later Pakistan) in August 1947. That was one such crime that can NEVER BE TIME BARRED, forgotten or forgiven.

We can see the trials of NAZI criminals still taking place. Does that CODE OF HONOUR not apply to the Indians? Are the Indians (the HINDUS) the worst of mankind, the scum of mankiund, the downtrodden filth of mankind, the "niggers and donkeys" of this earth?

...Who has DEGRADED the Indians to such an extent, and WHY?

If anyone wishes to forget that HIGH TREASON that left India reduced TERRITORIALLY by one third, he is NOT an honourable soul. One can describe such a lowly despicabe Hindu as the "scum of mankind".

He is not the true follower of LORD KRISHNA or SRI RAMA, definitely not of GURU GOBIND SINGH and SHIVAJI. Those heroes and DIVINE personalities set standards for us lowly, timid and forgetful mortals. Those standards CANNOT BE COMPROMISED. They must be UPHELD at all costs and despite the passage of any length of time.

We shall embrace a Muslim in India, or regard him as fellow citizen, only when we see Lahore and East Bengal back in BHARAT.

This is a simple condition, and this is the only condition. There is NO other. Why should we surrender it all to the enemy? Why?

Abdul Kalam, the new President of India, is not just one "anybody", a porter or a rickshaw puller. He is the SUPREME COMMANDER of India, privy to nation's TOP SECRETS and all the defence manoevres and deals and strategic planning.

Since a Mohammedan can never be loyal to Hindustan or Secularism, he is more likely to prove Maulana ABUL KALAM Azad who was the "blinding eye pad" on Nehru's face, and a MUFTI MOHAMMED SAYEED, the former Home Minister, with whose assuming office, all Hell broke out in South Kashmir and the Hindus there had to flee. The Hindus have not returned to their homes yet.

So let us show SPINE and wait for a little concession from the OTHER side, too, which has NEVER spared the life of a "cornered" Hindu nor returned a captured square inch of territory.

We pray for ACTION on the part of the Hindu nation. Mere "strong language" is not enough. The language that the Hindus- men, women and girls, FLEEING Srinagar, Rawalpindi, Lahore and EAST Bengal heard with their own ears, is UNPRINTABLE. Tens of millions of Hindus hear it every night in their nightmares.

We are dealing with the Koran reading "beasts in human form" who think nothing of terrorising the Hindus over the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya while destroying sacred Buddhist statues by tank and gun fire with glee, and banning a Hindu's entry in Mecca.