Date: 8/29/2002






.................................................15 August 2002.

Prime Minister of India

New Delhi-11, India.

................DAY OF MOURNING ON AUGUST 15.

Dear Prime Minister,

We are NRI's, PROUD of our birth and SACRED roots in India even if your government, that is either extremely mean or cowardly, still denies us the petty concession of dual nationality, regarding us undesirable or terrorists.

Whenever India is mentioned in a dark context, e.g., expulsion of Indians from Uganda, "dog's" treatment in Fiji, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, ongoing slaughter in South Kashmir, we feel hurt, and see our image as Indian plummet.

But worst of all, we suffer under the terrible burden thrust upon us, at home and abroad, and irrespective of what passport we hold, of total cover up of the worst ever DEFEAT India suffered in her entire history- the vast territorial surrenders of 1947.

To call it "independence" is to consider all the Indians imbecile or fools. What "independence" and "secularism" did the people of Karachi, Lahore and Dhaka get?

Prime Minister, may we ask, "Who will remind the Indians of that Himalayan calamity if the Indians themselves do not? And why don't we?

Is it the strangulating TERROR of the same Muslim minority that inflicted a crushing defeat on India then? We don't know of any other nation on earth that is afflicted with so much crippling inferiority complex as the Hindus who live under the terror of a minority that has no business to be in India since Partition.

"What is wrong with the word "Hindu" if the East Bengalis and the West Punjabis find no shame or embarrassment in swearing by their Koran, Islam and Constitution?" Do we have to ask this question of Dr. Abdul Kalam, Sonia Khan (aka Gandhi), the Pope or any Mullah?

Why is there NO ceremony, or an act of mourning, to commemorate Partition, when India was forced to surrender five provinces to her indigenous Muslims without a single condition in turn?

Partition was not the result of an invasion from Kabul, Teheran or Mecca. It was the result of an ATTACK FROM WITHIN.

This letter is in the sacred memory of MILLIONS of Hindus and Sikhs who were deceived, betrayed and slaughtered in 1947, whom your dishonourable "dog kennel" called India does not wish to know. If Bangladesh can speak of THREE MILLION killed in her two week long short war against Pakistan in 1971, how many millions would really have PERISHED during those widespread massacres all over Pakistan that went on and on for months till hardly any Hindu or Sikh was left alive?

Government of India has never seriously tried, or acted, to find out the exact number of Hindus killed, abducted, raped, degraded through conversion when robbed of their pristine Hindu/Sikh spirituality, rendered penniless and expelled in three clothes from their ancestral homes that were very much on the soil of India. Their safety, defence and dignity were the PRIMARY responsibility of Government of India, and nobody else.

At that time ALL THE MOHAMMEDANS in India (not just a few) regarded the non violent Hindus INFERIOR scum, Kafir or Infidel, easy to abduct, rape, rob and kill.

Inspired by their Book of Sedition & Separatism, they rose and struck, killing, raping and plundering across the whole country, forcing the Hindu and Sikh survivors to FLEE FOR LIFE. None in Partitioned India has the moral right or legal mandate to delete that horrendous chapter of Muslim treachery and treason from public knowledge or history.

What was left of India after taking out Muslim Pakistan was surely HINDU, but it was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the "dirty brown sahib", the treacherous "imperialist dog" and a secret agent of Islam, who imposed his own "Anglo-Islamic" version of secularism upon Delhi while letting Lahore and Dhaka go scot free.

Prime Minister, for your cherished secularism to be valid in Delhi, it had to be defended, ensured, and IMPOSED, in Lahore and Dhaka.

Unilateral Secularism imposed on the defeated nation in PARTITIONED INDIA is the "dog's muck" that only the HINDUS and the SIKHS are fed, and asked to relish.

Does your Supreme Commander, Mr. Abdul Kalam, commend his secularism only to the timid and brainwashed Indians, or does he commend it with conviction to the people of Pakistan and Bangladesh, too?

What about the NATIVE women of India? Would you please approach your government and parliament to ensure their dignity and decent image? None is more degraded on earth than the native (Hindu and Sikh) WOMEN in Bharat.

Who does YOUR own mother or sister relate to in "Rashtrapati Bhawan", dear Prime Minister?

Who does ANY Hindu or SIKH female relate to in India's TOP HOUSE? What joy do they get seeing Abdul Kalam, the MUSLIM, riding his golden carriage, escorted by Rajput and Maratha bodyguards? They would have related WITH JOY & PRIDE to Mrs. Krishan Kant, the late Vice President's wife.

We understand, and fully SHARE, Mr. Kant's disgust at being superseded by a Muslim for the highest post in PARTITIONED India where every Muslim is a persona non grata.

Since the President of India is also the SUPREME COMMANDER of her Armed Forces, are we going to see our brave "Jawans"- Gurkhas, Rajputs, Marathas, Sikhs and Jats ALIKE, whose ancestors kept the Mohammedan beasts away from their mothers and daughters, temples and TERRITORY for centuries, now giving a General Salute to the ENEMY who clearly belongs to PAKISTAN and SAUDI ARABIA as per "Act of Partition, 1947" and spiritual orientation respectively?

Has Abdul Kalam's appointment raised Hindu morale or smashed it? Has it lifted their Spirit or destroyed it? Has it put force in the phrase, "Gaurav se kaho HUM HINDU HAIN," or put the words in a cesspit or vacuum?

Are the Hindus in Hindustan meant to shed tears over the ruined site in Ayodhya while admiring the stunning beauty and grandeur of Vatican?

Are the Sikhs meant to curse and cry at the sight of the alien Muslim flag flying over Sri Nankana Sahib while appreciating the size of the Jama Masjid in Delhi?

While Abdul Kalam's fellow Muslims have already EXTERMINATED the Hindus in West Punjab, East Bengal and North Kashmir, and chased them out of South Kashmir, may we ask, "When will the Hindus in Hindustan muster guts to unite and chase out the Muslims from Ayodhya, Lok Sabha and Rashtrapati Bhawan, and dream of putting Mecca under the BHAGWA & TRISHUL in order to be equal to the Mohammedans who have put AYODHYA, Mathura and Varanasi under their terror, and Sri Nankana Sahib under their provocative alien flag?"

Why should the Hindus in BROKEN BHARAT remain "dogs" any more when the biggest nuclear weapon at their disposal is the SPIRIT OF GURU GOBIND SINGH?

How about putting that Spirit in your demolished country's Constitution? You will see even Pakistan dissolve and Bangla(BOGUS)desh vanish overnight. Have guts and try!

Give defeated Hindustan the shine, and the demolished Hinduism the glory they deserve.

.....................................Yours in mourning,



....For Bharat to be "SECULAR", it has to be "AKHAND"!

A nation without self-esteem, a country without clear identity, Hindustan without its Grand Temple in Ayodhya, and an army under the command of an ENEMY, are dead or DESPICABLE.