Date: 8/28/2002


Posted by a Sikh NRI. Like his HINDU counterparts from the land called Bharatvarsha, he is still MINUS his dual nationality. There is NO hope he will ever get DUAL NATIONALITY like most other people on earth.


There are some events which are etched in peoples mind, for example, partition of 1947, riots of 1984 and attack on Sri Harmander Sahib complex.

World war ii, people in England still say, "during the war".

Mow 9/11 The aniversary of 9/11 is very close upon us and day and night in the United states the tempo is building up.

Every day we see the images of Bin Laden on Television and on radio we are listening to phone in programmes. (I am in USA on holiday at present).

The other day my family went to Disneyland, where they met a Sikh family. A little child passing by said to her mother, "Mum, is he Bin Laden?"

The Clever Muslim Arabs have moved on leaving the baby with the Sikhs. They have shaved of their beards and moustache and put on necktie and suites which makes the Sikhs very much conspicuous.

The Children in the USA have nightmares and get tranquillisers and sleeping g pills to sleep. With daily alerts on targets like Golden Bridge of San Francisco and use of oil tankers as weapons and other targets, people are on their nerves edge.

With respect I ask the Sikh Panth what they are doing in the USA, to make them different from Bin Laden Image.

..........We do no need tragedy like the Sodhi Brothers who were shot dead since they looked like the MUSLIMS.


NO HOPE of any such intellectual fresh wind from the Indian "coolies" IN TOPEES OR TURBANS. Otherwise they would have CONQUERED some territory in 1947, NOT LOST LAHORE AND ONE THIRD OF HINDUSTAN to the clever MUSLIMS WHO HAVE NO SYMBOLS BUT ALL THE SPIRIT.

One INDIAN "COOLIE" is frozen in his caste and the other in his VISIBLE symbols to offer a good target from the distance.


One Punjabi proudly sits in LAHORE the other FOOL sits on his UNION TERRITORY, adoring the White Elephant from Italy.