Date: 8/28/2002


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......Indian Muslim beheaded in Saudi Arabia

.......................By: PTI

....................August 12,2002

An Indian national, Muhammed Ali, convicted of smuggling heroin into Saudi Arabia, was beheaded at 10 pm yesterday at the Al Khobar corniche.

"We need to create awareness in India on the harsh penalty for drug smuggling in Saudi Arabia. Though the majority of offenders are from Kerala, there are people from Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai, many of them in the age group of 25 to 35," Syed Akbaruddin, the Indian Consul General in Jeddah said.

The incident has put drug smuggling and the exploitation of Indian labourers into the spotlight once again.

Muhammed Ali, a 25-year-old from Pattambi, Palakkad, Kerala left for Saudi Arabia three years ago with dreams of making it rich, but was caught on arrival and put into the Al Khobar prison for allegedly smuggling in heroin.

He was to be executed at the centre of the city but as construction work was going on there, he was put to death by the sword as is the custom in Saudi Arabia.

"We are not informed about these executions in advance and even the convicts are also not aware when exactly it will take place. However, after we started pursuing the cases, nowadays the embassy is given a list of all Indian prisoners," Akbaruddin said.

"Of the about 300 names in the latest list, about 20 people are booked for drug related offences. Drug smuggling is viewed very seriously and gets death penalty while drug peddlars get off with lesser sentences. But these lists are often dated.

"We go the jail and meet the prisoners to find out the circumstances in which they were arrested. But when we talk to authorities for clemency, they are generally not sympathetic on drug smuggling cases," he added.