Date: 8/28/2002


..........Presidents address to the nation on Aug 14, 2002

....comment by a patriot who knows Muslim loyalty to Hindustan.


The Muslim President slaps us all in the face day and night. Can he have any objection if we all take it LYING DOWN?

But the President did not say,"I dump the FOREIGN religion of the Mohammed of savage Arabia that has fragmented the Land of my Birth, and I embrace the native HINDU religion which is second to none and in which I can pray in the language of my own mother.

But wait a minute: Did he have to embrace Hinduism, when he saw a billion gutless brainless gauravless Hindu "sheep & jackals" standing around lacking conviction in Akhand Bharat and Lord Rama's Temple in Ayodhya, adoring one concealed ENEMY among them?

He could have gone to Ayodhya to lay the foundation stone of Sri Ram Temple.

He could also have said, I wish to see PAKISTAN dissolved and become part of SECULAR India.

The "son of a b...." could also have said, "I observe silence for two minutes in memory of the one million of my Hindu subjects slaughtered in 1947."

The "son of a bi..." ABDUL KALAM could have said, "I wish to lay the foundation stone of a great Memorial to PARTITION with the resolve to undo it."

He could have then asked, "Was there anyone who stood up like a lion to oppose Partition?"

But then the Son of a Musalman BEIMAN would not be the SECRET AGENT OF ISLAM in Hindustan. Would he?

Now try convincing a road sweeper in East Bengal to have a Hindu President overhead.

NB: By all laws of common sense and patriotism, every Mohammedan in PARTITIONED BLEEDING INDIA was to be expelled, interned or converted, if not exterminated, on August 15, 1947, the Day of Partition.