Date: 8/29/2002


The Pre-Christian religions were everything that Christianity is not nor can be. In other words, the Christian ideas were unknown, in the Pre-Christian Pagan world of Europe, Asia, Africa, and other places.

From day one on, Christianity has wanted to subject the world, regardless of whether willing or un-willing, to the One and the Only True God (their own God), who is their Christian-God. All other Gods are False-Gods and must be eliminated. The zealots and fanatic missionaries of Christianity, do not consider Non-Christian religions or people who follow these Non-Christian religions, as normal people, they try to convert them or failing that, they try to eliminate them.

They do not consider Non-Christian people as individuals who happen to have different opinions. Instead, they regard them evil-minded, backward, misguided, and works of the Devil. To put it simply and briefly, Christians killed Non-Christain Pagans, because Non-Christians (Pagans) refused to accept the Superstition that they call Christianity.

Nothing of this sort of psycho-pathology (of Christianity) existed in any of the Pre-Christian Pagan religions of the world.

Christianity brought new calamity to the Pagan World, calamities that were unknown in the Pagan World. History provides plenty of examples of calamities that Christianity brought on the Pagan World.

Conversion-Wars, Crusades, Witch-Hunting, Inquisitions, Persecutions, Terror and Torture, and slaughter of Non-Christian Pagans/Heathens are the calamities that were ignited by the Holy-Wars of Christianity.

Through its aggressive religious wars, Christianity started shattering the ranks of Pagan Religions every where it went. Pagans did not have time/chance to recover, in the face of determined Broadside Christian-Assault. Paganism disappeared completely from Europe and Africa. At this point in time, there is not a single Pagan Temple in any city or in any village of any European Country.

You have to cite the Christians for their Efficienty. The Christians have done a THOROUGH, PROFESSIONAL JOB OF PAGAN-ELIMINATION.

These kinds of barbarities would have been impossible in the Pagan World, in which no Pagan Community was claiming monopoly or exclusiviy for its own God. There is no doubt at all, that the world would have been hell of a lot more peaceful, if the ideas of exclusivity had not been pursued by Christianity. To put it simply, Christianity has been Imperialist and barbaric from the very start.

...................... Nuff Said.

......................................... Surinder Paul Attri