Date: 8/28/2002



We Indians are celebrating Independence day to-day, but we are afraid to walk in the street, because of Muslim terrorists from nearby Pakistan is present in India trying to kill Indian politicians and public. These Pakistani muslims are given shelter and food by Indian Muslims. Yet we are a nation foolishly proud of having a Muslim as president of India, who is a follower of our non-violent founding father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi.

In reality Abdul Kalam, the President, is doing the same for his global islam what the Muslims did in the past centuriesf, DECEIVE THE ENEMY.

When the enemy is Hindu, the damn fool is THE EASIEST ONE TO FOOL on earth.

What Margaret Tacher told and what Nobel laureate Naipaul told is that Islam is a violent barbaric religion, in which ever shape it comes. When barbaric muslim invaders came to India centuries back, they killed every one in their way. They converted the weak and timid who are afraid of violence and who cannot defend, to their religion, Islam. Over the years same thing happened all over the world, so the present day muslims are the ones who cannot fight face to face with their enemy.

Thus they fight covering their face, hiding their identity and try to kill by bomb the innocents and other defenseless people to create terror.

What Naipaul told in the interview published in `THE TIMES' UK, dated August 7, 2002. "I have been aware of madness in the Islamic world. I've written about it. The madness of people who have fallen behind technically and who do not have the will to make the intellectual effort to catch up. I was aware of the religious hatred, I was aware of the indifference to life. I was aware of the anti-civilization aspect of the new fundamentalism. But I had no idea it had gone so far - the madness. The idea of their strength is an illusion. Nothing is coming from within. The terrorists can fly a plane, but what they can't do is build a plane. What they can't do is build those towers."

Naipaul also told that the biggest enemy of US is their greatest ally-Saudi Arabia, and the foot soldiers of the terror come from another ally- Pakistan.

After the 9/11 attack, we all read Koran to find out why muslims are like this. We got all the answers from Koran, which says kill all non muslims, kill muslims who joins other religion, and if for Islam one commit murders he will go to heaven, where the men will be serviced by a large number of prostitutes, of both sexes. No wonder, the terrorist, who committed suicide attack, on the twin towers went to a porno shop the previous day, to find out what type of sexual reward he should enjoy.

From the book we understood that in Islam humans are marked like animals by cutting a portion of their body, called circumcision, for both men and women, the purpose is to identify and kill if a muslim joins another religion. Very barbaric punishments are prescribed for minor crimes, which are to cut of some organs of the humans, so that a criminal can be easily identified as a criminal, by a cut hand or a leg etc. As long as muslims follow Koran, there will be no peace in this world for other communities..


When the enemy is the HINDU, he is the easiest damn fool on earth to deceive. One BILLION of them believe in the loyalty of their MOHAMMEDAN President towards their nation. The Muslims have a field day in Hindustan by deceiving, slaughtering, ADVANCING.