Date: 8/4/2002



In Kerala, Hindu temples are taken over by the pseudo secular government. The famous Guruvayoor temple and Sabarimala temple are governed by a committee appointed by the government.These temples receive millions of rupees every year. Temple funds are deposited in government treasury and banks. These funds are misdirected by the committee at the direction of the government. Non-believers, secularists and atheist commusits are appointed > as governing committee members.Several colleges are funded by these temples. Muslims and Christians are admitted to these colleges on reservation. Hindus are kept in darkness in ignorance. The government use the funds to indoctrinate the masses with pseudo secular ideas.

Secular-communist activities such as festvals, music concerts and literature are promoted with temple funds. Funds are not used to promote Hindu ideals or to preserve Hindu heritage, art, music and theatres. Until Hindus are united and liberate the temples, conditions ! will not change.



1. Assaults of this type against Hinduism get the Hindu's Dander up. It would be wrong to assume, that these are assaults only against the Hindus of Kerala, these are assaults against all Hindus, everywhere, in India and in Diospora.

2. The Hindu is observing that whereas the Minorities (Moslems and Christians) are being made larger than life, and pampered in every way, the Hindu is being treated like dirt. The Hindu neither has the rights of the majority, nor the rights of the minority.

3. Pseudo-Secualr government of Kerala, appears to be uprooting Hindu Religion and Culture from Kerala. Because Non-Hindus are appointed on the committee, to govern the affairs of the temples, as well as the usage of the temple funds, it appears that Hinduism is being uprooted from Kerala Hindu temples, and from Kerala.

4. Like the Moslems and the Christians, the Hindus also have a right to use the income of their temples, for the defense and propagation of Hinduism. By contra-distinctively denying the usage of these funds to the Hindus, the Phoney-Liberal Government of Kerala is delivering a rustic battering to the Hindu, this is bound to make the Hindu angry. The favored treatement to the Moslems and Christians, and discrimination against the Hindus, is going to tell the Hindu that the Moghul Spirit is very much alive.

5. We have memories of the Moslem behavior pattern with respect to the Hindu temples. There was a time, not so long ago either, when the Moslem Swordsmen practised the destruction and demolishment of the Hindu temples, this practice was regarded as pious according to the principles of Islam. Modern day Moslems and their clergy remember these events with considerable pride.

It is a pity that after centuries of Islamic Brutality, the Hindu still has to confront mis-treatement at the hands of his own government. It appears the the Hindu is still not outside the "age of darkness and barbarism" brought to India by Islam.

6. Secularism implies an attitude of impartiality, equality of opportunity for all religions, not the mis-treatment of the Hindu. The present government of Kerala, is not treating the Hindu much better than what the iconoclasts of Islam, were doing to the Hindu.

The government of Kerala would be well advised to resolve the problem to the satisfaction of the Hindus of Kerala, before there is more trouble on this issue. Otherwise, be prepared to bid goodbye to the peace and tranquility of the Kerala Community.

7. Hindu Organizations, such as the RSS, VHP, Hindu Mahasabha, Arya Samaj, Shiv Sena, and other Hindu Activities, need to get busy immediately, and try to figure out what to do, to remove this injustice against the Hindus of Kerala.

..........................................- Surinder Paul Attri