Date: 8/2/2002



Hindu women are truly great and one amongst them should have been elected as the President, not a Moslem (even though Kalaam is a nominal one).


That's absolutely right. Now let us all unite in order to BOOST the image, status and morale of the HINDU WOMEN in Bharat, and across the world.

Noble children always honour their mothers and noble brothers always defend the HONOUR of their sisters.

From this moment in history we cannot let our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters be OVERSHADOWED, or OVERWHLEMED by anyone (ANYONE) in Bharatvarsha, and that includes the Leader of India's most powerful political party (Congress) as well the man in India's TOP HOUSE (Rashtrapati Bhawan).

The small word "pati" in "Rashtrapati" is very significant in Hindu vocabulary that any Italian or Muslim is not expected to know.

Hindu women used to be so "pati-brata" (till Bandit Nehru's "secularism" replaced Hinduism and Italian was considered superior to Indian) that they never married after the death of their husbands and sometimes were so full of grief as to do self immolation on the pyre.

Hindu women have been traditionally brought up to respect, adore and even worship their husbands. See them going on fast so often in a year to pray for the health of their husbands while their counterparts in Europe and America are cheating on their husbands for "good time".

Let us recall the flush of joy and thrill of pride when our sisters tie "rakhi" on the brothers' arms.

Muslims and Christians have NO custom like "rakhi". In one religion, a woman is a man's possession, and he can have up to FOUR of them, and in the other she has become a sex object since none ever saw Jesus with a woman as a sister, friend or wife.

Just look at the nude advertisements in the West, and at all those films from Hollywood. (Sadly India's own KHAN Brothers of Bollywood seem to have a free license to degrade our noble Hindu girls).

So, given so much love and affection, respect and regard showered on us by our women, what are we, HINDU men, doing in turn for our women's dignity?

Let the SUNSHINE of dignity and honour shine upon the HINDU WOMAN in Bharatvarsha. Such an aspiration cannot be directed at ANY OTHER COUNTRY in the world but our Bharat.