Date: 8/2/2002


By appointing a Muslim as the Head of State, PARTITIONED INDIA has gambled again. Like a gambler she looks quite pathetic and STUPID to the people of the United States and the United Kingdom and every other oountry on earth that will NEVER appoint a Muslim as its Prtesident. Will Great Britain? Will the United States? Will Israel? SO, WHY BROKEN BHARAT (PARTITIONED INDIA)? WHY?

How TRUE and SIGNIFICANT is the word "gamble". Countries in good hands run on "SHAKTI" (STRENGTH) and do not gamble. They are not MONGREL but have a pedigree or breed, that is, a clear IDENTITY.

Shakti can only propel a nation FORWARD. Gamble, by its very nature & definition, can fail and result in irreparable calamity.

Trusting the Muslims in 1947 was a gamble. We know what beastly things they did to India and the Hindus. They were not invaders from Afghanistan or Libya. They were the HOME GROWN product just like the ones we see around us right now.

There is NO difference whatsoever between a Muslim in Guwahati and the one in Sylhet. Similarly there is NO difference whatsoever between a Muslim in Amritsar and the one in Lahore. Nor is there any difference between a Muslim in America and the one in Saudi Arabia. That "difference" is rammed down into the HINDU brains by those (either our enemies or the cowards) who accept Partition that is illegle (not based on referendum) and absurd (given the very heavy, and the very rapidly increasing, Muslim presence in Bharat).

Therefore, we SWORE never to trust a Muslim. He can live the most immaculate and secular life and live to the ripe old age of 75 but then in the very last year of his life he can show his true colours- Mohammed Ali Jinnah, for example. The Founder of Pakistan was once so adored and TRUSTED by the people of India that they made him the President of All-India Congress Party. That was the biggest and the most convinving proof of his secularism and love of India, as well as of the simple Hindus' GULLIBILITY.

We all need to invest heavily in "Shakti" and all the POLITICAL parties and the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA need to be pumping this SHAKTI into the limp Hindu body of Hindustan with utmost force and devotion, as never before.