Date: 8/3/2002


Sat. 3 Aug 2002 Film "Lagaan"- COMMENT.


Dear Sir/Madam

We liked the film shone today, Saturday, August 3, 2002. Thank you.

However please note that such Indian films are the result of massive INVESTMENT and PROPAGANDA offensive by the politically DOMINATING Congress Party of India in order to play the drum of "Hindu Muslim unity" AGAINST THE BRITISH.

Why is it that in all such "treacherous party funded/sponsored" Indian films, there is not the slightest hint of the impending high treason by the Muslims who attacked the country most ferociously and took one one third of territory in 1947?

How can the Indian movies simply gloss over all that?

In the film "Lagaan" a Muslim has the leading role under a Hindu name. The detail about Lord Krishna's marriage vs. love affair had to be there. Never in any Indian film do we see any aspersion on MOHAMMED and his concubines.

Names like TIPU emphasise Muslim courage. Tipu, we should recall, fought the British after he had SMASHED ALL THE HINDUS in his State. He was a MOHAMMEDAN and his subjects were mostly Hindu SLAVES.

The Indian films have now turned that MUTINY of 1857 into a "War of Independence". In fact it was the MUSLIMS' revolt against the use of PIG FAT in cartridges issued by East India Company.

The Hindus then had been slaves for CENTURIES and they had to fight their own war of Independence against the MOGUL Emperors (ALL MUSLIM) of Delhi, not against East India Company that gave the starving natives JOBS and SECURITY. In the Mogul dynastic rule, Hindus' daughters were game and their temples primary targets, as in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

A further irony is that this film (Lagaan) was NOT made BEFORE Partition but afterwards. The Muslims, who are shown as "brothers and sisters" of the Hindus and as great champions of Secularism in all these Indian films, smashed the United India of Mahatma Gandhi, slaughtering over a MILLION Hindus.

Are the timid and ignorant Hindus being lulled by these Bollywood films, into sleep to make them ready for the next slaughter?

Hardly any Indian movie shows the Truth about the Indian Muslims who attacked India in 1947 and broke her up into three fragments.

To us the aim of such movies is simply to lull the Hindus and the Sikhs of PARTITIONED India into sleep in order to WIPE THEM OUT later.

Remarkably we will never see a film in the West where NAZIS are shown as brothers and sisters of anybody.

While showing such films, please be aware of the psychological damage and conditioning contained in them which give the HINDUS the false impression of being "brothers" of Muslims while living in India that is MINUS LAHORE, KARACHI and CHITTAGONG.